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Established: 2015
Line of Business: Fintech
Address: 1 Walter Mozes St., Tel Aviv
Email: [email protected]
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  • Guy Kashtan, Remitly Israel

    Guy Kashtan

    CEO, Remitly Israel

    Remitly Israel

  • Saar Yahalom, Remitly Israel

    Saar Yahalom

    VP Architect

    Remitly Israel

  • Adi Ben Dayan, Remitly Israel

    Adi Ben Dayan

    VP Engineering

    Remitly Israel

  • Yael  Butnaru, Remitly Israel

    Yael Butnaru

    Head of People & Facilities, IL

    Remitly Israel

  • Guy Badichi Bar, Remitly Israel

    Guy Badichi Bar

    Head of IL BU

    Remitly Israel

  • Shenhav Yehuda Goren, Remitly Israel

    Shenhav Yehuda Goren

    Head of Marketing, IL

    Remitly Israel

  • Maya  Lerner, Remitly Israel

    Maya Lerner

    VP Product

    Remitly Israel

  • Hilla Kredi, Remitly Israel

    Hilla Kredi

    Head of CS New Initiatives, IL

    Remitly Israel

  • Yotam Britchner, Remitly Israel

    Yotam Britchner

    Head of Legal, IL

    Remitly Israel

  • Roy Haklai, Remitly Israel

    Roy Haklai

    Head of Finance, IL

    Remitly Israel

  • Yanis Rubin, Remitly Israel

    Yanis Rubin

    Head of Compliance, IL

    Remitly Israel

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About Remitly Israel

Remitly Israel (formerly REWIRE) is a leading fintech company established in 2015 as a start-up with an innovative digital platform for transferring money abroad.
The Platform focuses on migrant workers sending money to their countries of origin (such as Thailand, India, China, the Philippines, etc.).
Unlike the physical and cumbersome money transfer practices that were common until then, the Rewire by Remitily platform brought the tidings of a new and promising era, with an advanced, secure, and fast way for people to send money abroad. This is especially relevant for international workers sending money to their families back home and Israelis who send money abroad.

Over the years, the company expanded its services and today its customers can handle a variety of financial matters, including salary cards, bill payments in the countries of origin, and various insurances, in an easy and simple digital way.

The Merger with the Multinational Fintech Giant Remitly

In 2019, the company established solid partnerships with prominent financial institutions in several European countries, thereby expanding the possibility of transferring funds from these countries as well.
The following year, amidst COVID-19, Rewire managed to triple the quota of its customers overnight for online money transfer services and became a household name in the industry.
In the subsequent years, the company gained prominence locally and globally until it was acquired in August 2022 by the American company Remitly, one of the leading companies in the world in the money transfer and financial services market (also traded on Nasdaq), which employs more than 2,700 people around the globe.

The successful merger between the two companies, sharing similar DNA and vision, opened the door for Rewire to many countries where it had not operated before and to Remitily’s millions of customers.
Since the merger, the company operates under the Remitly Israel brand, and the financial platform for the money transfers is called Rewire by Remitily.
This merger allows the company’s employees in Israel to grow both professionally and personally and to have a significant impact on global operations and Remitly’s millions of customers worldwide.
This influence is possible thanks to the nature of work within a global organization, allowing connection with diverse teams from all over the world in projects that are led by key people in Israel.
The company employs close to 180 people in Israel, with about 50 joined employees since the beginning of the year, and it continues to grow and recruit dozens of jobs in areas such as software development, marketing, and product.

Launch of Rewire Card

In 2022 Remitly Israel officially launched the Rewire Card, a smart salary card in collaboration with the Bank of Jerusalem.
The card brings financial and technological innovation to the employers in Israel as well as to the workers in any field of employment, whether it is nursing the elderly and the disabled or in agriculture, construction, or hotels.
Employers can digitally deposit their employee’s salary directly to a card connected to an account at the Bank of Jerusalem and their Rewire by Remitly account. Thus, enabling migrant workers to manage their money directly in their Rewire by Remitly app and send it home with just a few screen taps.
The card enables foreign workers to manage their money in both Israel and their home countries.
The Rewire Card is essentially a loaded card that allows its owner to shop, withdraw cash and more.

International Transfers also for the Israeli Consumer

While the company’s main focus remains on migrant workers, it also offers money transfer services to Israeli customers who want to send money to countries in the European Union, the UK, and the USA. Thus, Israeli customers can use the company’s services for various payment needs, including surrogacy services abroad, rent payments to landlords living overseas, funds transfer to relocated family members, educational needs, and more.

Doing Good for the World

Remitly Israel’s business activity is based on the “double bottom line” concept - a business strategy that combines financial profit with social responsibility. While the bottom line follows financial profit and loss performance, companies operating in the DBL model focus not only on return on investment and profits, but also on the company’s positive impact on its customers and the entire community. Remitly Israel embodies the DBL principle through the vision for equal financial opportunities for all.
The launch of the Rewire app, which was priced significantly below market standards at the time, had a broad impact on the entire market. In addition, assisting many foreign workers open accounts for the first time in their lives and securing their financial future and that of their families. The company’s representatives are in regular contact with the different immigrant communities in Israel.
A company representative who speaks the language of the employees, with each community, showing sensitivity to different mentalities and cultural background and offers assistance in various services. In fact, over 30% of the company’s employees in Israel are migrant workers themselves, who provide support to migrants from China, Thailand, the Philippines, Moldova, India and more.
Remitly is committed to transforming the lives of immigrants and their families by providing the most trusted financial services on the planet.

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