Nava Peres from Nava Peres, Law Offices
Nava Peres מחברת Nava Peres, Law Offices

Nava Peres

Owner, Founder and Manager

Year of Birth: 1965
Email: [email protected]
Fields: Family Law and Inheritance, Mediation.
Position: Owner, Founder and Manager
Seniority in position: Since 1991.
Education: LL.B. Law, Tel Aviv University (91); M.A. Gender Studies, Tel Aviv University (13).
Member in: Israel Bar Association, Israel Bar Association Family Forum and the Forum's Legislation Team.
Community Activity: Conducting Pro Bono Cases since 2002 as part of the Israel Bar Association's "Sachar Mitzva" project.

What are the firm's most significant strengths in your eyes?
The firm's most significant strengths are professionalism and a high level of expertise as well as the fact that the staff enables maximum capabilities in obtaining targets for the benefit of the client.

What advice would you offer a young lawyer who is starting out?
My advice to a lawyer who is starting out is to prepare in the most thorough way for every discussion and negotiation and to remain up to date on a regular basis about all new developments, articles and rulings. Knowhow and familiarity are necessary conditions in order to consolidate a successful professional career.

What is important to remember in difficult times?
During difficult times, it is important to stick to the basic values that guide us.