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Rank 2023CompanySectorWhy it's the best to work at our companyRank 2022
Rank 2023CompanySectorWhy it's the best to work at our companyRank 2022
3monday.com Software developmentmonday.com's culture of transparency and ownership empowers our amazing people to make a true impact as we rapidly scale. Together, we're changing the future of work for hundreds of thousands of organizations worldwide.5
4Unity (IronSource) Software developmentUnity Israel offers employees a unique combination: ironSource’s DNA and focus on employee development - 90% of our managers rose through the ranks in the company - combined with Unity’s incredible reach as the leading game development platform in the world. Our giving program, committed to helping youth in underserved communities, is another factor that touches employees and includes donations, volunteering and mentoring opportunities. 4
8Nvidia Israel Chips and semi-conductorsAt NVIDIA, we blend startup culture with global technology leadership. Our employees drive tech breakthroughs in a caring, diverse environment. And when a flexible work environment meets the ability to influence humanity and do your life’s work – NVIDIA is truly like no place you’ve ever worked.15
9 AppsFlyer MartechAppsFlyer always puts its people first, believing that happy and satisfied employees will go above and beyond to make customers and partners feel the same way. With this mindset, we enable initiative, personal progress, and significant individual impact, establishing us at the forefront of our industry when it comes to technology and innovation.-
12Autodesk Israel Software developmentAutodesk TLV is a unique blend - a global American company with offices around the world, combined with an Israeli site with startup pace and atmosphere. Autodesk builds products that contribute to the world’s development and helps build and create anything. Autodesk TLV culture enables personal and professional growth, development and learning while maintaining high professional standards and an environment of innovation and excellence.36
13Taboola Ad-techTaboola is the world’s leading recommendation platform reaching over 500 million daily active users. We pride ourselves with making an impact on how people consume content worldwide, a culture of transparency, passion, and a diverse, inclusive and friendly work environment11
14Intel Chips and semi-conductorsIntel stands at the top of Israel's workplaces. The dynamic environment offers incredible tech challenges and direct involvement in flagship products, impacting the global brand. The company values inclusive, innovative, and quality-focused culture, while ensuring well calibrated work-life balance. Our employees enjoy competitive and generous benefits, hybrid work model and bonuses to medical insurance, ESPP plans, stocks grants and more.8
15Natural Intelligence InternetNatural Intelligence is a global leader in intent marketing, connecting millions of consumers with hundreds of brands worldwide across more than 70 different categories. Since its establishment in 2009,the company is growing year over year without raising funds externally. Natural Intelligence has worked to provide a fair and equal workplace for its 450 employees- this vision has earned the company international recognition and numerous awards.20
16lemonade InsurtechLemonade is a pioneer in the Insurtech sector. Since its IPO Lemonade has continued to grow in customer counts, employees, products, and markets. Working at Lemonade means working with first-class talent, with a strong emphasis on professional development and employee growth. Lemonade’s employees have a direct impact on the product and on work processes, cultivating a culture that encourages open dialogue and out-of-the-box thinking.16
17JFROG Software developmentOur mission at JFrog is to be The company behind all the software updates in the world. To be a "Frog" means making a difference in a challenging, innovative, and diverse environment. So why frogs? In nature, frogs only leap forward - never backward13
18SentinelOne CyberThe company that had the Largest Cybersecurity IPO of All Time, continues with impressive and consistent growth every year. SentinelOne pioneered the world’s first purpose-built AI-powered XDR platform to make cybersecurity defense truly autonomous, from the endpoint and beyond. We offer the best compensation and benefits packages and focus on employee experience and well-being17
19Google Israel InternetA global, stable, financially sound company and a leader of its chosen technology field The company's employees have the ability to influence billions of people around the world. The company's employees are on the technological front and operate in a dynamic work environment. Employees enjoy unique benefits and work environment experience.6
20WSC Sports Software developmentWSC Sports is the global leader in providing automated AI-powered sports highlights, used by clients like the NBA, NHL and ESPN. It’s only natural that sports are ingrained in the company’s culture and make it a truly unique place to work at. With more than 400 employees in offices around the globe, including Tel Aviv, New York, London, Japan, China, Thailand and Sydney the company continues to expand. -
21ServiceNow Software developmentServiceNow puts the employee at the center, taking care of their personal well-being, family, and professional growth. It has a culture of caring, respect, work-life balance, diversity, inclusion, and equality. Alongside with being a successful, innovative, stable, and groundbreaking company.40
22Amazon Israel E-commerceA global, stable, financially sound company and a leader of its chosen technology field The company's employees have the ability to influence billions of people around the world. The company's employees are on the technological front and operate in a dynamic work environment. Employees enjoy unique benefits and work environment experience.23
23Armis CyberWorking at Armis is a front-row seat experience in building a first-class company. We’re not just a world-class security platform, we’re a world-class workplace. At Armis, every employee has a tremendous impact on the product and how we operate, and this joint mission creates a unique working culture and a positive atmosphere of excellence.-
24Orca Security CyberAt Orca Security, we believe that in the right environment and with the right team, talent has no boundaries. This spirit, together with our breakthrough SideScanning™ technology and drive to always aim high, have quickly earned us unicorn status and turned us into a cloud security innovation leader, trusted by enterprises across the globe.27
25Riskified FintechPeople are Riskified's most significant fortune. We put a huge emphasis on our employees' cultivation and satisfaction through various training programs to support their personal development and well-being as well as contribute to the community. Riskified's pioneering and cutting-edge technology contributes to a safe, accessible, and frictionless eCommerce landscape and harnesses all of us to the success of the company.29
26NICE Software developmentNICE is the global market leader in AI, Cloud and Digital solutions for the Customer Experience and outsmarting Financial Crime domains. Our company culture fosters excellence, ambition, innovation and partnership, and we offer meaningful work that makes a real impact. Career development opportunities abound, both in Israel and abroad. 28
27Perion Network Ad-techPerion employees enjoy the environment of a dynamic, profitable public company with the invigorating spirit of an entrepreneurial start-up culture. A prominent leader in the AdTech industry, Perion sees its employees at the heart of its success, which drives its organizational culture & infrastructure. The environment is creative, progressive, flexible & rewarding, fostering professional growth, overall well-being & giving back to the community.39
29Windward AIWindward (LSE:WNWD) is the leading Maritime AITM company with +150 customers, making the world safer and more efficient. We are publicly-traded and employ 160 employees globally. Come work with industry experts in an innovative, fun, and dynamic environment42
32eBay E-commerceeBay's R&D center in Netanya is one of the e-commerce giant's leading innovation hubs worldwide. The Israel teams drive technological innovation and impact the lives of hundreds of millions of people, advancing our key goal: enabling economic opportunities for all. Alongside the professional challenges, we encourage employees to initiate and grow while maintaining a work-life balance and being part of an inclusive, equitable work environment.31
33Aqua Security CyberAqua is the pioneer in the fast-growing cloud-native security space, enabling the digital transformation of the world’s largest organizations. Our highly collaborative culture empowers every Aquarian to make a difference in our communities and to deliver the best, most innovative technology solutions to our customers.24
34Ziprecruiter HR techOur mission to actively connect people to their next great opportunity is powered by industry-leading technology that’s always getting smarter. We improve the job seeker experience for millions of people every month and help businesses of all sizes find and hire the right people quickly. We’re growing rapidly in pursuit of this mission, and we’re always looking for talented people to join our team22
36Lightricks Software developmentLightricks is at the forefront of AI innovation, developing advanced tools for photo and video editing that are used by millions of content creators worldwide. Lightricks promotes creativity and professional development while offering a unique creative surrounding, which includes countless beautiful gardens and on-site Machneyudah restaurants. With 33% of last year’s hires coming directly from referrals, Lightricks is a great place to work! -
37Pluri Biotech BiotechWe at Pluri are paving the way for a biotechnology revolution and producing the next generation of cellular products that improve human well-being, promote sustainability and provide solutions to humanity's greatest challenges. While providing challenge, meaning and an organizational culture that respects and includes all its employees in all their diversity. -
38AlgoSec Software developmentAlgoSec is a multinational Cyber Security company with 500 employees. We are passionate about People, Culture, Growth and Collaboration. In AlgoSec we believe that ‘What you do matters’, our business and core values enabling our people to build a sustainable impactful career development. -
40Optibus Software developmentOur vision is to make public transportation better, with our employees being the heart of it. Through a hybrid mode and flexible time off policy, we foster transparency and professional growth, guided by our core values: impact, caring, innovation, and determination.44
42Glassbox Software developmentAt Glassbox, our core values are delivering unparalleled experiences to our employees, customers, and candidates and making each feel valued and seen. Our success is driven by talented people, a unique work culture, best products and cutting-edge technology. We nurture career development by providing the means for professional and personal growth. We are committed to excellence, innovation and collaboration. That’s what makes us truly the best.47
44BigID Data Privacy BigID is all about the people. While we grow, we maintain a family-like atmosphere by caring for our employees both personally and professionally. We work together to solve some of the most challenging problems in the privacy and security fields. Our employees believe in our cause - improving personal data use through cutting-edge technology41
45Align Technology Medical DevicesAlign Technology is a diverse community filled with exceptional individuals who thrive on thinking differently and embracing new adventures. We encourage everyone to be their authentic selves, to celebrate their teammates, and to thrive in an environment that ignites the bold and creative spirit we rely on to achieve remarkable results each day. Why? Because we truly believe in the power of a smile -
47Optimove MartechOptimove takes pride in fostering an open, inclusive, diverse culture that empowers every member to thrive. It's dynamic startup energy and thoughtful approach propel Optimove's ongoing success as a market leader. 2023 continues the company's strong momentum as it expands into new markets, introduces advanced tools, and consistently empowers employees via diverse growth opportunities, emphasizing internal mobility and promotion from within.45
49Check Point CyberCheck Point has a worldwide impact, making it a safer place for all, every day. The company works with the most advanced technologies, from cloud, to mobile, and works with the world’s leading, largest, and most significant companies. Employees can choose where they want to work from, and develop their careers in enriching and invigorating ways.49
50Digital Turbine (formerly Fyber) Ad-techDigital Turbine powers superior mobile consumer experiences and results for the world's leading telcos, advertisers, and publishers. Our end-to-end platform uniquely simplifies our partners' ability to supercharge their awareness, acquisition, and monetization. Our employees are what we’re all about. People who value an innovative, cooperative, and teaching environment that enables a unique, diverse culture that drives success. -
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