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Litigation, real estate, banking and finance, dispute resolution (mediation and arbitration), surrogacy proceedings, inheritance and pre-inheritance disputes

Yigal Borochovsky & Co. - Law office
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Line of Business: Litigation, real estate, banking and finance, dispute resolution (mediation and arbitration), surrogacy proceedings, inheritance and pre-inheritance disputes
Address: 132 Menachem Begin Rd., Azrieli Center 1, Round Building, 24th Floor, Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-7285555
Fax: 972-3-9797365
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.ybo-law.com
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  • Yigal  Borochovsky, Yigal Borochovsky & Co. - Law office

    Adv. Yigal Borochovsky

    Founding Partner

    Yigal Borochovsky & Co. - Law office

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    Yigal Borochovsky
  • Eli  Shimelevich, Yigal Borochovsky & Co. - Law office

    Adv. Eli Shimelevich

    Senior Partner, Head of Litigation Dep.

    Yigal Borochovsky & Co. - Law office

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    Eli Shimelevich
  • Nadir Aviad, Yigal Borochovsky & Co. - Law office

    Adv. Nadir Aviad

    Partner, Head of Real Estate and Finance Dep.

    Yigal Borochovsky & Co. - Law office


    Ayelet Tresser Awes Partner and Head of the families dep.
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About Yigal Borochovsky & Co. - Law office

Yigal Borochovsky & Co. is a boutique law firm that specializes in the areas of Litigation, Real estate and Finance, Banking, Dispute resolution - Mediations and Arbitrations, and Surrogacy and New Families, Inheritance and Estate Management. We are people of solutions. Litigation wars should be conducted when necessary, but the goal is always to solve the problem. Legal expertise and professionalism are obvious, but it is equally important to us that our attorneys are honest and straightforward - and that we are reliable and can be trusted when a client needs us. The firm is highly ranked by the leading Israeli and international websites (the Globes newspaper recently selected it as one of the top 100 Israeli law firms for 2022).

The Team

Adv. Yigal Borochovsky, Founding Partner - has decades of experience that includes many legal accomplishments and precedents. Prior to founding his firm, Yigal has served as a senior partner at Salomon, Lipschütz & Co., and as a litigation partner in Yuval Levy & Co.
He also served as Chief Legal Advisor, Deputy CEO, and a member of the senior business management of Discount Mortgage Bank. Yigal serves as the chairman of the National Disputes and Arbitration Committee of the Bar Association, an acting chairman of the National Banking Committee of the Bar Association, a Judge in the Ethics Committee of the Press Council, a judge in the High Court of the Israel Olympic Committee, and an arbitrator in the Business Arbitration Institute In Israel.
The prestigious international ranking guide Chambers and Partners has selected Yigal as one of the most promising lawyers in Israel in the field of litigation and in 2022 Yigal was included in the team of outstanding and recommended lawyers in Israel in the field of arbitration and mediation. Yigal was also selected to appear in the international ranking guide PLC.
Adv. Eli Shimelevich, Senior Partner and Head of the Litigation department - possesses rich experience of over 20 years in the field of litigation. Eli specializes in managing complex cases on various commercial issues, such as control struggles in corporations and partnerships, real estate disputes, contracting and infrastructure, representation in class actions, representation in capital market cases, insurance companies, insolvency and liquidation proceedings, defamation, and antitrust.
Adv. Nadir Aviad, Partner and Head of the Real Estate and Real Estate Financing department - has extensive experience in purchase transactions and large and complex projects, as well as in urban renewal projects. He also possesses special expertise in real estate financing and represents banks and commercial companies in complex financing transactions. Nadir serves as the chairman of a national committee for senior citizens housing of the Bar.
Adv. Ayelet Tresser Awes - Partner and Head of the Families department - Has many years of experience in handling surrogacy proceedings in Israel and abroad, assists in establishing diverse families, and is appointed by the courts as a guardian and estate manager, especially in complex family disputes, old age alienation and pre-inheritance disputes.
Adv. and Notary Yafit Mitrani - member of the forum for disputes resolving in the Bar Association, a graduate of a practicum course in mediation, accompanies the mediation and arbitration department in the firm since January 2018 and deals daily, with great dedication and creativity, with complex large- scale commercial disputes. Beyond that, Yafit provides various notary services, including and ongoing power of attorney. Prior to joining the firm, Yafit managed real estate investments in the United States. Yafit has extensive experience in the management and marketing of offices for rent and has managed the “House of Advocates and the Business Center” at the Museum Tower in Tel Aviv for several years.

Practice Areas

Litigation - the department consists of experienced attorneys, graduates of the leading law offices and educational institutions in Israel, and represents the firm’s clients in the courts, arbitration institutions, and before the administrative authorities, in large-scale proceedings. The department has unique and extensive experience in managing large financial claims, as well as cases from the fields of real estate, banking, communications, antitrust, stocks and securities, insurance, environment, and tenders. The department’s clients include prominent commercial and business entities including real estate development companies, public companies, government companies, and international corporations.
Real Estate and Financing - the department accompanies complex real estate and financing transactions, including urban renewal transactions - Pinui- Binui and TAMA 38, combination transactions, purchase groups, senior housing, and commercial real estate transactions. The department has unique expertise in projects related to urban renewal and provides its clients, both developers and tenant representatives, with comprehensive legal assistance before planning committees and government ministries and accompanies its clients throughout the entire legal process from the purchase of the property, through due diligence and change of zoning to concluding agreements with contractors, banks and marketing companies.
Banking, Financing and Risk Management - the department has extensive expertise in representing financial and banking entities, both in Israel and overseas. The department provides ongoing and regulatory advice to its clients and represents them in large and complex financing transactions, as well as offers litigation services in various courts. The department also specializes in financing and represents banks and funds in complex transactions, including financing large-scale real estate projects. Another tier is the field of risk management, in which the department accompanies and represents banks and institutional bodies in regulatory matters, handling risk management, etc.
Dispute Resolution (Mediations and Arbitrations) - led by Adv. Borochovsky, whose many years of experience in legal, commercial, and practical matters and proven track record contribute to rapid dispute resolution. The department handles complex cases, including class actions, real estate, and commercial disputes. Serving as the department’s co-heads are adv. Mitrani, who is highly experienced in the commercial civil field, and Adv. Polak, who has many years of experience in litigation.
Department of New Families - headed by Adv. Ayelet Tresser Awes, it represents intended parents and surrogates - before the Committee for the Approval of Embryo Carrying Agreements and before the various bodies involved in such proceedings in Israel. In addition, the department has extensive experience accompanying Israelis through surrogacy proceedings abroad, primarily in the US and Canada, Georgia and Ukraine. We accompany families in the various stages of proceedings abroad and assist in the procedures for regulating parenthood and citizenship of children in Israel. Moreover, the department drafts agreements for cohabitation, joint parenting, wills and lasting power of attorney, preparing agreements for the management of family capital, and the intergenerational transfer of family property.
Additionally, the team is highly experienced in representing family members involved in inheritance disputes, objections to wills, pre-inheritance and guardianship disputes. The firm’s partners are often appointed as executors, property guardians, and receivers by the civil and family courts in family disputes.

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