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Urban renewal, representation of tenants in urban renewal cases, real-estate, civil-commercial litigation

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Established: 1976
Line of Business: Urban renewal, representation of tenants in urban renewal cases, real-estate, civil-commercial litigation
Address: 7 Menachem Begin Rd., Gibor Sport House, 10th floor,
Ramat Gan 5268102
Phone: 972-3-6137730
Fax: 972-3-6137731
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.yahavco.com
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    Yahav&Co. Law Firm

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    Dina Yahav

    Founder and owner

    Yahav&Co. Law Firm

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    Einat Shaked


    Yahav&Co. Law Firm

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    Yahav&Co. Law Firm

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About Yahav&Co. Law Firm

Yahav&Co. was established in 1976 and its main practice areas are real-estate and civil-commercial litigation, both in Israel and abroad. The firm greatly believes in the urban renewal field and throughout the years it accumulated vast expertise in this particular segment. In the past year alone, dozens of the diverse tenants’ representaion and urban renewal projects were added to the firm’s backlog, with thousands of apartments in the Tama 38/1, Tama 38/2 and Pinui-Binui channels. The firm’s core principles of operation are professionalism, transparency and balance. The firm’s uniqueness is in its involvement, pro-active initiatives in the field to connect and organize the rights’ holders in a way that enables the projects to be promoted and realized. The integration between these factors lead to the firm’s great success in and the leading position it achieved this field over the years.

The firm attributes maximal importance to the owners of rights, on an individual basis, with customization to the population, and particular consideration to issues of culture, language, age and particular difficulties, including the provision of information in various languages.

Adv. Dina Yahav – The Firm’s Founder

The founder of Yahav&Co., Adv. And Notary Dina Yahav, obtained precedents and legal achievements in the real estate field during the firm’s over 40 years of operations. These precedents are studied in the academic faculties of law as part of the training of future lawyers in real estate. The firm, under Adv. Yahav’s leadership, is one of the pioneers of the legal profession in the Pinui-Binui field, and, inter alia, it represented residents in the “Emerald” project on Six Days St. in Kfar Saba, the second Pinui-Binui project that was built and registered in Israel, where the residents are considered to be Israel’s urban renewal ambassadors.

The Firm’s Secret to Success

The firm is at the forefront of legal representation in the urban renewal field and thus far it represented about 4,000 apartment owners throughout Israel, with its name passing from mouth to ear. The secret of its success in this field is the pro-active approach it has been implementing, with thorough and strategic thinking, transparency from end-to-end to the residents and perfect coordination between all of the entities in order to promote and balance the interests of all of the parties – both residents and initiators. The firm’s attorneys leave no stone unturned in every project they manage in order to make what seems initially impossible – possible. Over the years, the firm populated numerous projects with great success and these residents properties appreciated to 2-3 times their original value.

Professionalism and Diverse Expertise

The firm believes that urban renewal would solve and rectify the problems that Israel’s residential market currently experiences and this is expressed through the firm’s membership in the Tama 38 and Urban Renewal Division of the Tel Aviv Chamber of Commerce, and its active participation in the Property Forum of the Israel Bar Association.

The firm’s team of attorneys remains constantly abreast of the latest rulings and is aware of all of the legal developments in the field through accompanying legislation amendment processes in local authorities, local, district and national zoning commissions, and relevant government authorities, including the tax authorities. The firm’s lawyers are highly experienced and possess very broad legal knowledge, alongside with negotiation capabilities and proficiencies that are based on intensive fieldwork and proven practice. Furthermore, the firm’s lawyers, who are considered to be authorities in their field, actively participate in the various Knesset Committees that discuss the field’s regulation, on behalf of the Israel Bar Association and the Chamber of Commerce.

Personal Attention and Active Legal Operations

Yahav&Co. is a family firm and accordingly it espouses personal and intimate attention to its clients in every case it handles. The clients receive this personal and boutique attention from the very first moment in the firm and the team of lawyers that handles the cases emphasizes the pro-active legal work, the presentation of all of the information and full transparency from end-to-end, in order to lead its clients to the desired result, while neutralizing dangers and errors. In general, the firm represents apartment owners in its urban renewal practice, and it contacts not only the residents’ delegate, rather every family in the project, out of the desire to pursue the interests of each and every resident of the project.

Prominent Projects

Throughout the years, the firm accompanied the construction of hundreds of projects throughout Israel, and some of the major projects that it has been handling include:

The Pinui-Binui Project in Daphna Complex, Tel Aviv – The firm is facilitating an extensive Pinui-Binui project where 400 existing apartments would be demolished and 1,434 new apartments would be built in their place. The zoning plan has already been validated and the permit application was submitted. This is one of Tel Aviv’s most luxurious Pinui-Binui complexes, as it’s located between the Arlozorov St. and the Namir Road.

A Pinui-Binui Project in the Ramat Eliyahu Neighborhood of Rishon LeZion – this is a precedential “Pinui-Binui” format, as the initiator is the State of Israel/The Ministry of Housing in a unique pilot project, where the residents would be transferred to apartments in several new neighborhoods on complementary land on behalf of the state, in a way which enables economic feasibility. The firm facilitates this project, where 228 old apartments would be built and upscale luxury towers would be built in their place in the neighborhoods of Nahlat Yehuda, The “1,000” complex and the Nuriot Complex. The zoning plan is already in effect and the firm filed the permit applications.

A Pinui-Binui Project in the Bar Kokhva Complex, Herzliya – the firm accompanies this project where 124 old apartments would be evacuated and demolished in order to build about 400 new apartments. The area’s zoning plan is already in effect and the permit application was filed. This large complex would include the bottom-up construction of a new neighborhood with a plan that includes new infrastructures, including a commercial center, bike lanes, an urban piazza and green environmental solutions.

• Expertise in representing apartment owners since 2005.

• Support for the formulation of the delegation.

• Support in appropriate organization of owner assemblies.

• Supporting the delegation in the selection of a developer.

• Cooperation with some of the leading and most experienced urban renewal experts.

• Drafting the final agreement and receiving the signatures.

• Supporting the owners of rights until post-population, project completion and registration.

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