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Address: Nitsba City, Kesem Interchange, A Building, 5th Floor
Phone: 972-72-2442430
Fax: 972-72-2442431
Email: [email protected]
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Company Executives

  • Amit  Massad, Massad Oz Management and Engineering

    Amit Massad

    Director and Partner

    Massad Oz Management and Engineering

  • Neta  Berman, Massad Oz Management and Engineering

    Neta Berman

    Chairman of the Board and partner

    Massad Oz Management and Engineering

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    Neta Berman
  • Alon  Shtauber, Massad Oz Management and Engineering

    Alon Shtauber

    CEO and Partner

    Massad Oz Management and Engineering

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    Alon Shtauber
  • Eyal  Kugel, Massad Oz Management and Engineering

    Eyal Kugel

    Deputy CEO and Partner

    Massad Oz Management and Engineering

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    Eyal Kugel
  • Ofir  Landner, Massad Oz Management and Engineering

    Ofir Landner

    VP Projects and Partner

    Massad Oz Management and Engineering

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    Ofir Landner
  • Shay  Edri, Massad Oz Management and Engineering

    Shay Edri

    VP Projects and Partner

    Massad Oz Management and Engineering

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    Shay Edri
  • Oded Muchnik, Massad Oz Management and Engineering

    Oded Muchnik


    Massad Oz Management and Engineering

  • Aviad Gerstel, Massad Oz Management and Engineering

    Aviad Gerstel

    VP Engineering and Partner

    Massad Oz Management and Engineering

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    Aviad Gerstel
  • Maor Abitbull, Massad Oz Management and Engineering

    Maor Abitbull

    CEO Massad Oz Infrastructure

    Massad Oz Management and Engineering

  • Eyal Platin, Massad Oz Management and Engineering

    Eyal Platin

    VP Commercial

    Massad Oz Management and Engineering

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About Massad Oz Management and Engineering

Massad Oz Management & Engineering manages highly complex engineering and technological projects in diverse and different real estate and infrastructures industries such as industry and logistics, offices, commercial centers, infrastructures, transportation, and BIM. The company has expertise in managing complex engineering projects from the development phase, planning management, and execution management phase.

Customers’ Capital Alongside Human Capital

Most of the company’s quality revolves around two intertwined characteristics: the excellent human capital employed, and the excellent customer capital characterizing its projects. The company currently employs over 100 employees in development management, planning and licensing management, and engineering management of real estate and infrastructure projects. The company’s senior executives are directly involved in the management of all projects, directing, and closely monitoring the various processes and procedures and application of the company’s unique methodology. Alongside this human capital, the company relies on customer capital from both the private sector, including the best real estate entrepreneurs and leading companies in the industry and the economy, and various clients from the public sector, including national projects. Project management for these clients continues over the years in a growing number of projects, based on mutual trust expressed in setting challenging goals and decisive action to achieve them.

Significant and Varied Volume of Activity

So far, the company has managed hundreds of varied projects, including construction projects for companies that provide storage and distribution services to e-commerce giants and supply chains, data centers, office towers and mixed use, commercial and employment areas. Among the company’s notable projects are the establishment of innovative logistics centers in the field of distribution for Teva, Shestowitz, Tnuva, Strauss and Shufersal Online, the establishment of factories for Nestle, Yotvata and Tempo, construction of a factory and an automatic warehouse for Rav-Bariach company, high-tech complex in Caesarea and cyber complex for Gav-Yam company in Be’er Sheva, commercial centers and mixed use towers for the Azrieli Group & Big Commercial Centers , project management for Poria and Ichilov Hospitals, establishing the blood bank and logistics center for MDA. The company manages residential, assisted living and student dormitory projects, and manages mega projects of national importance to public entities. In addition, it manages transportation infrastructure projects for government clients under the activity of subsidiary Massad Oz Infrastructure.

Core Values and Community Outreach

More than 27 years after its establishment, and after the completion of hundreds of projects, Massad Oz positions itself as a leading engineering management company with unique activity characteristics, based mainly on the quality of human capital, a meticulous scale of values, professionalism, and uncompromising service. The company’s managers and employees are committed to following its core values. Thus, the company believes that its human capital, an anchor of the company’s power, is required to be characterized not only by first rate professionalism and proficiency, but also by parameters of honesty and integrity vis-à-vis all parties, providing quality service, a personal example and contributing to the community. The company’s contribution to the community is expressed both in employees’ personal volunteering, and in all around volunteering as part of good deeds days.

Engineering Management in Projects as a Position of Trust

The company regards its selection to project management by entrepreneurs and clients as a top-notch position of trust. The company’s basic concept is that the developers and contractors hire its managerial and engineering services in order to reflect the project status in the most real and correct way, and for this purpose they entrust the company with the financial budget they have formulated for the project alongside schedules and quality parameters. The company treats this with reverence and does not compromise in any way on trust and integrity towards customers, and towards the market in general. The mix of returning customers is proof of the satisfaction of the company’s customers from its conduct and activities throughout the project until its full completion.

Excellence and Technological Innovation

Over the years, the company has acquired extensive skills and experience in managing design changes that lead to extensive improvement, efficiency, and savings in project costs and completion. The experience and skills acquired are available to the entrepreneur and constitute a significant value in achieving the best tailored solution to the project. The company makes sure to be at the forefront of the existing technological activity in our field, takes care of constant technological renewal, while preserving the acquired knowledge, working in accordance with an orderly methodology, including projects management with BIM, enabling the best coordination between planning and execution factors, while constantly maintaining the project’s budget and timelines. The management of an entrepreneur’s resources on the way to the establishment of the project imposes an unconditional duty of care. The company operates in a determined way, allowing the overcoming of many obstacles on the way to the successful completion of the project.

Massad Oz – People Building a Future


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Our Customers

  • Azrieli Group


  • Perrigo

  • S. Schestowitz

  • AVIS

  • Taavura

  • Rupin Academic Center

  • Albar

  • Israel Electric Company

  • Colmobil Group

  • Noble Energy

  • Maccabi

  • Meitav Dash

  • Paz

  • Shufersal

  • IDF

  • Nestle

  • Wissotzky

  • Teva

  • Clalit

  • Globrands

  • Bezeq

  • Gav Yam Negev

  • BIG

  • Rogovin

  • Magen David Adom

  • LogitiCare

  • Tnuva

  • Rafael

  • Tel Aviv Jaffa

  • Shlomo Group

  • Amot

  • Rassco

  • IWI

  • רב בריח


  • Carlsberg

  • Shtraus

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