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Family Law (including divorce), mediation, inheritance, wills, power of attorney, and guardianship

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Established: 2002
Line of Business: Family Law (including divorce), mediation, inheritance, wills, power of attorney, and guardianship
Address: 1 Ben-Gurion Rd., 2nd B.S.R Tower, Bnei-Barak 5120149
Phone: 972-3-5622773, 972-52-3461985
Fax: 972-3-5622774
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  • Limor  Halimi, Limor Halimi Law Office

    Adv. Limor Halimi

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    Limor Halimi Law Office

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    Limor Halimi
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About Limor Halimi Law Office

Limor Halimi Law Office is a leading, boutique law firm, that specializes in family law, wills, inheritances, guardianship, power of attorney, and mediation. The firm was founded in 2002 by Adv. Limor Halimi, who holds years of experience, and is credited with a long line of judicial rulings and successes in settling family disputes, with many legal successes in mediation, using her experience as a mediator of family affairs.
The firm has vast and longstanding experience along-side professional successes in the areas of divorce, alimony, child support, custody and visitation, dissolution of partnerships, paternity, intrafamilial violence, drafting settlements (including divorce, “peace-of-household”, joint-living, and parental agreements), child abductions, marriage annulment, wills, inheritances, and estates.
The firm realizes its vision, focusing on a comprehensive, thorough and professional approach to legal issues which affects the personal lives of people, in every aspect of their lives.
Empathy, listening, and viewing clients as individuals are the foundations of the firm and serve as lodestars. This is done while maintaining professional integrity and offering uncompromising service.
The firm assists its clients at every stage of the proceedings, starting with initial consultations, through tailoring the strategy for the case, preparing the legal dossier, representing the client before the relevant judicial instances, and successful conclusion of legal matters. The firm represents both men and women in Rabbinical courts, and Family courts. Among its clients are key members of the Israeli economy, and persons of wealth, in cases of complex legal standing, and others.

Uncompromising Professionalism and Caring for Others

The values Adv. Halimi holds dear, at any time, are her love of others, the desire to help and her uncompromising professionalism. The synergy that is created by compassion, the ability to listen, and empathy for the situation, with the ability to concretely draw the right limits, remaining unbiased, in order to obtain best results for her clients, presents an add value. This is because the client, who finds himself in a vulnerable and difficult position, requires comfort on one hand, and professional conduct on the other.

Creativity, Innovation, Determination and Ambition

24 years of professional experience, coupled with motivation to grow, learn, and better oneself contribute to Adv. Halimi’s many successes. Her experience as mediator, close to 20 years running, allows uniquely for the inclusion of elements from the world of mediation, while managing cases in court. Most cases end with a settlement, using Adv. Halimi’s ability to trace the right juncture in which to return parties to the negotiating table.
However, when one finds there’s no partner to end the case amicably, Adv. Halimi is known for her no-holds-barred fighting grip, employing endless creativity, which doesn’t shirk from attacking legal precedents. Her vast experience, combined with determination and ambition in turning over every stone in order to find creative, ruling-based answers for her clients, delivers a settlement in most cases. 

Areas of Expertise

Representing men and women in Rabbinical courts and Family Courts - The firm represents its clients in all aspects of family affairs, including child support, alimony, property settlements, visitations, tort suits concerning family matters, etc.

Intrafamily feuds - The firm represents its clients in internecine conflicts, including inheritance disputes.

Intrafamily mediation - Adv. Halimi conducts mediations within the family, in light of her years-long experience in mediation.

Drafting agreements - The firm handles drafting agreements in all aspects of family life.

Wills - The firm deals with drafting wills, upholding of testaments, and represents its clients in proceedings disputing wills.

Guardianship of individuals or property - The firm deals with matters relating to guardianship of persons or property, including objections to appointment of a guardian.

Continuing power of attorney - Adv. Halimi is certified to contract continuing power of attorney, delivering requisite instructions before the appointment of a guardian, and drafting a document expressing sound mind and will for the former.

Accompanying family businesses - The firm assists family businesses, both in averting conflicts by streamlining inter-generational transfer of property by drafting wills, agreements and continuing power of attorney, and by dealing with existing disputes, by mediation or representation before legal instances. 

Adv. Limor Halimi

Adv. Limor Halimi has 24 years of experience, and 19 years as a mediator.
Adv. Halimi graduated from Tel Aviv university with an LL.B., and was as a certified mediator in 2000. Adv. Halimi is certified to sign power of attorney documents, delivering requisite instructions before the appointment of a guardian, and drafting a document expressing sound of mind and will for the former.
Adv. Halimi takes great care to professionally enrich her knowledge, both in family law and in related fields, in order to optimally handle complex legal disputes, which involve – alongside family matters – different law points (land, corporate, etc.). Adv. Halimi is included in the list of mediators, in accordance with court regulations.
Adv. Halimi has taken an enrichment course in family mediation at the Israeli Bar, an advanced course in mediation at “Goma- the Israeli Center for Mediation”, and a basic course in mediation, also at “Goma- the Israeli Center for Mediation”. Adv. Halimi is a graduate of NLP-Practitioner studies, directed by “Adler Institute”.
Adv. Halimi takes part in annual conferences of Family Law in Eilat, and lectures in her fields of expertise, on matters of wills and estates, prenuptial agreements, as well as Q&A on managing divorce proceedings and establishing power of attorney. The lectures are given before businesspeople, seniors (in assisted-living facilities), and the general public.
Adv. Halimi served as a member of the managing board of the networking organization BNI Israel (Business Networking International) – an international networking association, in existence for over 30 years with 70 active groups throughout the country.
On top of this, Adv. Halimi has served for the past 8 years as a full-time member in one of these groups, and contributed her time to lecture on behalf of BNI to businesspeople.
Adv. Halimi is a member of the forum for Family Law of the Israeli Bar. Adv. Halimi publishes articles, notably in the judicial aggregator “Psakdin”, and ynet, and leads “The Lawyers’ Place” – the official business community of lawyers.

Community Outreach

Adv. Halimi lectures to volunteers of the “Hadassa-Israel” organization, as well as women’s groups which receive Hadassa’s aid.

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