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Established: 1992
Line of Business: Family Law and Inheritance
Address: 20th Floor, Sapir Tower,
40 Tuval St., Ramat Gan 5252247
Phone: 972-3-6054099
Fax: 972-3-6054093
Email: [email protected]
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  • Nava Peres, Nava Peres, Law Offices

    Nava Peres

    Owner, Founder and Manager

    Nava Peres, Law Offices

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    Nava Peres
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About Nava Peres, Law Offices

Nava Peres, Law Firm is a leading boutique law firm specializing in family law and inheritance law. The firm, which was established in 1992 by Nava Peres, is committed to the legal representation of the highest level and provides legal advice while respecting the privacy of our clients. The firm offers an approach based on personal touch combined with the proven ability to solve complex legal issues.

The firm has major experience and special expertise in dealing with the complex property issues that accompany divorce proceedings. Adv. Nava Peres represents a long line of leading well-known corporation owners, in Israel and abroad. The firm also specializes in handling custody matters, visitation rights, immigration cases, and child support, maintenance, etc. The firm is most highly skilled in conducting negotiations and formulating pre-nuptial agreements and divorce agreements, with legal and economic complications. The firm also handles various types of family disputes, in matters of guardianship, inheritance and other family conflicts.

In recent years, the firm’s attorneys led by Adv. Nava Peres have acquired unique expertise in dealing with legal crises in families where one or more spouses are employed in the high-tech industry. Divorce proceedings in such families require, among other things, the ability to deal with issues such as unconventional property division (for example, options) and acquaintance with foreign laws when dealing with families that have relocated abroad.

The firm also handles litigation and appearances in the various courts, including Family Courts, District Court, and Supreme Court appeals, as well as the District Rabbinical Court and appeals to the Rabbinical High Court.

In addition, the firm is entrusted with cases requiring cooperation with overseas law firms and specializes in the complex synthesis between the various laws practiced in each respective country.

During divorce proceedings, the firm supports the client throughout the process, from initial dilemmas regarding the divorce, choosing the appropriate legal route, such as filing suits, including temporary and urgent injunctions, deciding on negotiations or mediation, and implementing everything required to complete the procedure so that the client can set out on a new path.

Adv. Nava Peres supports the client throughout mediation divorce proceedings and participates during such proceedings, to the extent required. Further, Adv. Nava Peres conducts mediation proceedings in her office by using creative solutions based on a deep understanding of the relevant issues. In addition, Adv. Nava Peres supports clients in coping with various authorities regarding the relevant dispute including the Inheritance Registrar, the Welfare Department, review committee, social workers, and any other relevant required body.

As part of the legal work, the firm is committed to providing a personal and effective response to all questions that may arise from any of the issues in family and inheritance law. The firm is also in contact with various experts in the fields related to family and inheritance law for managing family disputes before an agreed solution or towards a legal resolution. These specialists include lawyers in various legal fields including criminal and commercial law, companies and securities law, real estate, taxation, assessors, accountants, economists and actuaries, private investigators, and psychologists.

Loyalty, Justice, Dedication

Adv. Nava Peres is renowned for her professional expertise and excellence, focusing on the field of family law and inheritance in Israel and provides first-rate, effective, thorough, meticulous and uncompromising legal services by using her many years of experience and the most up to date legal knowledge. The firm believes in providing effective and quality representation, by providing professional, personal and dedicated care for each client. The firm’s professional work has earned major acclaims from lawyers both in family law and in other areas, due to its constant striving for excellence, holistic thinking, and utilization of critical and dynamic judgment. Nava Peres, Law Firm believes in dialogue, especially between couples and family members as the best pathway to an amicable solution. The firm’s staff is attentive and focused on each client, their needs and their circumstances. The firm combines exceptional reliability with uncompromising professional excellence, which receives an acknowledgment from clients requiring discretion and sensitivity regarding their personal affair.

Pro-Bono Activities

Nava Peres, Law Firm - is an active volunteer in the Israel Bar Association’s “Sachar Mitzvah” project, providing legal assistance to the less fortunate for 20 years. The firm received a special recognition award from the Israel Bar Association for these activities. 

Adv. Nava Peres

Adv. Nava Peres is a member of the Israel Bar Association since 1991 and an authorized mediator since 2000. In 2009, she was certified in the field of Collaborative Divorce.

Adv. Nava Peres is certified by the Ministry of Justice and Administrator-General to prepare lasting powers of attorney, preemptive guidelines for guardian appointment and declaration of will documents. Adv. Nava Peres served for several years as Deputy Chair of the Family Forum of the Central Committee of the Israel Bar Association, Chair of the Status of Women Committee of the Israel Bar Association, and a Member of the Advanced Training Team of the Family Forum. Adv. Peres served as a Member of the District Disciplinary Court of the Israel Bar Association in Tel Aviv for 9 years. Adv. Peres is a member of The Legal Forum in The Israel Women’s Network.

Adv. Peres is a member of The Dance Committee in the Culture and Arts Council of Israel.


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