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Rank 2018FirmProfessional Employees No.Change(%)Engineers No.Partners No.Total Employees No.Total Income (NIS Millions)EstablishedMain Area of PracticeRank 2017
Rank 2018FirmProfessional Employees No.Change(%)Engineers No.Partners No.Total Employees No.Total Income (NIS Millions)EstablishedMain Area of PracticeRank 2017
1 9045.979--951699.81952Proj. Management & Eng. Design1
4AVIV AMCG 26518.304126-290-1988Proj. Management & Eng. Design4
5Epstein Project Management 18610.0591338242-1995Project Management5
6Waxman Govrin Geva Engineering Co. 1764.7621103223-1991Project Management6
7Y.W. Galil Engineering 1565.405100-181100.01990Proj. Management & Eng. Design7
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1327.31794-161-1995Project Management9
10Aran Research & Development
The company trades in Israel
120090-162142.11982Proj. Management & Eng. Design10
13David Engineers 93165410145.51990Engineering Design11
14Top Engineering 921.09955296-1990Proj. Management & Eng. Design12
15D.E.L Engineering 8511.842571510784.52004Proj. Management & Eng. Design16
18Dana Engineering 76-2.56456397-1994Project Management15
*Palgey - Maim 714.41246-12584.21974Engineering Design*
21Ziv Av Technologies 686.254977852.01994Engineering Design21
23Nizan Inbar Project Management 65-10.95934174-1968Project Management17
24Eshet Engineering 60-----1987Proj. Management & Eng. Design24
25S. Engel Engineers 60--27030.51974Engineering Design22
26Gronner D.E.L Engineers 595.35744274-1977Proj. Management & Eng. Design25
27S. Ben-Abraham Engineers 5302035514.01958Engineering Design27
28Mahod Engineering - M.W Group 52440166-1970Engineering Design28
29David Ackerstein 5019.04834355-2000Project Management33
31Star Engineers 4837.1433926013.11980Engineering Design-
32DBA 4717.530450-1990Engineering Design42
33Decker Building and Engineering 46-4.1673427016.01988Proj. Management & Eng. Design29
34Pe'er Moshe Shimon Moyal & Co. Consulting Engineering 45-2.1743225114.01975Engineering Design30
35S. Karni Engineers 432.38126551-1988Engineering Design34
36Hasson - Yerushalmi 42033348-1975Engineering Design32
37Balasha-Jalon 41-2.38122654-1999Engineering Design35
38Dagesh Engineering 3911.4291724322.01996Engineering Design37
40Tiktin Electrical Planning (2003) 3512.9031244513.02007Engineering Design44
43Medva 33-834313.01998Engineering Design47
44P.G.L. Transportation Engineering and Planning 33-----1994Proj. Management & Eng. Design38
45Yahel Engineers 3214.28628241-1993Project Management45
46R. Cohen Engineers 326.66723239-1988Engineering Design-
47Zinger-Horowitz-Buch-Dickman 30-9.09126434-1980Engineering Design40
48Fahoum & Co. Engineering Services 293.57117336-1978Proj. Management & Eng. Design52
49YSS Engineers 29161433114.01963Engineering Design51
50Kidan 29-6.4521313813.81971Proj. Management & Eng. Design43
51Tafnit Construction Management 273.84612545-1994Project Management49
52Lavid Engineering 26-3.70414235-1995Project Management48
53Yosi Pnini Consultant Engineers 26-23.5297135-2002Engineering Design39
54H.G.M. (80) 230202268.51980Engineering Design54
56Kedmor Engineers 23-4.1671632710.02001Engineering Design53
57Nituv Systems 22-182265.31980Proj. Management & Eng. Design50
58Etgar - Al Engineering 2158225-1999Project Management57
59Adam Amit 20-----1986Project Management55
60TS.K. Engineering 1713.333112194.92009Project Management60
61Adar (Kav) Engineering 17082198.51996Proj. Management & Eng. Design58
62Ady Sharristh 1536.36471175.71995Project Management63
63Iuclea Engineers 14010118-2002Engineering Design61
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Company data are evaluated Company data are evaluated
Company shares are traded abroad Company shares are traded abroad
The company trades in Israel The company trades in Israel
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