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Established: 1927
Line of Business: Law and Patent Firm
Address: Tel Aviv:
Sarona Azrieli Tower, Menachem Begin Road, 53rd floor, Tel Aviv 6701203
Tel: 972-3-3039000 Fax: 972-3-3039001
Matam Park, Building 25, Andrei Sakharov 9 street, Haifa, 3508409, Israel
Tel: 972-77-5444818 Fax: 972-77-5444817
New York:
1500 Broadway, 12th Fl., 10036
Tel: 646-878-0800 Fax: 646-878-0801
50 Congress St., Suite 640, MA 02109
Tel: 617-228-5720 Fax: 617-228-5721
16 Upper Woburn Place, London, WC1H 0BS, UK
Tel: 44-203-714-4950 Fax: 44-203-714-4954
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  • Zeev Pearl, Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz

    Zeev Pearl

    Managing Partner

    Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz

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    Zeev Pearl
  • Mark Cohen, Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz

    Mark Cohen

    Senior Partner

    Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz

  • Doron Latzer, Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz

    Doron Latzer

    Senior Partner

    Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz

  • Yael Baratz, Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz

    Yael Baratz

    Senior Partner

    Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz

  • Benjamin Baratz, Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz

    Benjamin Baratz

    Senior Partner

    Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz

  • Dor Cohen Zedek, Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz

    Dor Cohen Zedek

    Senior Partner

    Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz

  • Tal Rotman, Ph.D., Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz

    Tal Rotman, Ph.D.

    Senior Partner

    Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz

  • Atir Jaffe, Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz

    Atir Jaffe

    Senior Partner

    Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz

  • Anna Moshe, Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz

    Anna Moshe

    Senior Partner

    Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz

  • Ilan Gerzi, Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz

    Ilan Gerzi

    Senior Partner

    Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz

  • Kalia Klein, Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz

    Kalia Klein

    Senior Partner

    Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz

  • Yossi Markovich, Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz

    Yossi Markovich

    Senior Partner

    Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz

Additional Senior Partners

    Haim Ravia
    Oded Kadosh
    Guy Yonay
    Assaf Weiler
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About Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz

Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz (“Pearl Cohen”) is an international law and patent firm with offices in Israel (Tel-Aviv, Haifa), the United States, (New York, Los Angeles, Boston), and the United Kingdom (London).  Due to the firm’s unique global presence, it has an extraordinary reputation dealing with cross-border issues in the areas of commercial law (Hi-tech transactions, capital markets, M&A, taxation), litigation, and intellectual property, a field in which the firm is considered to be the leading and most distinguished in Israel. Pearl Cohen employs over 300 people, of which 180 are lawyers, patent attorneys, and scientific consultants with diverse professional and academic backgrounds. The firm represents businesses, technology-oriented companies, and investors from both local and international markets, including Fortune 500 and small-cap emerging companies, startups and entrepreneurs, companies traded on Israeli and worldwide stock markets, academic research institutions, and government-related entities. The firm’s international team and global offices work together seamlessly to provide clients with integrated legal services, advising on Israeli, the U.S., and European legal issues, alongside activities in Russia & CIS, Ibero-America, Canada, and Asia.

Practice Areas

Intellectual Property

Patent Group
The Firm’s Patent Group is the largest in Israel, with more than 50 patent attorneys and agents employed across the Israel, U.S. and UK offices. The Patent Group has unique capabilities in the provision of complete and comprehensive solutions to clients, from the construction of an IP strategy, through its implementation by writing and prosecuting patents, then integrating them into the company’s business strategy, and finally monetizing them through litigation, acquisition, or sale. The Patent Group also represents investors in the evaluation of patent portfolios for the purpose of investments, loans, mergers and fundraising transactions. The group’s patent attorneys and agents hold advanced technical degrees and industry experience in a variety of fields such as engineering, telecommunications, software, semiconductors, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, mechanics, and physics.
Led by Adv. Patent Attorney Zeev Pearl, Adv. Patent Attorney Mark Cohen and Adv. Patent Attorney Caleb Polack.

Trademark & Brand Protection
The Trademark Group protects some of the world’s most famous trademarks and brand owners and has significant expertise in registering, protecting, and enforcing trademark rights against competitors, counterfeiters, and parallel importers.
Led by Adv. Dor Cohen Zedek, Adv. Todd Braverman and Adv. Morey Wildes.

Licensing & IP Transactions
The Licensing Group represents leading companies, start-ups, and leading academic institutions in a wide range of technology licensing, sales and cooperation transactions. The group’s team specializes in technology and patent licensing transactions (representing both licensors and licensees), technological inter-company cooperation with an emphasis on representing start-ups before multinational corporations, technology-intensive asset transactions, and research and cooperation agreements with academic institutions.
Led by Adv. Yael Baratz, Adv. Patent Attorney Zeev Pearl and Adv. Patent Attorney Mark Cohen.

Internet, Software & Cyber Law
The Internet Group is one of the leaders in its field and is responsible for several prominent legal precedents. The group’s attorneys provide legal services to a wide range of clients, including telecommunication companies, internet access & service providers, banks and financial institutions, insurance companies, retail chains engaged in mobile and online sales, copyright holders, portals and content sites, e-commerce ventures, companies offering computer and internet services, publishers, unions and technology companies. The group also utilizes its knowledge and expertise in innovative technology to offer legal advice regarding information privacy and data protection.
Led by Adv. Haim Ravia, Adv. Todd Braverman and Adv. Clyde Shuman. 

Commercial Services

Hi-Tech, Venture Capital, and Angel Investors
Pearl Cohen represents many entrepreneurs, start-ups, and technology companies operating in Israel and abroad, along with VCs and Angel Investors. The hi-tech group brings together extensive knowledge of the legal aspects involved in the establishment of venture capital and private equity funds and investments and loans from seed to public issuance. The team has a profound understanding of the business and technological ecosystem in which its clients operate, enabling a perfect customization of the legal solutions for the clientele’s business environment – in all stages of their projects’ business development. In addition, the Pearl Cohen team specializes in establishing investment funds in a wide variety of industries.
Led by Adv. Doron Latzer, Adv. Atir Jaffe and Adv. Oded Kadosh.

Capital Markets & Securities
The Capital Markets & Securities Group provides legal services in the U.S. and Israel on all aspects of securities transactions, Israeli and SEC compliance, business finance, and public offerings on NASDAQ, NYSE, TASE and other stock exchanges. Pearl Cohen is also known as a pioneer in dual listings and represents companies, investment banks, strategic investors and large shareholders on a wide range of international capital market matters.
Led by Adv. Ilan Gerzi and Adv. Oded Kadosh.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Pearl Cohen’s M&A Group is renowned for its proficiency in structuring, negotiating, and closing mergers and acquisitions and derivative transactions such as spin-offs, tender offers, and leveraged buyouts. These activities are carried out in close cooperation with the firm’s Taxation Group and Antitrust Group, in order to provide a comprehensive response for relevant and important issues arising from such transactions.
Led by Adv. Yael Baratz, Adv. Oded Kadosh and Dr. Adv. Tal Rotman.

Business Relocation and U.S. Immigration
The U.S. Relocation Group, located in Pearl Cohen’s New York office, represents the firm’s clients before the U.S. immigration authorities upon relocation of their business to the U.S. and during the relocation of individuals and their families due to work-related matters. The group is also proficient in cross-border business transactions, focusing mainly on mergers and acquisitions and capital raisings from foreign sources to maintain clients’ legal standing in the U.S.
Led by Adv. Ari Farkas, Adv. Francine Alfandary and Adv. Kalia Klein.

Pearl Cohen’s Taxation Group is comprised of professionals with many years of experience in both the U.S. and Israel. The group supports and advises public and private, local, foreign and multi-national corporations, investment funds and institutional investors, on a wide variety of direct and indirect tax matters in Israel, the U.S. and around the globe. The group provides solutions to complex tax issues with a creative and rapid response “tailor-made” for each individual client, including representation before the Israeli tax authorities and in courts.
Led by Adv. Henriette Fuchs, Dr. Adv. Oz Halabi and Adv. Doron Latzer.

Employment, Benefits & Executive Compensation
The group provides advice on a diverse range of labor issues, including, amongst others, those encountered by technology companies. The Firm is a leader with regards to personal employment agreements as opposed to collective agreements, as customary in traditional industries in Israel, including executive employment agreements, non-competition and confidentiality clauses, and termination and separation agreements. The firm’s broad knowledge and experience in this practice area enable its clients to benefit from the considerable understanding of the subtle but important issues in labor law.
Led by Adv. Kalia Klein, Adv. Sagit Sazgar and Adv. Francine Alfandary.

Real Estate
The Real Estate Group has extensive experience in the initiation and execution of commercial and private real-estate projects and investment ventures in Israel and abroad. The group’s attorneys provide full legal support from the very early stages of a project through to closing, including practical advice on locating potential investors and properties.
Led by Adv. Benjamin Baratz, Adv. Sagit Shahmoon and Adv. Doron Latzer.

Infrastructure and Project Finance
The Firm’s Infrastructure and Project Finance Group consists of reputed attorneys who support Israel’s most complex and well-known projects, from the tender stage, through the financing and financial agreements, ongoing support during the building, operation and maintenance, up until litigation or arbitration, before experts and in all levels of courts. The group provides strategic and tactical consulting during the preparation of lawsuits and defending against them in a wide variety of infrastructure and project finance issues, including train transportation, roads, tunneling, energy (solar, mined etc.), water, facility construction and more.
Led by Adv. Atir Jaffe, Adv. Ittai Gross and Adv. Gali Friedhof.

Antitrust and Competition
The Antitrust and Competition Group provides advice and solutions for leading companies concerning competition laws in Israel and the U.S., economic supervision, enforcement, and regulatory matters, including issues concerning adjacent legislation. The group supports local and international companies on all aspects of proceedings before the Israeli Antitrust Authority, including approvals, accompaniment of suspects and defendants in antitrust-related criminal, administrative and enforcement proceedings, and counsels on M&A transactions, licensing, IT, marketing and distribution agreements, internal enforcement programs, civil, administrative and criminal litigation, and class actions.
Led by Adv. Tzahi Yagur, Dr. Adv. Tal Rotman and Adv. Daniel Melman.

Sports Law
The Pearl Cohen Sports Law Group is comprised of first-rate attorneys with vast experience in representing sporting clubs and sportsmen/sportswomen, as well as sporting associations in Israel and abroad. The department has unparalleled experience advising on sporting club investment deals, mediation in designated tribunals in both Israeli and international sports, negotiations and trade agreements pertaining to this world, and more.
Led by Dr. Adv. Tal Rotman and Adv. Yohai Hurwitz.


Intellectual Property Litigation
The Intellectual Property Litigation Group is the leading group for disputes concerning infringement and ownership of patents and other intellectual property, technology licensing, copyright, trade secrets, trademarks, parallel imports, and brand protection. The firm has extensive experience in multiple jurisdictions, ranging from U.S., Europe, and Israeli trial work to USPTO post-grant procedures, their counterpart procedures in Israel and before the European patent and trademark offices.
Led by Adv. Yossi Markovich and Adv. Guy Yonai.

Commercial Litigation
As an international law firm with strong U.S., Israeli and European practices, Pearl Cohen’s Commercial Litigation Group has considerable experience in the area of commercial litigation. The group represents a range of clients, from start-ups to large multinational corporations. The group has extensive in-depth experience in the settlement of corporate disputes, insolvency, liquidations, and receiverships in real-estate litigation. Additionally, the group specializes in the management of securities litigation cases, including disclosure disputes occurring in public issuances, andreorganizations, both in Israel and in the U.S.
Led by Adv. Benjamin Baratz and Adv. Guy Yonay. 

Foreign Desks

Alongside the firm’s offices operating outside of Israel, including the USA and London, Pearl Cohen engages in extensive activity in additional foreign countries through a number of desks: Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, Ibero-America, China, Japan, India and Canada. Pearl Cohen’s teams act as a professional bridge-way into these countries, assisting Israeli and foreign clients in successfully conducting their businesses abroad while harnessing their knowledge and acquaintance with local laws and culture.
Led by Adv. Anna Moshe, Adv. Meny Broid, Adv. Hadar Solomon, Adv. Guy Lachmann and more.

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