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Established: 1974
Line of Business: Law Firm
Address: Jerusalem:
Main Branch: 26 Usishkin St. P.O.Box 7722, Jerusalem 9107701
Tel: 972-2-5635232 Fax: 972-2-5617101
[email protected]
City Center Bracnh: 1 Rabbi Akiva St.,
P.O. Box 2707 Jerusalem 9102612
Tel: 972-2-5371777 Fax: 972-2-5370777
[email protected]
Tel Aviv:
Rubinstein House, 20 Lincoln St.,
Tel Aviv 6713412
Tel: 972-3-5620303 Fax: 972-3-5618558
[email protected]
Amot House Haifa, 157 Jaffa Rd.,
Haifa 3525126
Tel: 972-4-8555515 Fax: 972-4-8555355
Phone: 972-2-5635232
Fax: 972-2-5617101
Email: [email protected]
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    Yehuda Raveh Founding Partner
    Lisa Tross
    Yuval Grayevsky Managing Partner
    Yehuda Glatt
    Uri Yamin
    Chagai Ulman
    Mattan Ben-Shaul
    Ron Vered
    Calev Myers
    Haim Stern
    Orly Kronman Dagan
    Ehud Nadav
    Ezra Baris
    Noa Solomon Ben-Meir
    Nir Kimhi
    Matan Menachem
    Miri Simons
    Gilad Katzav
    Eden Adika
    Ran David Menashe
    Netanel Habany
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About Yehuda Raveh & Co. Law Offices

Yehuda Raveh & Co. is one of the leading commercial law firms in Israel. The Firm specializes in all aspects of commercial law and has vast experience and expertise in infrastructure and project finance (B.O.T /P.F.I tenders), real estate transactions, insolvencies, hotels, and tourism, banking, administrative law, commercial litigation and class actions.
The Firm provides services to a broad range of clients in all areas of commercial, administrative and general law. The Firm operates from four offices: two in Jerusalem and offices in Tel Aviv and Haifa.


The Firm serves as legal counsel to a variety of clients including banks, leading private companies, government companies, government ministries, statutory authorities, multi-national corporations, investment funds, financial institutions, academic institutions, hotels, hi-tech and biotech companies and nonprofit organizations.
Alongside its Israeli clients, the Firm represents numerous international clients from across the world, including the U.S., Europe, Japan, China, India, Canada, Australia, South America and South Africa.

Main Areas of Expertise

Infrastructure and Project Finance – Yehuda Raveh & Co. is a leader in the field of infrastructure and project finance in Israel. For many years the Firm has been involved as legal counsel in many of Israel’s major infrastructure projects, including the Cross Israel Highway, the Tel-Aviv Light Rail Projects, the IDF Training center in the Negev, Route 431, the Fast Lane at the entrance to Tel Aviv, the largest independent power stations in Israel, desalination plants, the Jerusalem Light Rail and numerous renewable energy projects in Israel and abroad.
The Firm counsels throughout all the projects’ financing and execution stages, with a diverse representation of all the parties involved in the transactions.

Real Estate – The Firm offers its extensive experience and legal proficiency in this field to local and international clients, from the public and private sectors, including consulting in legal matters relating to real estate investments and financing and development in Israel and abroad.
The Firm has extensive experience in dealing with local and government authorities, including representing developers in administrative petitions, land purchase tenders, representation before Planning and Zoning Committees, handling objections and appeals, providing legal opinions on planning topics such as land designation and permits and the preparation of zoning documents. The Firm represents entrepreneurs, contractors, and residents in the framework of urban renewal projects including Tama 38 projects.

Commercial and Corporate Law – The Firm has extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of commercial and corporate law and provides legal services in all legal fields required by companies, – including industrial, commercial and governmental companies, as a “One Stop Shop”, as well as representing companies in large-scale M&A agreements.

Administrative Law – The Firm provides legal counsel and representation for a broad client base in complex tenders, both local and international, handling every legal aspect and detail from the preliminary stages to closing. The Firm has extensive experience in all aspects of tenders and administrative litigation.

Commercial Litigation and Class Actions – The Firm has broad experience in all aspects of litigation in commercial, civil and administrative law and accompanies its clients through significant and complex cases in this field, including class actions suits, administrative petitions, large commercial legal actions, insolvency proceedings, dispute settlements, arbitration, and mediation.

Hotels and Tourism – The Firm represents some of the largest projects in the field in Israel. For over 30 years, Yehuda Raveh & Co. has been representing local and international hotel chains, including numerous hotel owners throughout Israel, and provides legal services for hotel operations and numerous hotel construction projects.

Banking and Finance – The Firm provides a wide variety of legal services to banking and financing institutions including most of Israel’s largest banks, and leading financial institutions, in a broad variety of issues, ranging from legal opinions on complex matters to conducting complex project finance negotiations.

Insolvency Procedures – Yehuda Raveh & Co. is one of Israel’s leading firms in corporate recoveries and insolvencies. The Firm’s partners serve as trustees for creditor settlement arrangements, and as liquidators and receivers for companies in financial distress. The Firm’s Insolvency Department handles some of the largest creditor settlement arrangements in the Israeli market, public companies with debts of billions of NIS, real estate companies holding assets in Israel and abroad, including, inter alia, managing and leading the IDB arrangement and other prominent cases.

Taxation – The Firm’s taxation department has extensive experience and expertise in international taxation and in-depth familiarity with the customary practices of the world of taxation. The department has been involved in drafting many of the major real estate tax legislation in Israel in recent years.

Telecommunications – The Firm specializes in the field of communications and telecommunications: television, cable T.V., satellite T.V., internet, and related areas.

Financing and Capital Markets – The Firm specializes in accompanying complex project financing procedures and represents a variety of clients in a broad spectrum of projects, from the preliminary MoU to the Financial Closing, in cooperation with banks and international financial institutions.

Non-profit Law – The Firm represents hundreds of non-profits entities– including international non-profit entities with Israeli branches. This includes representation in matters concerning regulation, multinational corporate structures, tax, labor law and more.

Labor Law – The Firm is highly experienced in the representation of Israeli and foreign companies in all aspects of labor law, including employment agreements, salary issues, pensions, employee option plans, negotiations with unions, and regular representation in the regional and national labor courts.

Health Law – The Firm has unique expertise in the field of health law, including counseling hospitals and medical institutions as well as pharmaceutical biotech, R&D, and medical product companies.

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