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Civil and Criminal litigation and dispute management

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Established: 2005
Line of Business: Civil and Criminal litigation and dispute management
Address: Museum Tower, 4 Berkovitch St.,
Tel-Aviv 6423806
Jerusalem Branch
22B King David St., Jerusalem 9410160
Phone: 972-3-6855344
Fax: 972-3-5322585
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  • Oron  Schwartz, Schwartz Narkis & Co., Attorneys At Law

    Oron Schwartz

    Founding Partner

    Schwartz Narkis & Co., Attorneys At Law

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    Oron Schwartz
  • Yogev  Narkis, Schwartz Narkis & Co., Attorneys At Law

    Adv. Yogev Narkis

    Founding Partner

    Schwartz Narkis & Co., Attorneys At Law

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    Yogev Narkis
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About Schwartz Narkis & Co., Attorneys At Law

Schwartz Narkis & Co., Attorneys At Law, one of Israel’s leading firms, specializing in civil and criminal litigation and dispute management. Advocates Schwartz and Narkis are renowned authorities in civil-commercial law and litigation.
The firm’s expertise stems from its litigation experience, including the integration of various new content worlds into juridical claims in the litigation process.
The firm handles a wide variety of legal and business fields, and enjoys its reputation in private and civil-commercial law; class actions; corporations; personal status; criminal and white collar offences; public and media law; libel; consumer law; and human rights. Established in 2005 by Advocates Schwartz and Narkis, while the synergy of their abilities, one focused on interpersonal relations and the other on ideas and intellectual development, lead to the firm’s unique strengths, as expressed by its successes.
The Tel-Aviv headquarters holds the Jerusalem office and employs excelling lawyers from various legal fields. Starting 2016, the firm also manages a Chinese desk, which provides legal services and legal-business consulting to Chinese and Israeli citizens and companies on civil-commercial law, diverse tech investments and dispute resolution. The cooperation also includes academic litigation knowledge exchange and management of innovation and entrepreneurship conventions and forums.
The firm won, in 2012, the tender for the insuring governmental company “Inbal”, and provides legal defense to various public officials including from the Ministries of Health and Education and the police. The firm serves as legal counsel of the Ashdod Port management since 2015 and as the Israel Railways Council since 2018.
The firm emphasizes the values of personal, professional and confidential service, professional excellence and thoroughness. These, while applying an innovative approach and utilizing various tools, including media management.
Advocates Schwartz and Narkis believe in constant growth and in-house litigation training and serve as academic lectures on litigation, negotiations and torts, and publish newspaper columns. They often serve as commentators in the written and broadcasted media, and as media publicists for legal-social issues.
Starting 2019, the firm will broadcast a series of Podcasts for Kan’s “Kol Israel” news called “Retrial”, discussing law and history.

Practice Areas

The Civil-Commercial Department: specializes in the management of monetary and civil claims, torts and medical malpractice, contractual claims, banks law, libel, aviation, urgent interim orders proceedings, including injunctions and foreclosure requests. The firm also specializes in litigation in business disputes in courts, mediations and arbitrations, and negotiations for deal closing or dispute management or resolution. The firm supports initiators and business clients vis-a-vis banks, financial systems, and government officials. The firm also accompanies real-estate entrepreneurs and handles construction, Tama 38 and-Binui projects, and provides comprehensive services while hiring a various planning and building consultants for accompanying the procedure.

The Criminal and Disciplinary Law Department: provides legal counsel for a wide spectrum of offences, including criminal, anti-trust, tax, money-laundering, capital markets and securities, environmental protection, licensing (including planning and building), military and executives and officers offences. The firm made its mark in some of the most publicized affairs in Israel in the past decade.

Training and Consulting: the firm cooperates with NEST – NEgotiation STrategies, Adv. Schwartz is a team member of NEST, A content advisor and professional negotiator, and lectures in the company’s training program. The firm constructs a customized program for each corporation, with theoretical background, simulations and post-discussions, and provides a risk management package where it maps the legal risks, prepares a work plan with personal support and coaching for officers, executives workshops and ongoing support for unusual events which may develop to legal risk.
The firm provides a coaching and conduct of witnesses in the court workshop for corporate professionals who are about to testify in courts and other tribunals. The firm’s clients include Israeli and international companies, and individuals – both privately and as private and public officers.

The Intellectual Property, Libel and Media Department: handles media, libel and intellectual property law out of an in-depth understanding of the developments in media and new-media. The department’s specializations include copyrights, trademarks and patents. The firm represented clients in some of the most well-known libel affairs of the past decade. The department supports the property owners in enforcement and non-breach proceedings through self-remediation, and represents in the appropriate judiciaries to protect the properties.

The Labor Law Department: represents in a variety of tribunals, including the labor courts, the disciplinary court, and governmental authorities, and supports and counsels employers, corporations and employees in pre-termination hearings. The firm provides preventive counsel to corporations and employers under the Sexual Harassment Prevention Law and also in various administrative proceedings, including with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

The Family and Personal Status Law Department: supports individuals and families in various legal proceedings, and represents in separation and divorce proceedings, custody and visiting arrangements, child support, and complementary proceedings, and in inheritance and wills matters. The firm provides unique solutions to family-disputes related business and financial issues. The department works out of a deep sense of responsibility and a broad perspective of the parties’ well-being in the core family.

Academy and Education: Advocates Schwartz and Narkis educate, teach students, lecture in the academy and train litigators, while imparting and reinforcing skills. They head the Ono Academic College’s Defense Practice Clinic. Adv. Schwartz is a TA in torts in the Ono Academic College, and lectured on legal practices in the Israeli Bar’s “Specialist” company.
They lecture in the “Practical Negotiations” training program, which is headed by Mr. Moti Cristal and NEST, and teach litigation in the Bar’s training program. Their advanced academic studies in Archeology and History serve as another pillar of the constant learning which characterizes the firm.

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