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Scarlat Shenkar Engineers Ltd.
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Established: 1985
Line of Business: Civil Engineering
Address: 5 Tfutsot Israel, Giv’atayim
Phone: 972-3-5713243, 972-3-5719776
Fax: 972-3-5713442
Email: [email protected]
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Company Executives

  • Vadim Shenkar, Scarlat Shenkar Engineers Ltd.

    Eng. Vadim Shenkar

    Owner and CEO

    Scarlat Shenkar Engineers Ltd.

  • Julia Petachov, Scarlat Shenkar Engineers Ltd.

    Julia Petachov


    Scarlat Shenkar Engineers Ltd.

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About Scarlat Shenkar Engineers Ltd.

Scarlat Shenkar Engineers Ltd. was founded in 1985, and ever since operates in the field of structural engineering, in 1996 Engr. Vadim Shenkar, who has a second degree in Civil Engineering from 1989, joined the company as a senior partner and ever since brought the firm to multiple achievements. The company deals all over the country with varied customers, small and big alike, while providing unique solutions, that enable maximum savings and shorten execution times in different projects.
Since 1985 until today, we supply planning services to a wide variety of large construction companies in the market, and also participate in national infrastructures planning all over Israel.
The services we provide are:
• Hotels, commercial and public structures, residential structures • Bridges, tunneling and road facilities • Sewage treatment institute and water facilities • Design of railway bridges and railway infrastructures • Pedestrian bridges • Water infrastructures • Designing buildings for conservation and Tama 38 • Inspection of buildings for earthquake resistance • Planning control • Review of road structures.

The company has an international quality standard mark ISO 9001 and it updates consistently its technology and its quality systems.

Quality Professional Human Resources

The office’s staff includes 12 professional engineers and draftsmen who provide the best service in the field of planning in Israel and abroad.

Reliability, Professionalism

The company has vast knowledge and experience in providing engineering solutions while focusing on functional and economical planning according to standards. The company encourages excellence and maximizes benefit to its customers while implementing the values of reliability and professionalism at all times.

Chosen Projects Over the Years

Pedestrian Bridges
Pedestrian Bridge and a railway station – Ra’anana West
Pedestrian Bridge – Road 38
Pedestrian Bridge Maccabim barrier – Road 443
Pedestrian Bridge – Barak St., Tiberias
Pedestrian Bridge – Achisemech neighborhood, Lod

Road Infrastructures and Vehicle Bridges
Nesharim Interchange – Road 431
Leib Yaffe Bridge – Jerusalem
Western Portal – Har Hatzofim tunnel Jerusalem
Eastern Portal – Har Hatzofim tunnel Jerusalem
Keshet Bridge over Tzipori River
Nazareth Interchange
Road 9 – 7 vehicle bridges, 3 underground passages, water passages, retaining walls and tunnels
Road 531 Ra’anana South – Retaining walls, armored ground walls, revetment walls with ground nails, vehicle passages, acoustic walls
Road 531 Ra’anana Center – 3 vehicle bridges, revetment walls, retaining walls, water and vehicles passages
Road 531 South Segment - Retaining walls, armored ground walls, revetment walls with ground nails, vehicle passages, acoustic walls
Road 60 Kiryat Hamodi’in – Signage bridges, water passages, vehicle bridges, pedestrian bridges and walls and tunnels
Road 16 Jerusalem region – Rock bolt walls, bridges, energy structures, signage bridges, vehicle passages, water passages, tunnels
Road 65 Hadera Afula Interchange – Rock bolt walls, bridges, energy structures, signage bridges, vehicle passages, water passages, tunnels
Road 38 Sha’ar Hagai Beit Shemesh – Retaining walls, vehicle passages, tunnels, water passages, bridges

Railroad Infrastructure and Railway Bridges
Level Separation 134, Beer Yaakov - Pushing on prefabricated beams
Level Separation, Hadar Yosef - Pushing on prefabricated beams
Railway Ashkelon Beer Sheva Netivot junction to Goral junction
Railway Station Ra’anana Center

Water Infrastructures
Upgrading and expanding Ayalon wastewater treatment facility
Palmachim Desalination Plant
Sorek Desalination Plant
Ayalon wastewater treatment facility
Pipeline Bridges Ayalon wastewater treatment facility

Buildings for Conservation and Tama 38
Building for Conservation and Tama 38 – 10 Shapira, Ramat Gan
Tama 38 – HaKerem St., Tel Aviv
The Scots Hotel, Tiberias
25 Nachlat Binyamin, Tel Aviv
David Building, Tiberias

Residential Buildings
Ashdar and country, Netanya
Ashdar Galei Carmel, Tirat HaCarmel
Ashdar in Buchman, Modi’in
Ashdar Kfar Shalem, Tel Aviv
Minrav, Kfar Saba
Minrav, Kfar Ganim
Minrav Kidmat Ha’ir, Kfar Saba
Minrav, Jerusalem
Kiryat Anavim
Kiryat Malakhi – Carmei HaNadiv

Groundwater Lowering

Palmachim Desalination Plant - Pumping station at a depth of 20 meters in groundwater. Construction of slurry walls and pressure beam system.
25 Zrubavel, Tel Aviv – Offices structure with a basement of 700 sq.m at a depth of 12 meters in groundwater. The basement walls were built as slurry walls with support by pressure beams from side to side.

Special Projects

Shallow water dock, Eilat
Haifa Polynum Project - Design of a platform for drilling stilts for inclinometers
16 portals for tunnels in Sochi bypass road for Winter Olympics 2012
Experimental waste recycling facility, Shfaram.

The Company’s Customers

• Ashtrom • Rotman and Co. • Israel Railways • Ayalon Highways • Shafir • Israel Roads • Moriah • Minrav • Electra • Danya Sibus • Cross Israel Highway • The Ministry of Defense • Olenik • Ramet Trom • Elyakim Ben Ari.

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