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Established: 1996
Line of Business: Urban Renewal Tama 38 and Pinui-Binui
Address: Beser Tower no. 3 - 35th floor, 5 Kineret St., Bnei-Brak 5126237
Mobile: 972-54-4618767
Phone: 972-3-5051051
Fax: 972-3-5054054
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.ravit-law.co.il
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    Adv. Ravit Sinai

    Founder & owner, Certified Mediator

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    Ravit Sinai
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About Ravit Sinai Law Offices

Ravit Sinai Law Offices is a boutique law firm specializing in Tama 38, Pinui-Binui and urban renewal transaction while implementing a method that is unique for the firm, and which was conceived by its founder, Adv. Ravit Sinai. The firm is guided by values of transparency, uniformity, and fairness while maximizing benefits for the residents through a review by a team of professionals on behalf of the residents. Adv. Sinai personally handles each project and guarantees the residents the best possible outcome along side efficiency, made possible due to the firm’s unique methods. The firm’s unique method leads to actual successes, and currently, the first project, in two buildings in Givatayim, is already populated. In 2019, A unique book was published by Adv. Sinai: “The Tama 38 – Pinui-Binui Guide”, which is aimed at owners who intend to or are in the midst of an urban renewal process. The book includes all of the major stages and questions of this process, and answers all of the important issues. The book is sold in the bookstores (Steimatzky, Tzomet Sfarim, Netbook). Adv. Sinai was chosen to serve, on behalf of the Israel Bar Association, as the coordinator of an urban renewal legal training.

Unique and Successful Method

The uniqueness of the firm’s work method stems from a reversal of the system: the residents-owners determine the contractual terms with the developer, including the agreement’s terms and the technical specification, while being backed by the firm, which cooperates with leading professionals for its clients. The support includes legal representation in front of the developer and its representative, review of the rights in the apartments, and negotiation and preparation of Pinui-Binui and Tama 38 agreements. After the agreement is signed, the firm handles the monitoring of the Tax Authorities reporting, and the developer’s progress and compliance with contractual obligations, with ongoing legal support throughout the construction. Furthermore, the firm follows up on the individual registration of the rights of the apartment owners. The firm takes care to limit the identity of the developer, to redefine the new apartments, and to verify that guarantees for the rent, registration, taxes and quality check, as well as guarantees under the Apartment Sale Law in the value of the new apartments, are provided in advance. The firm negotiates with the cooperation of the elected delegation of the apartment owners. The project is handled with full transparency, so that all of the apartment owners sign identical agreements with the developer, and receive an equivalent consideration. The firm is glad to be of service for the apartment owners at any time concerning the agreement’s draft or any other question; the support and counseling are provided until the new apartments are delivered.

Adv. Ravit Sinai

Adv. Ravit Sinai is a certified lawyer and mediator for over 23 years and is one of the leading attorneys in the various aspects of urban renewal, Pinui-Binui and Tama 38. In light of the extensive experience she accumulated in this field, she is working to promote this issue on a national level and is a member of a “roundtable” led by the Ministry of Housing on the topics of Pinui-Binui and Tama 38. In addition, she is a known authority in her field and is regularly interviewed by various media outlets. Adv. Sinai also has a regular spot in the “Secret of Real Estate” TV show, a radio show on the station 102FM with Offer Petersburg on Tama 38 and Pinui-Binui, and she shares her experience through various articles and guides. Adv. Sinai participated in writing two chapters from the book “How to make money from real estate?” on the topics of Tama and urban renewal. Adv. Sinai lectures on urban renewal in the Israeli Bar, seminars, coordinates Bar trainings, and lectures in the Fishman Center and the Israeli Building Center.

Below are some Selected Projects

Populated project: demolition and construction in 6-8 HaMa’alot St., Givatayim: the residents started the process on their own and within 3 years, managed to receive several offers from unfamiliar developers. Eventually, with the help and counseling of the firm and other professionals, the residents executed a reverse tender process where they demanded, through our firm, an addition 25 sq.m, balcony, parking spaces, and storage. All of the developers provided complying offers and the most generous offer was chosen. The firm’s real estate assessor also helped the residents reach equality and balance in the future apartments’ allocation. Six months later, an agreement was signed between the residents and the development company.

Demolition and construction in 5 Szold St., Ramat Hasharon – the residents unsuccessfully tried to move towards a Tama 38 project for 5 years. Adv. Sinai recommended the preparation of an economic assessment. The assessment found that demolition and construction would pay off and a developer which agreed to provide an additional 20 sq.m. was found. Currently, a permit was granted for the construction of 30 new housing units.

Lohamei Gallipoli St., Tel Aviv, a demolition and construction project – demolition of 18 existing apartments and construction of 61 new apartments. The project is underway. The challenge, in this case, was to reach an agreement between expanded apartments and non-expanded apartments. Eventually, the firm created an agreement between the residents which was followed by an agreement with a developer.

Pinui-Binui Sokolov St., Ramat Gan – Instead of the current 36 apartments 108 apartments would be built. At first developers offered the residents an addition of only 10 sq.m per apartment while claiming that more is impractical, our firm, with the support of an assessor and an architect proved that 25 sq.m are feasible and indeed the agreement was signed with the residents receiving two additional rooms, sun balconies, parking, and high stories.

Pinui-Binui project in Bat-Yam 27-29and 24-26 Harav Kokis, St., 78 Hertzel St. – 55 apartments on a 3 dunams lot. The residents came to the firm which hired an architect with expertise in Pinui-Binui in the Bat-Yam area. Following a meeting with the architect on behalf of the residents – the Bat-Yam municipality clarified that it would approve a Pinui-Binui project in the area. Accordingly, the firm conducted a tender process with the required considerations being: an additional 25 sq.m per existing apartment, 12 sq.m balconies, at least 10 floors higher than the current floor, storage room and parking. Within a month a large construction company was selected and an agreement was signed by all of the residents (except one) within 3 months. The project is underway and is currently being reviewed by the local committee.

Pinui-Binui project in HaPalmach and Yitzhak Sadeh St. – The 72 tenants initially signed with a developer that did nothing for 2 years. After realizing that nothing is moving forward, they approached me. We started with hiring an architect on their behalf who addressed the city, received all the needed information and inspected the units himself. This allowed us to establish an outline plan to which all tenants agreed. At the same time, we drafted a legal document specifying all benefits and guarantees in favor of the tenants and included the technical specifications from which they will enjoy and submitted them to bidding between 2 major developers. The developers then started a bidding war allowing tenants to receive even more benefits such as electrical appliances fees and more. The project was conducted with full disclosure, efficiency, and unity.

Pinui-Binui Project in Eilat – 150 apartments would be evicted and about 1,000 apartments would be built in their place. Within 6 months, a memorandum of understanding was signed with the owners about the considerations that they would receive and the types of guarantees, within a year an agreement was signed and currently we are in the statutory proceeding.



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