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Joulus Gazit & Co.
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Established: 2000
Line of Business: Legal services in the tax sector
Address: 5 Hayarkon st., LYFE Towers Building A, Bnei Brak 5120155
Phone: 972-3-5757173
Fax: 972-3-5757174
Email: [email protected]
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  • Gazit Racheli, Joulus Gazit & Co.

    Adv. Gazit Racheli

    Founder Partner

    Joulus Gazit & Co.

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    Gazit Racheli
  • Ram Joulus, Joulus Gazit & Co.

    Adv. Ram Joulus

    Founder Partner

    Joulus Gazit & Co.

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    Ram Joulus
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About Joulus Gazit & Co.

Joulus Gazit & Co. is a leading boutique law firm, long-established and well-respected, and is one of Israel’s top law firms, which specializes in the taxation sector.
The firm was established by Adv. Ram Joulus and Adv. Racheli Gazit, two of Israel’s most eminent and valued tax specialists, to provide professional and creative solutions to public enterprises including banking institutions, government agencies, NPOs, local authorities, commercial corporations and private entities such as companies from the Real Estate sector, Israeli and international High-Tech companies, catering and hotel industry companies, energy and infrastructure companies, digital coin trading companies as well as Israeli and overseas businesspeople.
The firm provides clients with support, consultancy and representation of the highest professional level on the market on a wide range of taxation aspects including insolvency tax, income-tax, real estate tax, indirect tax (VAT, customs duties, purchase tax, and excise), and international taxation. The firm’s services include consultancy, support, and tax planning, preliminary examinations of tax liabilities, detailed professional opinions, voluntary disclosure proceedings, support and representation before the various tax authorities in assessment proceedings, receiving pre-ruling decisions, and representation in court. The firm also provides consultancy and planning services for the tax aspects of deals for leading Israeli companies. Due to its familiarity with tax laws and the taxation, legislation and court system as well as its expertise in taxation, the firm’s staff offers clients an accurate, broad, smart and creative picture of all the tax aspects of a deal with optimal adjustment to unique characteristics and requirements. An “elite unit” operates within the firm comprised of experienced lawyers, sharp thinkers, creative, and imaginative, serving as a professional address and consultant to the firm’s clients as well as colleagues in leading law and accounting firms, who approach the firm for support in handling tax matters for their clients. The firm’s staff is deeply involved in endeavors in this sector, lecturing at seminars and conferences, leading professional panels, publishing professional articles and content for online professional literature. The firm’s clients include leading and diverse clients, including economic and public entities that are among the largest as well as clients who set the agenda in the Israeli economy, including banking institutions, leading real estate companies, Israeli and international Hi-Tech companies, catering and hotel companies, infrastructure and energy companies, public bodies, governmental bodies, Digital currency trading companies, non-profit organizations, local authorities and big commercial companies.
In addition, the firm’s clients include leading private businessmen in Israel as well as in the international market.
In addition, the firm serves as a professional address for the best accountants, who turn to the firm for advice, as well as lawyers who are required to litigate with the tax authorities and handle tax aspects of their clients and seek to provide them with the best service. In general, our office provides advice to various governmental and public bodies.

Practice Areas

Income Tax - The firm’s staff has gained valuable knowhow and practical experience in the income tax sector based on the experience of its former consulting partner, the late Adv. Yacov Joulus as Deputy Income Tax Commissioner, and the experience of Founding Partner Adv. Ram Joulus as head of the Liquidations, Receiverships and Bankruptcies Unit of the Income tax Commission. The firm is involved in preparing professional opinions, planning deals in order to reduce tax liability, conducting assessment proceedings with the Tax Authority and representation in court appeals. In this field, the firm handles tax aspects of mergers and spinoffs, companies’ tax, partnership tax, personal tax, employees’ options, capital market, tax arrangements in voluntary disclosure proceedings, trustee tax, laws for encouraging investment, and tax aspects of financing deals.

Insolvency Proceedings Tax - Joulus Gazit & Co. is Israel’s leading law firm in the field of taxation in insolvency proceedings including receiverships, liquidations, bankruptcies, bond arrangements and creditors arrangements. The firm’s expert team advises organizations involved in insolvency tax including banking institutions, institutional bodies, bondholders, local authorities, and executive holders including liquidators, receivers, trustees in creditors arrangements, trustees in bond arrangements, and trustees in bankruptcies.
The firm, which is Israel’s leader in this sector, is involved in most of Israel’s insolvency proceedings and large bonds arrangements and is involved in legislation proceedings in the field and serves as an advisor to the Official Receiver.

VAT - The firm’s staff is involved in filing professional opinions, tax planning, support and representation before the Tax Authority and courts.

Real Estate Taxation - The firm’s staff renders legal opinions, tax planning, supporting deals and preparing documents for developers and private and public construction companies in a range of real estate deals including combination deals and exchanges, urban renewal (TAMA 38, clear and build), purchasing groups, building rights tax, real estate associations, and more.

International Taxation - The firm’s staff possesses extensive and broad knowhow in international taxation issues and international covenants for preventing double taxation and renders legal support services to returning residents and new immigrants, overall aspects of voluntary disclosure, planning international operations, and more.

The Partners

Adv. Ram Joulus: LL.B. Law, B.A. Accounting, Tel Aviv University. Certified as a lawyer since 1994. Supports, consults, and represents Israel’s largest companies and organizations on a regular basis in complex deals and range of tax arrangements.
As the founding Partner and former head of the Liquidations, Receiverships and Bankruptcies Unit of the Income tax Commission, Adv. Joulus formed and drafted most of the execution protocols in the field and took part in many precedents. At the end of his terms at the Tax Commission 22 years ago, he founded a law firm and gained reputation due to an uncompromising quality and professionalism. In addition, Adv. Joulus served as a lecturer in Taxes and Accounting at Tel-Aviv University, The College of Management, Reichman University and Ruppin Academic center, a co-writer of studding books published by The Open University and published many articles in journals and daily papers.
Adv. Joulus serves as the head of the Taxes committee, Tel-Aviv region.

Adv. Racheli Gazit: LL.B. Law (cum laude) LL.M. Law Bar-Ilan University. Certified as a lawyer since 2001. She has special expertise and major experience in representation in assessment procedures with the Tax Authority and courts. Supports and consults for public and private organizations, handles large-scale tax planning, leads some of Israel’s largest cases in insolvency taxation. In the past, she specialized and worked as a lawyer in the Military Advocate General’s Office, serving as Acting Military Command Prosecutor.

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