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Family Law Including Divorces, Mediations, Inheritance, Wills, LPAs and Guardianship

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Established: 2002
Line of Business: Family Law Including Divorces, Mediations, Inheritance, Wills, LPAs and Guardianship
Address: 1 Ben-Gurion Rd., 2nd B.S.R Tower, Bnei-Barak 5120149
Phone: 972-3-5622773, 972-52-3461985
Fax: 972-3-5622774
Email: [email protected]
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    Limor Halimi Law Office

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    Limor Halimi
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About Limor Halimi Law Office

Limor Halimi, Law Office is a leading boutique firm, that specializes in family law, wills, inheritance, guardianship, lasting power of attorney, and mediation. The firm was founded in 2002 by Adv. Limor Halimi, who was admitted to the Bar in 1995. The firm has a long track record of successes in rulings and resolutions of various family disputes, including very complex cases. The firm had impressive achievements in resolving disputes through settlements, while implementing Adv. Halimi extensive mediation experience and in-depth family law knowledge.

The firm has longstanding experience and numerous significant professional successes in the areas of divorces, alimony, child support, custody and visiting arrangements, liquidating partnerships, paternity, domestic violence, agreement drafting (including divorce, marital peace, joint living and parenting agreements), child abduction, civil dissolution of marriage, wills, inheritances and estates. The firm implements its vision, which focuses on comprehensive, empathetic and professional facilitation of the problems that concern an individual’s person life and might be endured, de facto, by every person. The empathy, the attentive ear and the view of the clients as individuals serve as the guiding light of the firm’s operations, while maintaining professional acuity and uncompromising service.

The firm accompanies its clients throughout the entire process, from the initial counsel, through the construction of the case strategy, preparation of the legal case, representation before the various courts and up to the successful conclusion of the required legal handling. The firm represents men and women in the rabbinical and family courts. Its clientele includes leading figures in the Israeli economic and high-net-worth individuals.

Compassion and Uncompromising professionalism

The values that guide Adv. Halimi at all times are the values of compassion, the desire to help and the uncompromising professionalism for which she has been renowned for more than 25 years. The synergy between the emotional containment, the attentive ear and the empathy, and between the focused ability to articulate to the clients their accurate legal situation and options thereof creates added value for the clients. All with attention to the fact that the clients, who are in sensitive and difficult personal situation, require real listening on the one hand and a determined leading of the professional conduct on the other.

Creativity, Constant Renewal, Determination and Ambition

For more than 25 years, Adv. Halimi’s professional experience, in combination with her motivation for growth, learning and constant renewal, determination and ambition to leave no stone unturned in order to find creative rulings-based solutions, has led to her numerous successes. Her 20+ years of mediation experience create the unique strength of implementing mediation elements while managing the case in the court. Indeed, most of the cases that are managed by the firm are concluded through an agreed-upon settlement, in light of Adv. Halimi’s ability to accurately identify the time for returning the parties to the negotiations table. However, in a case where there is no partner for peaceful resolution of the case, Adv. Halimi is renown as a relentless and very creative fighter, who isn’t afraid to attempt and make precedents.

Practice Areas

Representation of Men and Women in the Family and Rabbinical Courts - The firm represents clients in all marriage-related matters, including child support, alimony, division of properties, visiting arrangements, parental alienation, family law torts, etc.

Representation in Disputes Between Family Members - The firm represent clients in disputes between family members, including inheritance disputes

Managing Family Mediations - Adv. Halimi conducts family mediation proceedings, in light of her longstanding mediation proceedings.

Preparation of agreements - The firm drafts agreements for all aspects of family life.

Wills - The firm prepares wills, probates and inheritance orders applications and represents clients in objections to wills.

Guardianship for Personal and/or Property Matters - The firm handles guardianships for personal and/or property matters, including objections thereof.

Lasting Power of Attorney - Adv. Limor Halimi is certified to prepare LPAs, preliminary instruction for guardian appointment and expression of wish documents.

Accompanying Family Businesses - The firm accompanies family businesses both in the context of preventing disputes through facilitating the inter-generational transfer through the preparation of wills, agreements and LPAs and through handling existing disputes by mediation or representation in the courts.

Adv. Limor Halimi

Adv. Limor Halimi has more than 25 years of professional experience and she has been serving as a certified mediator for more than 20 years. She founded the firm in 2002.

Adv. Limor Halimi has an LL.B. from Tel Aviv University. She has been a certified mediator since 2000, and completed a family mediation course of the IBA, and basic and advanced mediation courses in the Gome Center. Adv. Halimi is certified to prepare LPAs, preliminary guardian appointment and expression of wish documents.
Adv. Halimi takes care to participate in professional training, both in family law and in adjacent fields, in order to optimally manage legally-complex disputes, which involve also issues from other legal practices (real estate, companies etc.).
Adv. Halimi is included in the list of persons who are allowed to conduct court-mandated settlement proceedings.
Adv. Halimi gradated from the NLP Practitioner studies of the Adler Institute.
Adv. Halimi lectures on topics from her practice areas, including on wills and inheritance, nuptial agreements, Q&A on managing divorces and preparing LPAs. She lectures to businessperson, third-agers and the general public. 

She served as an executive member of the networking organization BNI Israel and she conducts training and seminars on behalf of BNI to businessperson. She is a member of the IBA’s Family Law Forum, and she publishes articles, inter alia, in Calcalist, the Psak-Din website and Ynet. She is one of the leaders of The Lawyers Place’s Official Business Community.

Community Outreach

Adv. Halimi lectures voluntarily both before the volunteers of Hadassah Israel and to women whom these volunteers support.

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