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Established: 1961
Line of Business: Medical Malpractice, Torts and Insurance
Address: 33 Jabotinsky St., Twin Towers, Ramat Gan
Phone: 972-3-6122202
Fax: 972-3-6122280
Email: [email protected]
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About Tomer Bechar, Law Firm

Tomer Bechar, Law Firm has been one of Israel’s leading and longstanding medical malpractice, torts and insurance law firms for almost six decades. The firm has been involved in legal cases that influenced Israel’s entire torts fields and its development.
The firm specializes in medical malpractice, workplace accidents, road accidents, and insurance claims, with an emphasis on expertise in long-term care, work disability and accident disability insurance, National Insurance, exercising rights, and medical committee.

The firm was established by the Late Adv. Albert Bechar in 1961, and has been managed for almost 20 years by his son, Adv. Tomer Bechar. Throughout its 57 years of practice, and in particular after Adv. Tomer Bechar took its leadership role, the firm expanded and its clientele grew, and in light of the increase in the scope of its operations, the firm was incorporated as a law company in 2009.

The firm recorded numerous precedents in Israel’s torts case law, inter alia, on the topics of road accidents, workplace accidents, medical malpractice, National Insurance claims and claims against the Ministry of Defense. Since the firm’s establishment until today, large-sum compensations were awarded to its thousands of clients in all types of medical malpractice and accidents cases.

The firm has a cooperation with Israel’s best medical specialists, who provide opinions for its clients’ cases. In addition, the firm maintains direct and ongoing relationships also with experts from other fields, including safety experts, private detectives, actuaries and accounting advisors, who provide onsite reviews of accident sites and professional opinions.
The firm’s founder, the Late Adv. Albert Bechar, served for a long time as a judge in the Israeli Bar Association’s Disciplinary Court, and was an active member of several of its committees, including the National Ethics, Torts, and National Insurance committees and the Medical Malpractice Forum.

Comprehensive Legal Services for Plaintiffs Only

The firm sees service as a supreme value, and devotedly upholds the clients’ benefit above everything else. Since the firm represents only private plaintiffs and not insurance companies, its clients benefit from the added value of its expertise, as there is never a conflict-of-interests-risk. The firm’s unique strength stems from handling the full spectrum of bodily harm claims. The firm employs lawyers with expertise in numerous and diverse subfields and can therefore provide clients with a comprehensive service that encompasses almost all of their needs. In order to make its high-quality legal services accessible to the clients, the firm doesn’t charge fees for the initial meeting. In addition, the firm fees are collected as a percentage of the compensation sum to be received, so that the payment is usually made after the compensation is received. The firm takes care to maintain this important principle in order to make it significantly easier for its clients.

Community Service

The firm works with non-profits and lectures at their request on how to exercise medical rights vis-a-vis National insurance and insurance companies.

Medical Malpractice

The firm provides its clients with first-class legal services concerning medical malpractice in childbirth, obstetrics, cancer, plastic surgery and other medical fields, as well as medical-product defects claims. The firm specializes in medical malpractice lawsuits following physical and/or psychological trauma, that resulted from negligent and unsuccessful medical treatment. Medical malpractice is the deviation of the medical entity from the professional medical treatment norms, as was customary at the time of the trauma.

Workplace Accidents

The firm provides legal counsel and services for three different types of possible workplace injuries: workplace accidents, occupational illnesses, including illnesses that were caused by physical and mechanical factors such as hearing loss, tinnitus, leukemia, melanoma, etc. In addition, bio-hazard related illnesses, such as brucellosis, anthrax and folio, diseases caused by exposure to chemicals such as asbestos, silicon and allergies. Furthermore, illnesses that are caused by poisoning from chemical elements such as sulfur, bromide, and chlorine, and plant-dust related illnesses such as cancer, byssinosis etc., as well as microtrauma – physical damage due to repeated micro-injuries to a certain organ.

National Insurance

The firm represents victims in National Insurance claims and provides comprehensive legal representation including all of the claim stages, from form submission to the final appeal before the labor court. The firm provides legal representation in workplace and/or occupational illnesses and/or microtrauma related injuries, in the framework of the labor victims department.

Adv. Tomer Bechar, Head of the Firm

Adv. Bechar, who has more than 20 years of tenure and experience, manages all types of complex torts and insurance cases in all of the legal tribunals and represents plaintiffs against insurance companies, hospitals and various institutes that should compensate bodily harm victims. Among the thousands of clients, he supported throughout the years were victims of severe medical malpractice, numerous employees of Israel’s largest companies and road accident victims.
He has an LL.B. from Warwick University, England, a member of the Tel Aviv District Committee of the Israel Bar Association, graduated from the Medicine for Law Practitioners and the National Insurance Medical Adjudicators trainings of the Tel Aviv University. He is a certified notary (Ministry of Justice) and Mediator (Israeli Bar Association). He is also certified to prepare lasting power of attorneys (MOJ).
Adv. Bechar serves as the Bar Association’s Co-Chairman of the Tort Committee as well as the Co-Chairman of the National Insurance Committee, Tel Aviv District. Furthermore, he is the Acting Chairperson of these committees in the Israeli Bar. Adv. Bechar has also served as a member of the National Bar Association Ethics Committee and was a former member of the Disciplinary Tribunal. Adv. Bechar is a former member of the Assessment Committee at the National Insurance Institute and a member of the Medical and Law Association.
Adv. Bechar lectures in the Bar Association, he lectures to lawyers and physicians on medical malpractice, lectures to large entities and companies on issues of safety, responsibility, risk management, etc. and volunteers for lectures throughout the country to the general public.

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