Shira Markovitz Bukai from SF Sabari-Farkash & Co.
Shira Markovitz Bukai מחברת SF Sabari-Farkash & Co.

Adv. Shira Markovitz Bukai


SF Sabari-Farkash & Co.
Law Firm dedicated to Commercial Litigation
Email: [email protected]
Fields: Litigation in a wide array of cases and complex conflicts, including in the ar-eas of company law, contract law, real estate, private international law, trademarks, tenders, conflicts regarding construction law, etc.
Position: Partner
Past positions: Lawyer for seven years with the firm, and prior an intern and lawyer at Glusman & Co. for several years.
Education: LLB, Bar Ilan University.
Community Activity: Various pro bono cases.
Languages: Hebrew, English, French.