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Established: 2008
Line of Business: Law Firm
Address: 4 Ariel Sharon St., Givatayim
Phone: 972-3-6109000
Fax: 972-3-6109009
Email: [email protected]
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  • Ronen Matry, Matry, Meiri, Wacht & Co., Law Offices

    Ronen Matry

    Senior Partner

    Matry, Meiri, Wacht & Co., Law Offices

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    Ronen Matry
  • Moran Meiri, Matry, Meiri, Wacht & Co., Law Offices

    Moran Meiri

    Senior Partner

    Matry, Meiri, Wacht & Co., Law Offices

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    Moran Meiri
  • Keren Wacht, Matry, Meiri, Wacht & Co., Law Offices

    Keren Wacht

    Senior Partner

    Matry, Meiri, Wacht & Co., Law Offices


    Kitty Brunner
    Ido Levin
    Rami Aharon
    Dr. Eyal Geva
    Yossi Ben-Naftali
    Raviv Tsifroni
    Raz Ben-Dor
    Shalom Matalon
    Asaf Shubinsky
    Aviel Flint
    Yael Rubinstein
    Moshe Cohen
    Ohad Dogani
    Chen Shomrat
    Ma’ayan Rotbaum
    Gil Bialy
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About Matry, Meiri, Wacht & Co., Law Offices

Matry, Meiri, Wacht & Co. deals with all aspects of commercial-civil law, including insolvency law, corporations, securities, the capital markets, hi-tech, competition, antitrust law, banking, real estate, litigation, labor law, class actions and sports law. The Firm’s lawyers excel in their exceptional professional and personal qualities and adhere to extremely high professional standards, to the personal and direct involvement of all Firm partners in the professional practice, and top quality, effective, available and practical legal care.

Insolvency and Banking Department

In the field insolvency, the Firm has received the highest possible rankings for many years. Ronen Matry, who heads the department, is one of the most esteemed lawyers in Israel in this field, and the Firm’s insolvency department is involved in significant proceedings that have taken place in Israel in recent years in this field. The department’s professional and experienced staff represents in insolvency proceedings, various factors in the fields of finance, real estate, construction, infrastructure, communications, retail, industry and hi-tech, in large-scale cases with significant public exposure. The Firm has unique expertise in counseling companies in the insolvency environment, in complex creditors’ settlements, stay of proceedings, and large-scale insolvency proceedings with international aspects; in addition, the Firm represents financial entities in debt restructuring arrangements and complex loans.

Real Estate Department

The Firm’s real estate department, headed by Ronen Matry and Kitty Brunner, has extensive experience handling complex real estate transactions while representing various clients, including developers, sellers and buyers, and institutional investors, leading real estate corporations in the buying and selling of income-generating properties, in residential, commercial and employment projects, and parties involved in TAMA 38 projects. The Firm is ranked as a top-notch firm and leader in real estate.

Commercial Department

The department, headed by Moran Meiri provides ongoing legal counsel to Israeli and international entities, public and private companies, governmental and municipal authorities. The department provides counsel in corporate law, corporate governance, compensation plans, board support, etc. The department represents clients in acquisition and merger transactions, undertakes due diligence projects, investment agreements, and counsels foreign companies and residents. The commercial department also has particular expertise in sports law. The practice of the commercial department combines high levels of professional and legal expertise with an in-depth understanding of the business environment in which its clients operate. The Firm’s clients include airlines, insurance companies and agencies, BioMed and medical device companies, energy companies, defense companies, entertainment and leisure companies, fashion companies, media and advertising factors, the press, sports groups and associations, and more.

Hi-Tech Department

The department represents Israeli and foreign hi-tech clients, including founders, companies, investors, lenders and buyers. The department provides ongoing legal counsel for its clients in various areas of the hi-tech industry, including software, Internet, chips, biotech, life sciences, medical device and cleantech. Keren Wacht, who heads the department, has extensive experience in the field, including representing parties in acquisition transactions and companies in investments and other financing agreements. The department’s staff has extensive experience in drafting and conducting negotiations in connection with complex commercial agreements, including licensing and franchise agreements, joint ventures, distribution agreements, clinical trial agreements and drug and medical device development and licensing agreements. The Firm is ranked as a leader in the hi-tech field.

Capital Markets, Companies and Securities Department

The department, headed by Dr. Eyal Geva, specializes in assisting clients regularly in raising capital on the stock exchange in Israel, on foreign stock exchanges and in private placements. The department advises public companies and companies traded in Israel and abroad on securities law and corporate law issues, regularly accompanies Boards of Directors and Board Committees, advises and handles share control transactions, purchase offers, executive compensation plans, administrative enforcement programs, and representation before regulatory authorities. Also specializes in complex mergers, splits and reorganizations, investments, and commercial agreements.

Commercial and Civil Litigation Department

The Firm’s commercial and civil litigation department, headed by Raz Ben Dor and Shalom Matalon, deals with all aspects of litigation and represents Israeli and international clients, before the courts and in arbitrations. The department deals with commercial and civil litigation, control struggles (including and in particular discrimination lawsuits), litigation in the capital markets, representation in class actions and derivative claims in company law and complex litigation in real estate. In addition, the department has experience in labor law and the prohibition of defamation law.

Competition and Antitrust Department

The Firm’s competition and antitrust department, headed by Asaf Shubinsky, provides ongoing representation to government ministries, statutory bodies, government companies and leading public and private companies in all areas of competition law, antitrust and centralization, including Clalit Health Services, Partner Communications, the H.Y. Group, Israel Ports Company, the Airports Authority, the LG Group, etc. In this framework, the department provides ongoing advice that includes complex opinions, accompanying transactions regarding aspects of competition, and specializes in representing its clients before the Competition Authority, the Competition Court and the Supreme Court, including in class actions, private lawsuits and criminal proceedings.

Administrative Litigation and Class Actions Department

The Firm’s Administrative Litigation and Class Actions Department, headed by Asaf Shubinsky and Aviel Flint, specializes in administrative law and tenders law, in managing complex administrative petitions. The department represents international conglomerates, governmental corporations, statutory corporations, and public and private corporations in administrative petitions, bidding procedures and trade disputes. In addition, the department specializes in managing contractor claims in infrastructure and represents defendants in class actions.

Labor Law Department

The Labor Law Department, headed by Yael Rubinstein, deals with all aspects of labor law and labor relations for clients in various industries and sectors. The department accompanies organizational processes, crisis management, strategic planning of human resources, employing women and regulating the prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace, managing disciplinary proceedings and more. The department also represents and handles complex litigation proceedings. The department also specializes in collective labor relations, leading collective bargaining, settling organizational disputes, strikes and work stoppages, and signing collective agreements.

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