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Multidisciplinary engineering services, Software & Control and Environmental solutions

Ludan Group
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Established: 1977
Line of Business: Multidisciplinary engineering services, Software & Control and Environmental solutions
Address: 6 Granit St., Kiryat Arie, Petach Tikva,
4951405 , P.O.B. 3584, Israel
Phone: 972-3-9182000
Fax: 972-3-9182022
Email: [email protected]
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Leading Executives

    Avi Liber CEO, Ludan Tech
    Einat Winograd CFO, Ludan Group
    Yehuda drucker CEO, Ludan Engineering Israel
    Marc Steigenga CEO LudanCom
    Dmitri Militescu CEO, Ludan Engineering Romania SRL
    Rom Erez Legal & Company Secretary
    Oz Medyan CEO, Ludan Environmental Technologies
    Omri Harel V.P. Business Development
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About Ludan Group

Ludan is a unique group of companies which provides planning, acquisition and establishment services. Ludan operates in different industries, which include, among others, the petrochemical and chemical industries, the semiconductors industry, the defense industry as well as the public transportation and trains industry. Ludan Group provides innovative solutions of smart tickets to the public transportation market and carries out complex environmental quality projects, at the same time.
Ludan branches are spread between Israel, Holland, Belgium, and Romania as well as additional countries.

Fields of Expertise

Project Implementation

Ludan Group is a multidisciplinary engineering organization providing turn-key projects worldwide throughout its subsidiaries.

Ludan Engineering Israel, based in Israel, founded in 1977, providing EPCM services (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Supervision, and Project Management) and Turn-Key projects for the entire local market and Industrial sector.

Bar-Akiva Engineers, founded in 1979, provides a design and implementation solution for the electrical, communication, lighting and HVAC systems integrated into projects, professionally, in teamwork, meeting deadlines and with the newest tools. In accordance with the customer’s needs, a suitable solution will always be found for each project, however unique it may be, in full cooperation, taking into account the construction budget and future proof of the entire operation and maintenance costs of the facility.

KH Group comprised of KH Engineering founded 1949, based in Holland and Belgium, providing services to a wide variety of customers. The Group’s multidisciplinary project approach allows it to realize many industrial and infrastructure projects.

Ludan Engineering Romania was founded in 1997, aiming to provide high-quality engineering services, based on experience acquired by Romanian shareholders as specialists in international Oil, Gas and Power Projects conducted in Germany, Italy, Argentina, Nigeria, and Scandinavia. Ludan Engineering Romania offers complete multidisciplinary solutions, as EPCM or turnkey projects for the process industry.

Industrial IT

Ludan Tech was established by Ludan Group to focus and promote the widening of its classical activities in the fields of integration of industrial data systems. Ludan Tech ensures close cooperation of its subsidiaries by active coordination.

Symcotech (Ludan Tech subsidiary), has been designing and manufacturing Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) since 1993. In its more than 20 years of operation Symcotech, in its second line of business, has developed and manufactured over 150 different Bespoke Automatic Test Systems.

Ardan Control Tech (Ludan Tech subsidiary), is a leading provider of advanced integrated automation and control solutions, operating in versatile markets: Industrial, Energy management, Petrochemical facilities, Security & Defense, RFID, Building management systems, and Low Voltage Systems.

Cyber Security (Ludan Tech subsidiary), provides security solutions for critical infrastructure facilities.

Ludan Software & Control Systems (Ludan Tech subsidiary), provides a set of specialized technical and managerial services for the implementation of process control systems in Oil and Gas production, Petrochemicals, the Food and Beverage industry, Biotech and more. Ludan Software & Control Systems specializes in the deployment of modern and flexible, standards-based Integration Solutions.

Environmental Solutions

Ludan Environmental Technologies partners with industrial leaders to reverse and minimize the impact on the environment and produce energy from waste and renewable resources. It is active in the fields of waste to energy and industrial pollutions treatment, where it provides end-to-end solutions from diagnosis to provision of purification, treatment and remediation solutions in line with regulatory requirements worldwide and the benefit of environmental sustainability. The company is a certified laboratory for soil and water sampling. The company owns ISO 17025 Std.

Eco-Tech (Ludan Environmental Technologies subsidiary), is a leading provider of effluents monitoring services. and does calibration of online sampling devices. The company is a certified laboratory for air sampling and owns ISO 17025 Std.

Community Responsibility

Ludan Group contributes to the community in various fields, corresponding to the geographic location of the company branches and the needs of their environment. The Group believes that it has a responsibility to safeguard the environment: water, land and air resources.

The Group joined the association of promoting education in various municipalities, which works to assist the children in need, and conducts tutorial programs and activities. In addition, in Beer Sheba, the children and grandchildren of the South branch employees work in a local school for children with special needs. Moreover, the wonderful youth collaborates in moving, painting, cleaning and renovating when needed. All these activities are managed and funded by Ludan.

Furthermore, the company granted financial contributions to different organizations, such as: supporting bike journey for the children hospitalized in Schneider hospital and a contribution to establishing a “Yad Sarah” house in Be’er Sheva.

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