Ram Joulus from Joulus Gazit & Co.
Ram Joulus מחברת Joulus Gazit & Co.

Ram Joulus

Founder Partner

Joulus Gazit & Co.
Legal services in the tax sector
Year of Birth: 1964
Email: ram@jrgtax.co.il
Fields: Tax law- corporate and private income tax, real estate tax, indirect taxes (VAT, customs, purchase tax and excise duty), international taxation and liquidation and insolvency taxation.
Position: Founder Partner
Past positions: Founder and manager of the Liquidation, Receivership and Bankruptcies Unit in the Income Tax Commission (93-00); Senior partner at Joulus, Shochat and Co. (00-05); Senior partner at Joulus, Elisha and Co. (05-11); Senior partner and executive board member at Lipa Meir and Co. (11-13).
Seniority in position: 22 Years.
Public positions: tax law committee chairman of the Israel Bar Association, liquidation and insolvency committee chairman of the Tel Aviv district in the Israel Bar Association.
Education: Bachelor of laws degree (LL.B) and Bachelor's degree (B.A) in accounting - Tel Aviv University.
Member in: Israel Bar Association.
Military Rank: Legal officer (Captain).
Languages: Hebrew, English.

What is the most significant action that you have recently led?

Promoting awareness of the repercussions for taxation of insolvency proceedings, beginning with activities on the subject of taxation at the Israel Bar Association. Setting up a department to handle the field of money laundering.

What are the firm's significant strengths in your eyes?

Professionalism, creativity, personal relations to clients and within the firm.

What are the main measures recently undertaken that will lead to strengthening of the company in the coming years?

Major activities at the Israel Bar Association in the field of taxation and in the field of insolvency taxation, handling the subject of money laundering.

What are the main challenges facing the company in the coming years?

Expanding the range of the firm's clients and entering work in the field of taxation with additional sectors such as high-tech companies.

What advice would you offer a young lawyer who is starting out?

To define aims and targets for yourself and to know how to gauge whether you are meeting them.

What is important to remember even in difficult times?

That it's important to enjoy what you are doing.