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Established: 1987
Line of Business: Family and Inheritance Law
Address: 2 Weizmann St., Tel Aviv 6423902
Phone: 972-3-6932013
Fax: 972-3-6932012
Email: [email protected]
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  • Shmuel  Moran, Shmuel Moran Law Offices

    Adv. Shmuel Moran

    Founder & Owner

    Shmuel Moran Law Offices

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    Shmuel Moran
  • Alon  Amiran, Shmuel Moran Law Offices

    Alon Amiran


    Shmuel Moran Law Offices

  • Yifat  Sharon-Hadass, Shmuel Moran Law Offices

    Yifat Sharon-Hadass


    Shmuel Moran Law Offices

  • Omri  Dror, Shmuel Moran Law Offices

    Omri Dror


    Shmuel Moran Law Offices

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About Shmuel Moran Law Offices

The Shmuel Moran law firm has been specializing in family and inheritance law for over 30 years. The firm also has a particular specializing in complex cases and in matters of international law in the family law realm and legal disputes resolution.

The Shmuel Moran law firm is renowned for its proficiency in international matters that involve assets and trusts abroad, inheritance, child abduction cases, foreign trust funds and corporations, and has accumulated expertise regarding private international and family law.

The firm regularly works in cooperation with the largest commercial law firms in Israel and abroad.

Over the years, the firm achieved many precedents about family law, ranging from high profile property matters to custody, adoption, surrogacy, and other matters. 

Adv. Shmuel Moran has accumulated vast experience and ample knowledge, during many years of legal work in the fields of family and inheritance law, including complex property matters and substantial estates.

Adv. Moran’s professional background as a social worker also generates his unique expertise concerning custody, mediation, minors migration and child abduction cases, as well as adoption and surrogacy cases.

As the firm views decency as its core value, its family dispute resolution practice always considers the unique family ties that linger on after legal matters have been settled.

In addition, Shmuel Moran law firm respects the client’s emotional realm and regularly works with professionals from the therapeutic field.

The firm emphasizes settling out of court if possible, as it believes that people should be able to control their lives and design their own destiny.

Shmuel Moran law firm employs 7 lawyers, 3 of which have been working at the firm for over 20 years: Adv. Alon Amiran, Adv. Yifat Sharon - Hadass and Adv. Omri Dror.

The firm’s clients arrive from a variety of populations and include high profile politicians, judges, ministers, business people, artists, and singers.

Adv. Shmuel Moran

The firm’s founder, Adv. Shmuel Moran, served in various public positions, including as head of the children and youth legislation committee of the Israeli Bar Association.

Adv. Moran has been lecturing for decades in Tel Aviv University and other institutes.

Adv. Moran is a member of the Rotlevi committee, which examined fundamental principles regarding children and legislative implementation concerning them, served as the representative of the Israeli Bar Association at the “Shenhav committee”, which recommended changes in legislation about family law, served as the representative of the Israeli Bar Association at the “Shnit committee”, which in 2012 published its conclusions regarding parental responsibility and various legislative amendments about family law.

Adv. Moran co-authored the book “Legal and psychological aspects of immigration and abductions of children”, and published various articles in the media and in various journals, on many topics: common law alimony, child migration, parental alienation, family contracts and more.

Adv. Moran is therefore renowned as an expert regarding children’s legal matters, including custody, change of address, abduction and matters about The Hague convention.

Adv. Moran has been lecturing at Tel Aviv University, and at the Bar Ilan University Faculty of Law for many years, teaches courses such as mediation, and lectures at the Israeli Bar Association’s programs.

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