Tabakol Danni & Sons Ltd.

Development, Earthworks and Infrastructures

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Established: 2000
Line of Business: Development, Earthworks and Infrastructures
Address: 9 Ha’Amal St., Ashkelon
Phone: 972-8-6715990
Fax: 972-8-6714445
Email: [email protected]
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Company Executives

    Danni Tabakol CEO and Founder
    Yaron Tabakol VP, Engineering
    Ahiad Tabakol COO
    Yogev Tabakol CFO
    Meir Israel Tanji Senior Engineer
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About Tabakol Danni & Sons Ltd.

Tabakol Danni & Sons Ltd. is a longstanding leading family-owned company which is active in the fields of development, earthworks and infrastructures. The company has high classifications in the infrastructures and construction development segments: A contractor classification of C4 in segment 200 (roads, infrastructures and development) and a classification of B1 in segment 260 (laying sewage, drainage and water lines). The company has decades of reputation and its roots go back to the 1960s. The company’s CEO is the family’s father and the company’s founder, Daniel Tabakol, and alongside him, the executive team includes his three sons – Yaron Tabakol - VP, Engineering, Ahiad Tabakol – COO, and CPA Yogev Tabakol – CFO. The company is in a growth momentum and the second generation members take an active part in this growth.

Customer Base that Includes Public Institutes and Leading Companies

Tabakol Danni & Sons Ltd. executes development projects mainly for public entities and leading companies in the Israeli economy. The company focuses mainly on the geographical area of southern Israel, in particular the cities of Ashkelon, Ashdod, Netivot and their surroundings. The company has signed contracts with the Ashkelon Municipality and the Ashkelon Economic Company, and a contract with the municipality of Netivot, in the framework of the city’s development master plan.

The Company’s Reputation Precedes It

The company has been operating in the market for decades and it is well-reputed as a highly-professional company that can successfully handle extremely complex projects. The company has cutting-edge heavy machinery units and it employs directly and indirectly about 120 workers and managers. For the purpose of executing building envelope works, the company utilizes the services of subcontractors which have been accompanying it for years and were selected carefully by the company. These service providers include contractors which specialize in electricity, gardening and landscaping, infrastructures and earthworks.

First-Class Human Capital

The company’s distinction in the development field is expressed in the company’s professional and high-quality manpower. Furthermore, the entire executive management of the company, i.e. Danni and his three sons, supervise every project themselves and are present in the field in order to verify that the works are executed in accordance with the specifications and the schedules. The company is based on experience, knowledge and excellence and emphasizes the efficient and high-quality execution of the works. The company also greatly emphasizes meticulous compliance with all of the safety topics in all of its sites and maintaining high service orientation.

Notable Projects

Over the years, the company was responsible for the construction and development of mega-projects for various entities. Some of these include the construction of the helipad in the Assuta Hospital in Ashdod, complete development including all of the required infrastructures in the settlers complex in Ashkelon (where about 500 apartments would be built), laying the access road to Ashkelon’s southern industrial zone, developing the Boho Stream in Netivot, complete development including all of the required infrastructures in Maar Netivot, building an acoustic wall in Netivot and also building the Raphael Eitan Promenade in northern Ashkelon, which is laid across the beach.

Leading Supplier in the Development and Infrastructures Field

Tabakol Danni & Sons Ltd. benefits from a longstanding reputation and warm recommendations from all of the entities which have been working with it until today. The company is characterized by enhanced efficiency, strict compliance with the schedules and the right combination between longstanding and young employees which marches it forward and serves as the source for its growth and prosperity. The broad array of advantages turns Tabakol Danni & Sons Ltd. to an attractive and prominent supplier for public entities and leading companies from across Israel, and particularly in southern Israel. The company is recognized government works contractor and is ISO 2005:9001 certified.

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