Yigal  Borochovsky from Yigal Borochovsky & Co. - Law office
Yigal  Borochovsky מחברת Yigal Borochovsky & Co. - Law office

Adv. Yigal Borochovsky

Founding Partner

Yigal Borochovsky & Co. - Law office
Litigation, Real Estate and Finance, Banking and Dispute Resolution
Year of Birth: 1975
Email: [email protected]
Position: Founding Partner
Past positions: Senior Partner, Yaakov, Salomon, Lipschutz & Co. - General Counsel, VP and Executive member, Discount Mortgages Bank - Litigation Partner, Prof. Yuval Levi & Co. (nowadays Tadmor, Levi & Co.)
Seniority in position: 20 years
Public positions: Board of Directors member, Shufersal Finance Management Ltd.
Education: LL.B., Tel Aviv University, 1998. B.A., Economics (cum laude), Tel Aviv University, 2000; LL.M. (cum laude), Bar Ilan University, 2004.
Member in: Co-Chairman, National Bar Association's Arbitration Committee; Arbitrator, Business Arbitration Institute; Vice Chairman, the Bar Association's National Banking Committee; Rabbinical Judge, the Press Council Ethics Tribunal; and Rabbinical Judge, The High Court of the Israel Olympics Committee.
Community Activity: Does some, but aspires to do much more.
Languages: English and Hebrew