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Established: 1938
Line of Business: Food Production
Address: Industrial Area Milouot, PO Box 1212
Kiryat Yam 2911102
Phone: 972-4-8758780
Fax: 972-4-8772429
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.kahan.com
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  • Ram Teren, J. Kahan Group

    Ram Teren

    CEO & Owner

    J. Kahan Group

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    Ram Teren
  • Yossi Dayan, J. Kahan Group

    Yossi Dayan


    J. Kahan Group

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    Yossi Dayan

    Idan Shem Tov Sales Manager
    Elias Musa Food Technologist
    Uri Teren Information Systems Manager
    Galit Teren Legal advisor
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About J. Kahan Group

J. Kahan - Food Industries is the leading group in Israel in the field of the food-service industry mainly in the institutional food sector. The company offers its customers a wide range in the field of food products, produced in the leading factories in Israel and around the world.

The company was established in the 40s of the last century, before the establishment of the Israel state, as a coffee roaster. The group is owned by Ram Teren, and its field of activity is advanced and diverse food production, both in Israel and internationally. The group adheres to strict and safe production while applying innovation and creativity in the development of new products while adapting them to the changing needs of the market.

The group has a factory located in the Milouot industrial area in the north of the country, spanning an area of approximately 4 acres, which includes advanced logistics warehouses and distribution trucks. The group employs about 100 employees, including engineers, food technologists, and laboratory and quality control workers. As part of the group’s vision to support the environment and the community, it makes sure to include employees with disabilities.

J. Kahan constantly continues to innovate and lead the production of raw materials and food in Israel, out of its commitment to provide an even wider range of products to the institutional and retail market in Israel. J. Kahan complies with strict international production standards and safety approvals for food production, including FDA approval.
The group’s customers include the largest food factories in Israel, leading coffee shop chains, Asian restaurant chains, and large distribution companies.
J. Kahan is an outstanding exporter with sales to representations and agencies in the USA and several other countries around the world.

85 Years of Professional Excellence

From the day of its establishment 85 years ago, J. Kahan has been firm about quality raw ingredients, innovative equipment, and skilled and professional human capital, while nurturing the group’s institutional and retail customer family. J. Kahan offers its customers a comprehensive and professional package of services, which includes solutions for products development starting from the initial product research stage and laboratory tests, through the packaging planning, studio photography, and packaging design in the graphic department, to the packaging stages, the automatic and innovative mechanized production in the factory departments and the delivery of the finished product.

The company is adamant about quality assurance, in light of the company’s quality policy, which stems from its commitment to excellence. The strict control processes in the production stages guarantee its customers a quality product at the required time.

The Company’s Products

The company produces the leading products in Israel, including ice coffee beverages made for cold or hot drinks that were developed for the first time by the company, and are sold in most of the major coffee shop chains in Israel, and make up the lion’s share of the company’s products. In 2020, new products were developed in the field of sauces for the Asian market in collaboration with the leading chefs in the culinary and restaurant sector in Israel, and since then the production of sauces has been expanded to the field of sauces for cooking and sautéing and sauces for salads and serving.

J. Kahan places great emphasis on the development of health products without sugar and natural ingredients and therefore expanded her activity into the field of food tech and healthy food. In 2023, J. Kahan launched several healthy sugar-free products and other innovative products, including a 100% natural sugar-free coffee infusion drink that was developed for about a year in cooperation with the Innovation Authority of the Ministry of Economy, a 99% natural fruit sorbet with no sugar added, and a series of products with reduced sugar and fat, adapted to the new requirements of the food market in Israel. J. Kahan is also invested in developing health products with high nutritional value, as well as products for the vegan market.

J. Kahan also offers a wide variety of mixtures and powders for the production of hot and cold drinks, flour mixes for baking and desserts, including Belgian waffles, crepes and pancakes, powders for making ice cream, toppings, flavor mixes for seasonings, gourmet spreads for filling and baking, ice cream pastes, sauces for the Asian food market and sauces for coatings, syrups for drinks and cocktails, fillings and jams, and tea products. The company’s products are sold as raw materials to the leading food factories in Israel and final products in the retail market to the major food chains. The company’s products can be found in the major coffee shop chains, restaurants, ice cream parlors, bakeries, pastry shops and more. The company’s products have luxurious kosher certificates including under the supervision of the ultra-Orthodox community in Jerusalem, and other kosher certificates services adapted to the American-Jewish market.

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