Kassem  Abualhiga from Pri Vayerek Tamra
Kassem  Abualhiga מחברת Pri Vayerek Tamra

Kassem Abualhiga

Owner and CEO

Pri Vayerek Tamra
Fruits and vegetables wholesalers
Year of Birth: 1958
Email: [email protected]
Position: Owner and CEO
Seniority in position: 40 years
Public positions: Ran for position of Mayor of Tamra
Education: High school
Community Activity: Contributions/active in Israel "Says No to Drugs Foundations"
Languages: Arabic, Hebrew, English

What is the most significant step you have led recently?
Introduced the younger generation to the business, importing fruit and vegetables.

What are, in your opinion, the company’s most significant strengths?
Good relations with suppliers and customers. Our reputation.

What are the central steps taken recently that will lead to the company’s increased strength in the coming years?
Customer credit insurance, increased imports, increased sales.

What are your recommendations for the beginning manager?
Organization and honesty, control of all elements of the business from the smallest to the largest.

What is it important to remember even when times are tough?
Don’t forget the customers, the employees or the suppliers.