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Family and Inheritance laws

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Established: 1998
Line of Business: Family and Inheritance laws
Address: 4 B.S.R Tower 40th floor 7 Mezada St., Bnei Brak 5126112
Phone: 972-3-6163010
Fax: 972-3-6163939
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.divorce1.co.il/
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  • Yossi  Hershkovitz, Yossi Hershkovitz & Co. -  Law Firm and Notary

    Adv. Yossi Hershkovitz

    Founder and Owner

    Yossi Hershkovitz & Co. - Law Firm and Notary

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    Yossi Hershkovitz
  • Dina  Broyer, Yossi Hershkovitz & Co. -  Law Firm and Notary

    Dina Broyer


    Yossi Hershkovitz & Co. - Law Firm and Notary

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About Yossi Hershkovitz & Co. - Law Firm and Notary

Yossi Hershkovitz & Co. Law Firm and Notary is a boutique firm, specializing in family and inheritance affairs, being one of the most prominent and leading law firms in its field in Israel.

The firm was established in 1998 by Adv. and Notary Yossi Hershkovitz, and since then has established its reputation as a quality and leading firm for family and inheritance laws.

The firm specializes in personal, discreet and professional service, tailored to the client’s needs on the one hand and comprehensive handling of all the legal issue concerning the client on the other, keeping a personal relationship between the clients and the firm’s staff.

Yossi Hershkovitz & Co. Law Firm and Notary handles complex case files regarding family affairs and inheritance laws.

The firm deals, among others, in complicated divorce conflicts, family laws and personal status, property disputes, child abduction, common law marriage, inheritance laws, wills preparation, estate administrators and inheritance disputes.

The firm operates as a boutique firm, granting professional, personal and efficient assistance to its clientele and believing in finding effective, just and fast solutions to conflicts, in cooperation with the clients and according to their needs. The firm was involved in the establishment of precedents such as the matter of charging interest in the rabbinical tribunals, applying the Property Relations Law at the rabbinical tribunals, interpretation of Property Relations Law (Gamliel Supreme Court of Justice Verdict), etc.

The firm’s founder, Adv. Yossi Hershkovitz has vast experience regarding appearance in court and rabbinical tribunals and represents parties in divorce disputes at the Supreme Court of Justice. The firm is well known at the legal establishment and among civil and rabbinical judges. Among others, Adv. Hershkovitz acted as the estate administrator of the late singer Ofra Haza and the firm administers at present several estates, following its nomination by the court.

Adv. Hershkovitz is also the Rabbinical Court’s Chairman of the IBA’s central district.

The firm’s lawyers are qualified for mediation, representing a worldview that includes achieving goals at the shortest time, finding fast solutions to sensitive conflicts and the aspiration that both parties end the dispute at the best position.

The firm cooperates with other lawyers from various areas as a one-stop-shop and in case of need, they support the client in other law fields, without having to apply to another firm.

The firm offers personal professional representation to achieve an efficient and equitable solution in all the categories of family and inheritance laws. The firm grants professional, personal and efficient support to all its clients. Simple and complex cases are handled with the same serious consideration.

The firm believes in finding an efficient, right and rapid solution to conflicts helps clients in distress while guiding them to a new beginning. The firm is convinced that divorce is in many cases a start for a better life and is determined to help the clients reach the best possible situation, to their satisfaction. The firm uses mediation tools for the handling of the file, at the best interest of the client and to obtain an optimal comprehensive solution.

The firm hires lawyers from all the lines of civil law to render an extensive solution for each file, according to the client’s needs.

Areas of Expertise

The firm specializes in family matters, including minor custody, child support, alimony, property matters, common law marriage, financial agreements, divorce agreements, child abduction (Hague Convention), emigration, divorce at the rabbinical court, divorce and marital reconciliation claims at the Rabbinate, jurisdiction struggles between the civil and the rabbinical courts, domestic violence, representation at the Supreme Court of Justice and guardianship.

The firm specializes in inheritance matters such as preparation of wills. A will is one of the most sensitive documents that a person will draw in his lifetime. Since oppositions are often raised against wills after the demise of the legator, the will shall be issued in the most professional and experienced way, to prevent any ground for future opposition to the will. The firm has many years of experience in the writing wills, which were successfully tested in court. In addition, the firm specializes in bequeathing plans and inheritance disputes, being one of the most complex and delicate areas in family laws. The firm has vast experience in the filing of oppositions to wills due to various causes stipulated by law and by verdicts, as well as submitting replies to will oppositions. The firm cooperates with various investigative entities to obtain the relevant facts in the most optimal way. The firm handles inheritance and will implementation orders and estate administration, having many years of experience in the administration of estates. Adv. Hershkovitz acted, among others, as the administrator of the estate of the late singer Ofra Haza as well as other significant estates, after being appointed by the court. The firm acts as an estate administrator also by appointment of the Family Court. Estate administration requires vast professionalism and knowledge in the various legal fields and includes comprehensive service from all the lawyers in the firm to achieve the most efficient and right administration of the estate, on behalf of all the inheritors. 

Advocate and Notary Yossi Hershkovitz

Adv. Yossi Hershkovitz was ordained as a Rabbi as well as a mediator by the Israel Bar Association, having rich experience in representation at various instances, regularly appearing in all of them and being known in every law court countrywide. Adv. Yossi Hershkovitz is involved in the various committees of the Israel Bar Association. He was chairman of the Rabbinical Courts Committee at the Bar, acting to improve and develop the family laws field in Israel.

Adv. Hershkovitz was a law lecturer at Ariel University Center and other entities.

Adv. Hershkovitz believes in finding efficient, just and fast solutions to end disputes and aspires to contribute to save people in distress and guide them to a new beginning and a better life.

Adv. Hershkovitz is also the Rabbinical Court’s Chairman of the IBA’s central district.

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