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Established: 2013
Line of Business: Management of Civil Engineering Projects
Address: Huzot Shfayim St., P.O. Box 15, 60990
Phone: 972-9-8322911
Fax: 972-9-8641332
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.wdi.co.il
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  • Ilan Wise, WDI Ltd. Engineering and Project Management

    Ilan Wise

    Founding Partner

    WDI Ltd. Engineering and Project Management

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    Ilan Wise
  • Arik  Davidi, WDI Ltd. Engineering and Project Management

    Arik Davidi

    Founding Partner

    WDI Ltd. Engineering and Project Management

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    Arik Davidi
  • Guy Golan, WDI Ltd. Engineering and Project Management

    Guy Golan


    WDI Ltd. Engineering and Project Management

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    Guy Golan
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About WDI Ltd. Engineering and Project Management

WDI Ltd. Engineering and Project Management is a leading global provider of engineering solutions. WDI was founded in 2013 by Ilan Wise and Arik Davidi and currently employs 17 professional staff. Since its establishment, the company has been providing project management and engineering solutions from concept design, through multi-disciplinary design management, contracting and tenders, accompanying project construction and hand over up to post-construction follow-ups, including management of tenders for governments and private RFPs. The company has significant experience in managing multiple types of projects: Design and construction of single structures; systems-intensive mega-projects both in Israel and abroad; multi-disciplinary complex projects with multiple structures; and energy facilities of significant engineering complexity. WDI head office is located in Shfayim, Israel, and is classified in accordance with Ministry of Defense strict criteria and all of its employees have high security clearances.

Experience in Managing Complex Mega Projects

WDI has extensive experience in managing projects in a variety of formats, such as PPP and BOT. WDI employees have lead tenders, detailed construction design and coordinated the project execution for leading Israeli companies in what is considered to be some of Israel’s largest and most complex projects. The company’s team has dozens of years of proven experience in successfully managing large and complex projects in the construction industry; transportation infrastructures including roads, interchanges and bridges; military bases such the IDF’s Camp Ariel Sharon and IDF’s logistics centers; data centers, power plants, natural gas infrastructures and commercial centers in Israel and abroad.

Doing Things Differently

When WDI takes on a project, all necessary resources are made available for the success of the project. All our staff are invited to participate under a designated Project Manager and as such WDI utilizes the accumulated years of experience to the best outcome for the project and its clients, through full cooperation and/or just by giving advice. Over the projects’ lifecycle, the project team adjusts to the ever changing and demanding schedules and client requests. Employees have a range of certifications and backgrounds, such as architecture, civil, structural or electrical engineering, systems, natural gas and military experience. Some employees formerly worked as senior professional engineers in the IDF Construction Corp. while others in the private sector. WDI’s professional staff have accumulated exceptional experience in managing projects from a varied array of engineering projects: Private sector infrastructures and buildings – shopping malls, offices, training facilities; water and natural gas infrastructures; communication facilities; server farms; and energy centers and gas or solar powered power plants, military infrastructures and facilities; aviation facilities – runways, hangers, control towers;.

Personal Attention, Transparency and Fast Response

A project manager position is a position of trust, as such, WDI believes in personal attention, transparency, and full cooperation with our clients as part of its structured work calture. WDI’s team has fast response capabilities and can adjust to the dynamic requirements of every project, which is based on managing each project by a dedicated team thereby meeting project needs. This enables high functional continuity and flexibility in responding to WDI’s clients and project’s requirements. As a young and dynamic company, WDI aims to continue leading cutting-edge innovation and has knowledge and experience in managing the design in a BIM environment, and project management of a DB, BOT and PPP type projects.

Notable Projects

The Logistics Centers: A groundbreaking project which integrates civilian business ventures with the IDF’s logistics needs. In the framework of the projects, WDI leads the design management in cooperation with Massad Oz for this BOT project.

The Orot Rabin Power Plant - An energy project of national importance that came in order to meet Israel’s electricity consumption. The project includes the construction of gas-powered turbines with a total capacity of 1300MW which will replace the coal-fired stations.

The New Media Complex - Management of design and the construction of the New Media Complex project in Jerusalem. Management of the project that includes design and construction licensing of residential, commercial, employment and public premises to be handed over to the municipality.
The project consists of 200 luxury standard units, about 4,000 square meters of commercial space, about 9,600 square meters of employment space, 10,000 square meters of public space and about 25,000 square meters of parking lots.

FOH - Intel Kiryat Gat - Design management of an office building with an area of 40,000 square meters, which includes offices, restaurants, changing rooms, systems, and a multi-story parking lot with 2000 spaces.

Ashdod Desalination Plant - Tender for the sale of the desalination plant in Ashdod, from the design and pricing of the tender and these days planning and execution of the renovation and restoration works of the plant. The existing desalination plant produces 100 cubic meters per year.

Executive Management

Ilan Wise, Founding Partner - Has a B.Sc. in Civil and Environmental Engineering and an M.Sc. in Engineering Management, and an M.B.A. Ilan was the Former Engineering manager and COO of the Engineering Division at Logic Industries and Global VP Project Operations for Miya from the Arison group.

Arik Davidi (Major (res.)), Founding Partner - Has a B.Sc., Civil Engineering and an M.B.A.. Former senior manager of design teams in Logic Industries’ Engineering Division, and project manager responsible for managing the planning of about 65 buildings in Camp Ariel Sharon.

Guy Golan, (lieutenant Colonel (res.)), CEO - Has a B.Sc., Civil Engineering and an M.B.A. Former Civil Engineering Field Manager, for Israel Desalination Engineering IDE; Former Projects and Civil Engineer Department Manager, Ludan Engineering Israel; Former Projects and Civil Engineer Manager, Bateman Engineering Ltd.

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