Omri Argaman from Omri Argaman – Attorney at Law and Notary
Omri Argaman מחברת Omri Argaman – Attorney at Law and Notary

Omri Argaman

Founder and Owner

Year of Birth: 1960
Email: [email protected]
Fields: Transportation, torts and safety law
Position: Founder and Owner
Additional Positions: Private investigator, Major in the army
Past positions: Representing insurance companies
Seniority in position: Since 1989
Education: B.A. in Social Sciences and LL.B. from Tel Aviv University (1982-1988)
Languages: Hebrew and English
Military rank: Major

Which is the most significant case that you led recently?
The acquittal of a client accused of negligent homicide with aggravating circumstances.

In your opinion, what are the firm’s most important strengths?
A combination of many years of extensive experience in our fields of expertise and an openness to learn and provide a solution for every case according to needs and circumstances.

What are the main activities that the firm undertook recently that will spur its growth in upcoming years?
Close partnerships with professional entities for the benefit of the client.

What advice would you give a young manager at the start of his or her career?
Know already today every nut and bolt in the operation you are in charge of. When you’ll be a senior manager and a novice will arrive, don’t hesitate to ask the young newcomer what the role of each nut and bolt is. 

What is it important to remember during difficult times?
One moment after you decide to give up, the breakthrough you weren’t expecting will arrive.