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Established: 2011
Line of Business: Family and Inheritance Law
Address: 23 Bar Kochva St., V-Tower, 14th Floor, Bnei Brak, 5126002
Phone: 972-3-6133225 972-54-6612299
Fax: 972-72-2571347
Email: [email protected]
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    Shira Shoef Dagan, Law Firm

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    Shira Shoef Dagan
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About Shira Shoef Dagan, Law Firm

For the past 20 years or so, Adv. Shira Shoef Dagan has been living and breathing the family law field. Already during her academic studies, she realized that her calling as a lawyer is to the civil status field with all of its legal and human complexities, and the boutique firm she owns is based on this passion. She established the firm only after accumulating many years of experience in this field as a pre-intern, intern and associate in leading law firms, and her clients gain devoted service from a legal expert with particularly extensive legal experience and knowledge. In parallel with the firm’s ongoing operations, Adv. Shoef adamantly handles two full pro bono family law cases annually and also provides occasional voluntary legal counsel to underprivileged families in the WIZO Hod HaSharon club.

Dramatic Legal Achievements

The firm handles the full spectrum of civil status issues including marriages, divorces, nuptial agreements, inheritance, wills and objections thereof, estates and more.

The firm is distinctive in its optimal combination of extensive experience, comprehensive legal knowledge and out-of-the-box thinking, which led it to dramatic legal achievements throughout the years, inter alia, in ruling Ktuba damages for its clients in the Rabbinical courts, rulings that determine that urgent child support remedies are cancelable upon one-time payments, and many more.

Representation of Both Men and Women

During its 20 years of practice, the firm managed to position itself as a unique firm which can solve complex issues in child custody and support and property matters, while representing both men and women. Adv. Shoef Dagan is renowned as an attorney who is completely devoted to her clients, and both she and her team are fully available for the clients day and night, even on weekends and holidays. The in-depth professionalism, the dedicated service, the personal attention and the peace of mind that the firm provides for each of its clients have already become its star quality and it has been growing consistently every year. Furthermore, at the firm’s disposal is a battery of seasoned professionals which includes, among others, appraisers, economists, actuaries, private investigators etc. All of the external professionals and experts are selected carefully by Shira and are first-class in their respective fields, and the use of these external experts proves itself time and time again through the quality, professionalism and contribution to all of the clients’ needs.

Deep Sensitivity in Every Case, Especially Cases Involving Children

The firm believes that practicing family law requires its team of lawyers to apply maximal sensitivity for every client, to understand them and be attentive to their hearts and the unique situation in which they find themselves. The firm’s worldview is that every client is a world unto itself, a special and personal story that reached the apex of its storm in its personal life, and the firm works to surround its clients, women and men alike, with love, to strengthen them and to join their journey in order to guarantee their future and the future of their families 

Proudly Raising a Family as a Mirror Image of the Devoted Service to Clients

Alongside her hard work in the firm and out of the desire to provide her clients with the best, Adv. Shoef Dagan takes care to cultivate her family with her four children, out of the belief that the right family-career mix provides her with the balance, the sensitivity and the sense of mission also in the devoted service for her clients.

Holistic Support – Both Personally and Legally

The firm champions client service at the highest work standards, while prioritizing the clients’ needs, constructing the right strategy and providing a professional and fast response at any time. Adv. Shoef Dagan herself counsels her clients and personally accompanies them throughout the entire legal proceeding, with 24/7 full availability and a well-developed, warm and accommodating service orientation. She has extensive experience in representing and appearing before the rabbinical courts, the family courts and the various other courts, and her litigation experience and ability provide her with a great advantage all the way through to the victory of her clients in the case.

Furthermore, the firm’s clients receive holistic support that goes beyond the legal aspects and also includes the personal, emotional and economic aspects. This enfolding support empowers the clients and enables them to contain and pass through the situation more easily. In many cases, particularly those involving children, Adv. Shoef Dagan, who also serves as a certified mediator, aims to lead the opponents to agreements and compromises peacefully, and over the years the firm recorded high success percentages in this aspect. On the other hand, in cases where the other party aims for a harsh struggle, Shira assertively and whole-heartedly fights for her clients until victory is achieved. Throughout the entire case handling, she listens to the clients’ needs, reviews their legal options with them and selects with them and to their preference the legal course of action that would deliver optimal legal results for them.


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