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Spigelman, Koren, Zamir & Co. ATTORNEYS AT LAW & NOTARIES
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Established: 1969/1985
Line of Business: Law Firm
Address: 20 Lincoln St., Beit Rubinstein,
Tel Aviv 6713412
Phone: 972-3-6254666
Fax: 972-3-6254669
Email: office@skzlaw.co.il
Website: http://www.skzlaw.co.il
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  • Michael  Spigelman, Spigelman, Koren, Zamir & Co. ATTORNEYS AT LAW & NOTARIES

    Michael Spigelman


    Spigelman, Koren, Zamir & Co. ATTORNEYS AT LAW & NOTARIES

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    Michael Spigelman
  • Jacob Koren, Spigelman, Koren, Zamir & Co. ATTORNEYS AT LAW & NOTARIES

    Jacob Koren


    Spigelman, Koren, Zamir & Co. ATTORNEYS AT LAW & NOTARIES

  • Irit Yomtov, Spigelman, Koren, Zamir & Co. ATTORNEYS AT LAW & NOTARIES

    Irit Yomtov


    Spigelman, Koren, Zamir & Co. ATTORNEYS AT LAW & NOTARIES

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    Irit Yomtov
  • Yoram Zamir, Spigelman, Koren, Zamir & Co. ATTORNEYS AT LAW & NOTARIES

    Yoram Zamir


    Spigelman, Koren, Zamir & Co. ATTORNEYS AT LAW & NOTARIES

Additional partners

    Iris Ostrovsky-Shilo
    Benny Gavril
    Noam Forer
    Yelena Volvovsky
    Vered Shaltiel
    Itay Zemel
    Moran Sitalcol
    Of Counsel
    Daphna Weinberg
    Alon Kadosh
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About Spigelman, Koren, Zamir & Co. ATTORNEYS AT LAW & NOTARIES

The firm has a long-standing tradition of excellence and professionalism and is considered as one of the leading and most reputable firms in Israel in the fields of litigation, real estate and design and construction law, corporate, commercial and business law, infrastructure and energy and administrative and public law. The firm’s legal advice and quality of service rendered to its clients, which include business, commercial public and private, local and International entities, in various and diversified practice areas, is highly reputable. The firm’s primary concern is the quality of service rendered to our clients and to that end the firm’s partners are actively involved in all transactions and cases to ensure our clients will receive quality, efficiency and quick response time. 

Main Areas of Activity

The firm is engaged in all areas of commercial, business, real estate, public and administrative law as well as litigation in all these areas, with specific emphasis on the following:

The firm is considered one of the leading litigation firms in Israel and represents clients before all courts and tribunals in high profile and major litigation cases pertaining to all aspects of commercial and business disputes, public and administrative issues as well as in design and construction and municipal taxation cases and industrial disputes. The firm has specific and extensive experience in class actions, representing some of the biggest entities in Israel (including banks, media and telecommunication companies, public companies and municipal authorities). The firm’s litigation department operates special teams engaged in “white collar” crime cases including high media profile cases pertaining to public figures, major criminal financial and international cases as well as family and martial disputes involving significant financial and economic assets. The firm has considerable and unique experience in the representation of Israeli clients in foreign courts in civil and commercial cases as well as in criminal “White Collar” cases and foreign clients in Israeli courts, and to that end maintains ongoing relationship with leading foreign law firms.

Real Estate, Design and Construction
The firm gained unique high level know how and experience and long-standing reputation pertaining to advice to and representation of clients in commercial and private real estate transactions as well as in all aspects of design and construction law and real estate taxation. The firm represents some of the major and leading real estate promoters and entrepreneurs in Israel, specifically in the greater Tel Aviv area. The firm also represents some of the biggest cities In Israel in many design and construction matters and cases.

Major Infrastructure and Energy Projects
The firm enjoys high reputation gained from extensive experience in advising and accompanying largescale infrastructure and energy projects in Israel and abroad, which include, inter alia, the construction of Terminal 3 at the Ben Gurion airport project (one of the largest Israeli infrastructure projects ever), the Israeli national natural gas transmission system, the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Sewage Authority, the national Mishor Rotem waste dump, the relocation of the tank farm in Jerusalem, the Kfar Saba water plant, the Ashdod oil refinery, the Rafo refinery in Romania and other oil and energy infrastructure facilities in Israel and Europe.

Regulation and Public & Administrative Law
The firm represents government entities, governmental corporations and many municipal authorities in all aspects of their operations and activities, including regulation, public tenders, major projects etc. On the other hand, the firm represents many clients in all matters regarding their interaction with various governmental and municipal agencies and regulators, including with respect to anti-trust, securities and media issues as well as representing our clients in prerogative court cases pertaining to public, administrative and regulatory issues.

Corporate Commercial & Business Law
The firm has extensive and long-standing experience in all commercial and business areas, pertaining to business activities in Israel and abroad. These include, inter alia, major business transactions and public tenders; complex contracts; representing and assisting major Israeli and foreign companies in business, financial and banking transactions, local and international. The firm’s clients in these areas include some of the biggest entities in Israel. The firm gained extensive experience in high-tech companies since the early eighties, including ongoing legal support to startup and mature high-tech companies, capital venture investments in high-tech companies, intellectual property and technology acquisition sale and licensing transactions, etc. 

The Firm’s Clients

Among the firm’s clients are major Israeli companies and enterprises, banks, major public companies, leading real estate developers and promoters, acting both in Israel and abroad in a wide range of areas including finance, real estate, infrastructure, energy, telecommunication & technology and major governmental and municipal authorities and corporations engaged in major national projects.

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