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Established: 1986
Line of Business: Finance and Investments, High-Tech
Address: 5A HaBarzel St., Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-73-3743750, 972-77-4448885
Email: [email protected]
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  • Michael Shani, Shani Shenhav Group

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    Shani Shenhav Group

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    Asa Shani
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About Shani Shenhav Group

Shani Shenhav Group is a leader in the provision of logistics, marketing and sales solutions to thousands of customers in Israel and the world. The group was founded in 1986 by the entrepreneur and businessman Michael Shani as a family-owned company, which was initially active in food retail. Over the years, the company entered new sectors and areas of operations, first and foremost the finance and investments field. Shani Shenhav has about 70 employees, including credit and investment experts, technicians, salesperson, and operations and logistics personnel. Nowadays the company is active in a wide variety of fields, including manufacturing, imports, marketing and distribution of advanced equipment to the business sector, leasing/procurement finance for technologies and business equipment, management and sales of raw materials for a variety of businesses, green and renewable energy solutions and development of software and hardware solutions for streamlining IoT and PoS processes. One of the company’s main advantages is its broad exposure to diverse sectors.

Exposing Businesses and Factories to the Advantages of the “industry 4.0 revolution”

The company’s mission is to enable Israeli SMEs to benefit from the advantages to the Industry 4.0 revolution, the fourth industrial revolution which is based on a new organization concept for managing a smart and modern factory. This concept, which is spreading rapidly across the industrial world, created a situation where numerous Israeli factories were left behind, and Shani Shenhav’s experts help such factories to implement advanced work methods and new technologies while overcoming cashflow difficulties.

Tailored Leasing Solutions for Every Customer

Shani Shenhav Group is active in the finance and leasing field and offers customized solution in a variety of sectors: Industry, hotels, energy, retail, Hi-Tech and more. The company offers its customers with software, hardware, advanced machinery and raw materials solutions, which it finances and even implements.

The Company’s Divisions


Investing in Green and Social Technologies
This fund serves as the group’s finance and investments arm. It focuses on green or social technologies for streamlining companies and organizations, and it manages long term investments for a variety of sectors including industry, hotels, energy, retail, Hi-Tech and more. The fund is considered to be the largest finance fund in its area of operations and its technology-based investments grows its customers’ returns while improving the utilization of energy resources and protecting the environment. The company’s investments are aimed at a broad spectrum of fields including, inter alia, the financing of AI Machines, hybrid technologies and even various energy systems, which advantages stem from the reliance on renewable energy sources, reduction of air pollution by at least 50% and high energy efficacy.

The fund’s activities are based on actuary assessments that enable it to evaluate its customers and the economic strength of its business partners. Over the years, the fund has collected extensive data of its customers, from financial data, through consumption data and up to work practices. This data enables the company to build an advanced Big Data system which helps it to perform accurate analyses of the customers’ needs and characteristics, and consequently create a new advanced product for them. Furthermore, every customer can purchase from the fund an “option” to consume unlimited raw material by the financed machines without additional costs, thus creating a shared community which consumes resources intelligently, while relying on a tremendous consumer force – the group’s customers’ community. 


A Smarter Keyless World
KeyLess’ smart lock delivers an extraordinary hospitality experience for the guests of hotels, Zimmers and B&Bs, where they receive in advance a notification which enables them to check-in in advance and a smart digital key that would be valid throughout their entire stay in the hospitality unit. This smart technology can interface with all types of electronic locks and enable a fast and secure door opening without a key. The user identification is based on a fingerprint/facial/retinal scan, so that the security level is very high and the user identification is reliable and accurate. The system can also be used by landlords and tenants, offices, shared workspaces and remote facilities and buildings.


A Renewable Resource Which Matches the Group’s Environmental Vision
In 2007, the company started to develop an alternative fuel of the Bio-Diesel category as part of its macro-environmental vision. Biodiesel is a renewable resource which is manufactures from sewage sludge, microalgae and used oils. It emits 50% less CO and is generally cleaner by most indices. Usage of biodiesel is far more green, ecological and environmentally friendly. In the framework of these operations, the company is cooperating with a bio-diesel farm and provides customers with bio-diesel based generators.


The Development of an Online Business Arm
Cassiopeia Ltd. provides the group’s customers with a complete e-commerce solution. The advanced system “Smart Checkout” comprises an internet store which is customized for the business’ brand and stock, and a shipping service in cooperation with the companies GetTaxi and Yango, which enables national shipping for every business. The system has a user-friendly and convenient interface and one can manage the product catalog, discounts, club members prices etc. through it, and also generate smart reports for performance management and analysis.


Creating an Ideal Transaction
The Aurora system is a smart trading arena which meets the needs of retail and wholesale businesses owners for high efficiency and accessibility. The system connects suppliers with customers and simulates every stage of real-world trading, and its smart algorithm can create a transaction that would be optimal for both parties.


Israel’s Largest Ice Factory
Shani Shenhav Group holds the ice production factory with the largest capacity in Israel. Initially the factory supplied mainly the construction industry, but over the years its operations expanded and now it offers retail ice bags (2kg/5kg) and even large blocks or crushed ice which are required for Eilat’s ever-evolving construction industry.

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