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Address: Cinema City, Office Floor, P.O.B. 1020, Ramat HaSharon
Phone: 972-72-2442430
Fax: 972-72-2442431
Email: [email protected]
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  • Amit  Massad, Massad Oz Management and Engineering

    Amit Massad


    Massad Oz Management and Engineering

  • Neta  Berman, Massad Oz Management and Engineering

    Neta Berman

    Chairman of the Board

    Massad Oz Management and Engineering

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    Neta Berman
  • Alon  Shtauber, Massad Oz Management and Engineering

    Alon Shtauber


    Massad Oz Management and Engineering

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    Alon Shtauber
  • Eyal  Kugel, Massad Oz Management and Engineering

    Eyal Kugel

    Deputy CEO and Partner

    Massad Oz Management and Engineering

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    Eyal Kugel
  • Ofir  Landner, Massad Oz Management and Engineering

    Ofir Landner

    VP Projects and Partner

    Massad Oz Management and Engineering

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    Ofir Landner
  • Shay  Edri, Massad Oz Management and Engineering

    Shay Edri

    VP Engineering Projects

    Massad Oz Management and Engineering

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    Shay Edri
  • Shira Nahum, Massad Oz Management and Engineering

    Shira Nahum

    Finance Manager

    Massad Oz Management and Engineering

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    Shira Nahum
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About Massad Oz Management and Engineering

Massad Oz was founded in 1996 and is owned by Amit Massad and Neta Berman. The company is active in the management and supervision of construction, infrastructures, and electro-mechanical systems’ projects and specializes mainly in large and complex engineering projects. Massad Oz provides services both to Israel’s largest real estate developers, leading companies building to themselves and to customers in the public sector, including government ministries (The Ministry of Health, The Ministry of Defense, The Ministry of Transportation and more). Ever since its inception, the company has been recording constant growth, which is expressed in its volume and diversity of projects under management, and alongside the high-quality personnel, which characterizes its team.

Management and Supervision as a Position of Trust
Massad Oz considers being chosen to manage a project by initiators and customers as a position of trust with everything it entails. The company’s basic concept is that its customers hire its management and engineering services in order to reflect the project in the most accurate manner, and for this purpose they deposit their most valuable asset in the company’s hands - the project’s financial budget alongside its schedules and quality parameters. Massad Oz treats this with utmost care and never compromise on integrity and trust with the customers and the market in general.

Customers’ Capital alongside Human Capital

The company takes pride mainly in two intertwined characteristics: The high-quality human capital it employs and the high quality of its customers. As part of the company’s emphasis on its human component, it hires employees which it believes have the potential to take additional responsibilities in the future and serve as its executive reserve. The company currently employs about 70 employees from the project management, planning, designing, coordination and supervision fields. Alongside this human capital, the company relies on its customer capital, consisting of the largest real estate developers in the Israeli economy and large commercial companies which develop their own projects.

End-to-End Management and Supervision Services from Start to Finish

The company provides end-to-end management and supervision services for its customers, from initial stages, through, designing, planning, licensing, the preparation tenders and the selection of contractors and suppliers, to the management of the projects’ execution stages, and up to the delivery, post-construction check-up, and even afterwards. The company’s project management also includes the supervision of the contractors in the field in order to verify the quality of their work, and their compliance with the agreed-upon budgets and schedules. This means that Massad Oz provides its customers with complete post-execution projects, with almost no intervention on their part, except for critical decision making along the project’s stages.

Significant and Diverse Volume of Operations

Massad Oz heads projects of various types, including offices, logistics, commercial and strategic, and national facilities (for government ministries).
Some of the company’s prominent projects include, inter alia, the construction of a modern and innovative logistics center for Teva Ltd. near Route 6; The construction of the Azrieli Rishonim Mall in Rishon LeZion; The construction of a new rehabilitation wing in the Poriya Hospital; The construction of the assisted-living home Palace in Modi’in; the construction of office towers in Petach Tikva, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv; The construction of Gav-Yam’s High-Tech Complex in Be’er Sheva; The construction of a logistics center for the Clalit HMO near Route 6; The construction of the Bamba factory for Osem; The construction of a logistics center for Nestle; The construction of office complexes in Shoham; The construction of a High-Tech Center in Caesarea; the construction of logistics centers for Shufersal in the cities of Modi’in, Kadima and Shoham (the center in Modi’in is a fully-robotic distribution center intended for the chain’s customers online orders); The construction of dormitories for Ben Gurion University; The construction of an egg sorting facility; The construction of Mada’s Blood Bank in Ramle; The expansion of Route 375 for the Israel Roads Company, the construction of an academic center for marine studies in Michmoret; An advanced vertical agriculture project in the Netherlands; etc. Throughout the years, the company developed extensive expertise in all aspects of managing the design and construction of logistics centers with complex automated processes that require an integration between engineering design and functional planning with an emphasis on a technological solutions (such as automated logistic centers), which is customized to the project’s needs.

Ethical Code of Conduct and Community Outreach

Massad Oz invested a great deal of effort and resources into formulating its detailed ethical code which binds all its employees, from clerks to CEO. This code also guides the company’s recruiting process. Thus, Massad Oz believes that human capital, one of the company’s cornerstones, must be characterized not only by first class proficiency, but also by honesty, integrity, high-quality service, setting a personal example and giving back to the community. Massad Oz sees community outreach as a real duty and even appointed a professional function specifically for this area. The company’s community outreach is expressed both through personal volunteering by its employees, and by coordinated volunteering during “Good Deeds” days.

Values of Excellence and Innovation

The company believes in the value of excellence which includes quality, strict standards and longstanding reputation. Thus, Massad Oz strives to be a technological leader in the management and supervision market, and this is expressed through the utilization of green and advanced construction materials as well as robotic systems, particularly in the automated logistic centers field. In certain cases, the company even flies in contractors from abroad for the execution of particularly advanced projects. Another expression of the company’s innovation is its advanced work and management processes. The company uses advanced IT systems and management software (including BIM systems) which provide better integration between all of the management team members throughout the entire project’s lifecycle.

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  • Azrieli Group


  • Perrigo

  • S. Schestowitz

  • AVIS

  • Taavura

  • Rupin Academic Center

  • Albar

  • Israel Electric Company

  • Colmobil Group

  • Noble Energy

  • Maccabi

  • Meitav Dash

  • Paz

  • Shufersal

  • IDF

  • Nestle

  • Wissotzky

  • Teva

  • Clalit

  • Globrands

  • Bezeq

  • Gav Yam Negev

  • BIG

  • Rogovin

  • Magen David Adom

  • General Mills

  • Fishman Group

  • LogitiCare

  • Tnuva

  • Rafael

  • Tel Aviv Jaffa

  • Shlomo Group

  • Amot

  • Rassco

  • IWI

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