Oron  Schwartz from Schwartz Narkis & Co., Attorneys At Law
Oron  Schwartz מחברת Schwartz Narkis & Co., Attorneys At Law

Oron Schwartz

Founding Partner

Schwartz Narkis & Co., Attorneys At Law
Civil and Criminal litigation and dispute management
Year of Birth: 1970
Email: [email protected]
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Fields: Civil-commercial litigation, dispute management and criminal law litigation.
Position: Founding Partner
Seniority in position: 16 years.
Education: LL.B., M.A., Archeology, Tel Aviv University.
Community Activity: activities in the framework of the “Olim Be’Yahad” organization for the integration of Academic graduates from the Ethiopian community in the job market
Languages: Hebrew, English, German, Akkadian

Which significant move did you recently lead?
Expanding the firm’s practice areas, establishing the Jerusalem Branch and the Chinese Desk.

What are the company’s strengths?
The litigation capabilities in complex issues that require creativity and originality

Which recent major moves would strengthen the company over the next few years?
Establishing relationships with law firms in Shanghai and Beijing, that would add the firm to the list of major civil-commercial litigation and investments in innovative projects in Israel.

What would be the company’s main challenges in the next few years?
Hiring intellectual talents for substantiating the firm’s complex litigation capabilities, building the service capabilities for the client base in the technological innovations field.

What would you recommend a manager at the beginning of their path?
Modesty combined with ambitiousness.

What should one remember also in difficult periods?
Difficult periods are the time for changes and for rowing forward with everything you’ve got.