Moshe Mano from Mano Maritime Ltd.
Moshe Mano מחברת Mano Maritime Ltd.

Moshe Mano

President & CEO

Mano Maritime Ltd.
Ship Owners. Operating and Managing Ships. Shipping Agents. Worldwide Maritime Transportation Services. Luxury Cruises. Hotels and Tourism. Entrepreneurship, Investments and Real Estate
Year of Birth: 1955
Position: President & CEO
Additional Positions: President & CEO, Mano Holdings Group – Mano Maritime Ltd., Bambok Assets Ltd., Flamingo Universe Ltd., and more.  
Member in: Director, Managing Committee – Haifa University Board of Trustees, Israel Japan Friendship and Trade Association, UFAA/FUAAV, IATA; Friends of Haifa University and others.
Other Positions: Honorary Consul, Russian Federation in Haifa; Honorary Member, Israeli Navy; Israeli Business Leaders Forum; Business Leaders Badge, Haifa University; Founder, Israeli Regional Radio; Honorary Fellow of the city of Alanya; International Activities for Immigration to Israel etc.
Languages: Hebrew, English