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A law firm that practices real-estate, real-estate litigation, planning and building, real-estate taxations and urban renewal

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Established: 1996
Line of Business: A law firm that practices real-estate, commercial & real estate litigation, planning and building, real-estate taxation and urban renewal
Address: Tel Aviv Office: 4 Berkovich St.
(The Museum Tower), Tel Aviv 6423806
Tel: 972-3-6935282 Fax: 972-3-6935410
Haifa Office: 2 Pal-Yam Ave.
(Mano Shipping Building), Haifa 3309502
Tel: 972-4-8301600 Fax: 972-4-8301601
Phone: 972-3-6935282
Fax: 972-77-6935410
Email: [email protected]
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    Yossi Miller

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    Miller & CO., Law Office

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    Yossi Miller
  • Tal  Garber, Miller & CO., Law Office

    Tal Garber

    Senior Advocate

    Miller & CO., Law Office

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About Miller & CO., Law Office

Miller & Co. Law Office is one of Israel’s leading boutique firms in the Practice areas of real-estate, planning and construction, urban renewal, real-estate taxation and real-estate litigation. The firm’s vast experience and expertise in these areas have been accumulating since its establishment in 1996. Miller & Co. has branches both in Tel Aviv and in Haifa. The firm’s operations are based on three core principles: professionalism, efficiency, and loyalty. The firm is the legal counselor of many real-estate projects of various magnitudes throughout Israel and represents in complex legal and planning proceedings. In recent years, the firm has been ranked as a leading firm in the Practice areas of real-estate, planning & zoning, construction, tax and urban renewal in the ranking guides BDI, Dun’s and Legal 500. The vast experience enables the firm’s team to support and represent its clients in complexed legal proceedings, large-scale projects and substantial transactions all across Israel, both in metropolitans and in the periphery, in private lands and state-owned lands, also with extensive operations abroad.

Main Practice Areas

The firm’s main Practice areas include real-estate, planning & zoning, construction, real-estate litigation, real-estate tax and urban renewal. The firm reflects the expertise and longstanding legal support of real-estate companies (public, private, and also governmental and municipal corporations), as well as companies with core operations outside of the real-estate field that require real-estate-related legal counseling and services, both in Israel and internationally. The firm accompanies and represents its clients, and provides them with continuous legal support, with the full spectrum of real-estate legal services, in residential projects as well as in yielding properties, offices, commerce, assisted living and industry complexes. The firm provides full and comprehensive legal services from the transaction initiation stage: Due diligence and feasibility checks, purchasing counsel and support (including in the planning committees and before the tax authorities) and drafting all of the required legal agreements.

The Real-Estate Practice – The firm gained an extensive reputation in the representation and legal support of constructors and developers during all stages of construction, the representation of companies and investors in yielding properties investments in Israel and abroad, including all aspects of properties development and betterment. The firm’s work includes complete legal handling and representation, both legal and practical, for receiving the financing for these projects and investments, and includes the correspondence with all the government and municipal agencies. The firm has a proven and successful track record in supporting residential projects from their very beginning, “on paper”, all the way to delivery, including all the registrations and rights arrangements. The firm handles urban renewal projects extensively and supports both constructors and developers and large groups of apartment owners in Urban Renewal projects, both under government declarations and in the more limited framework of TAMA 38. In recent years, the firm’s founder, Adv. Yossi Miller, has been involved also in legislation processes and the promotion of this important practice in peripheral areas. In addition to its main practice in residential construction, the firm has a vast practice in commercial and offices construction and the management of commercial and office centers (including tenders, rental agreements, and all the ongoing operations of the built and populated centers), assisted living quarters, and industries.

The Planning and Zoning Practice – Miller & Co. has extensive know-how and experience in planning and zoning representation. The firm provides its clients with legal support for initiation proceedings and approvals of new zoning plans, including and in particular rezoning of real-estate complexes, parcels’ merging and re-parcellation, as well as construction permits proceedings. The firm’s team of attorneys is highly experienced in appearances before the various planning authorities, including in discussions of objections to zoning plans and permits. Additionally, the firm specializes in planning and building litigation, including administrative appeals and land confiscation claims – for revoking appropriations and appropriations’ compensation. In addition, the firm often handles criminal litigation concerning planning and building and business permits matters.

Real-Estate and Commercial Litigation – The firm is known as highly experienced and strong in litigation, in commercial law in general and in real estate in particular. The firm specializes in the management of proceedings which are particularly complex and sensitive, including years-long representation, with much success, of a leading insurance company in Israel, concerning the professional liability of real-estate lawyers. The firm appears before and litigates in all the tribunals, including (district) administrative courts, and The Supreme Court. In parallel, the firm’s attorneys represent its clients in discussions of various planning authorities, district planning and building and real-estate tax appeal committees, before deciding appraisers in betterment charges discussions, and more. Another significant part of the firm’s operations is in arbitrations proceedings, both in client representation and in arbitration management when parties of business disputes – mainly contractors and commercial companies and their representatives – ask Adv. Yossi Miller to serve as an arbitrator based on his knowledge and experience in such matters.

Real-Estate Tax – The firm counsels and represents its clients on real-estate taxation matters and provides support for the tax aspects of various projects and transactions, from the initial stage of forming the transactions and counseling on it, throughout writing professional opinions, reporting to the tax authorities, as well as representation in the various hearings before the tax authorities.

The Founder

Adv. Yossi Miller – Has an LL.B. from the Law Faculty of the Hebrew University. Member of the Israeli Bar Association since 1993. Has been serving for many years as a member of both the Real-estate and Planning & zoning committees of the Bar’s Haifa District. He Lectures already several years on complex real-estate issues in the Law Faculty of the Haifa University in the Master’s Degree Program, in real-estate trainings of the Israeli Bar, and in other professional forums. He also served for a long time as a judge in the Bar’s Disciplinary Court. Adv. Miller has about 25 years of experience in real-estate and in leading large and complex real-estate projects in Israel and abroad.


The firm represents public, government and municipal companies, real-estate developers and constructors, and private clients, in the various areas and topics of these real-estate fields.

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