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Protection, Security Protection, Fire Protection, Protection of Opening and entrance doors

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Established: 1992
Line of Business: Protection, Security Protection, Fire Protection, Protection of Opening and entrance doors
Address: Industrial Area Tziporit, Nof Hagalil
Phone: 972-4-6418888
Fax: 972-4-6418889
Email: [email protected]
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  • Yitzhak Peleg, Palraz Engineering

    Yitzhak Peleg

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    Palraz Engineering

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    Yitzhak Peleg

    Gil Peleg Joint CEO
    Dotan Goldenberg VP Marketing
    Oshrat Wolecki COO
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About Palraz Engineering

Palraz Engineering is a leading company specializing in comprehensive solutions in the field of protection, security protection, fire protection solutions, and protection of opening and entrance doors. Palraz provides first-class services to government offices, hospitals, police stations, courts, and prisons all around the country. The combination between the company’s great seniority, which stands for over 30 years of proven professional experience, and the fairness and reliability for which it is known, results in an excellent reputation that the company has enjoyed for many decades, and an added value for its customers.

Palraz Engineering offers its customers a wide range of products in the field of protection - residential protection and institutional protection. The company is known for its personal service and professional excellence; therefore, the company’s excellent reputation passes as the common thread among its customers as well as its suppliers. Palraz Engineering works with the entire spectrum of contractors, from the largest, to private customers. The company specializes operates mainly in the contracting market, high-density housing, and institutional construction which includes hospitals, nursing homes and schools, as well as in the security market - nationwide from Dan to Eilat. The company’s vast experience is also apparent in its employees, who have been employed by Palraz Engineering for decades, with extraordinary persistence in their work, skills acquired over many years of work, and professional excellence.

Residential Protection Solutions

Residential protected space solutions include protection products such as doors, windows, and pipes. The doors include Apartment Protected Space (APS) blast door, an apartment shrapnel blast door, and the APS blast sliding door. The doors meet all the requirements of the Home Front Command (HFC) tests for blasts and impermeability. It also meets the requirements of Israeli Standard 4422 and is manufactured under the supervision of the Standards Institution of Israel. The galvanized doorposts can be ordered in different dimensions and depths. The APS blast sliding door allows free passage through the various parts of the structure. The design and manufacture of the door suggest construction solutions to architects with the location of the door in the building.
The windows are dual-purposed, and include a steel plate for protection from blasts and shrapnel and an inner window for routine. There are biplane axis opening windows, biplane sliding, and single plane sliding windows, apartment, institutional and for the confrontation line.

Institutional Protection Solutions

For the institutional market, Palraz Engineering offers a variety of protection products, including doors, windows, pipes, and a variety of complementary products. The doors include the shrapnel blast door, the institutional blast door, and the institutional sliding blast door. The complementary institutional products include an escape hatch, a ladder, and a covering bin cage.

Main Products

Palraz Engineering offers a wide variety of doors, including fire doors, regular and supervised, sealed metal doors, louvered metal doors, acoustic doors, break in doors, Prima doors, and doorposts for wooden doors.
Among the company’s glazed products, there are glass doors and glass-fronted display cabinets, fire resistant and decorative. The numerous, versatile, and various frame products of Palraz Engineering include louvers, Trafo products, service cabinets, and special products, including gates, cage doors, prison service products, and ballistic and bulletproof top gates.

Leading Customers

Among the company’s leading customers are Tidhar, Electra, Shikun & Binui, Denia Cibus, Tzemach Hamereman, Ashtrom, Asum, Keidar Mivnim, Rami Shabiro, Mordechai Aviv, Aviv & Co., Sela Binui, Barel, Abu Shaish Brothers, Best, Avisror, Mivne Gazit, Konti, and others.

Selected Projects

• Residential towers
• Complete residential neighborhoods
• Hospitals
• Government Ministries
• Courts
• Prisons
• Office buildings
• Security projects

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