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Established: 1992
Line of Business: Law Firm
Address: 11 Menachem Begin Rd., Ramat Gan
Phone: 972-3-5102491
Fax: 972-3-5102493
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.ljlaw.co.il
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  • Joseph Levy, Yossi Levy & Co., Attorneys at Law

    Joseph Levy

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    Yossi Levy & Co., Attorneys at Law


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    Asaf Shubinsky
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About Yossi Levy & Co., Attorneys at Law

Established in 1992, Yossi Levy & Co. (YL) is amongst Israel’s most prominent and cutting-edge law firms, with a team of 40 partners and associates providing services to major Israeli and international companies, governmental authorities and public entities, with extensive experience, know-how, and legal insights. We specialize in project finance, tenders, infrastructures, energy, commercial law, transactions, litigation, administrative law, class actions, planning and zoning, antitrust, communication law, and we are consistently recognized as a top tier law firm in various disciplines by prestigious Israeli and international legal rankings such as “Legal 500”, “Chambers Global”, “IFLR 1000”, “Dun’s 100”, and “BDI Code”.

Practice Areas
Project Finance, Energy & Infrastructures
YL was involved in the largest national infrastructure projects of the last two decades, including highways, desalination plants, mass transit, and energy projects. Among others, the firm is currently accompanying the paving and construction project of the Eastern Railroad, one of the major projects currently carried out in Israel for the establishment of modern mass transportation infrastructure. Additionally, YL has advised the owner of the 300MW Gilboa pumped storage facility, Israel’s first pumped storage project; the lenders of a 440MW power plant in Mishor Rotem; a 121MW solar thermal power plant in Ashalim; the Yam Tethys natural gas reservoir located offshore Israel and the northern section of the Cross Israel Highway (Sections 3 and 7). We also represented the Government of Israel in the construction and operation of the Carmel Tunnels in Haifa; 4 Desalination projects; the construction of highway 431 and highway 531; Israel’s Ports Company in the privatization of the Ashdod and Haifa Ports; Israel’s Airports Authority in tenders concerning the construction of the Timna international Airport; and the consortium that was awarded the “Fast Lanes” tender. Furthermore, the firm represents a Chinese company acting as the EPC contractor of the pumped storage facility in Kokhav Hayarden and the construction contractor at the pumped storage facility at Menara, and represented Shikun & Binui and Edeltech in their financial closing for the Ramat Hovav Power Plant at a value of NIS 4.5 billion.

Antitrust and Competition
YL is a prime destination for public and private businesses and governmental companies that seek counsel and representation across every aspect of antitrust, competition and concentration law. Israel’s Airports Authority, Israel’s Port Company, Yeinot Bitan, Elco, Electra, Clalit Health Services, LG, GE, Supergaz and Partner Communications feature an extensive list of clients that benefit from YL’s successful track record of appearing before the Competition Authority and its Tribunal, as well as, the Supreme Court. We also specialize in class actions, civil claims, and criminal proceedings relating to competition.  Furthermore, YL was involved in the enactment of the Concentration Law and provides on-going legal advice to statutory entities and governmental companies regarding its operations. YL represented GE before the Competition Authority and its Tribunal in one of the most complicated antitrust matters in Israel. YL’s Antitrust and Competition team includes the former head of the Competition Tribunal and a de facto Supreme Court Justice, Mr. Jonathan Adiel, who acts as a consultant to the firm.

Tenders and Administrative Law
YL provides legal services to numerous private and public entities, including statutory and governmental authorities, municipalities and municipal corporations, such as Israel’s Airports Authority, the Water Authority, the Second Authority for Television & Radio, Netivei Israel, the Ministry of Defense, Yuvalim Ashdod, Tel Aviv University, Clalit Health Services, Inter-University Computing Center, Kiryat Bialik Municipality, Aid Genomics, Partner Communications, SQLink, Elco-Electra Group, YSB Group, the Economic Development Authority Tel-Aviv Yafo, etc. YL holds extensive experience in counseling tender committees in tender processes, both domestic and international. In addition, YL specializes in tenders Law and its Regulations and in corporate governance guidelines and is involved in preparing legislative guidelines regarding the amendments to these regulations.

Corporate Law & Transactions
Renowned for handling complex local and cross-border commercial matters, we act for public and private companies, local and international, in multiple transactions, including setting up joint ventures and start-ups, capital ventures, M&As and more. In an ever-growing pipeline of work, YL has represented Elco and its subsidiaries in a long list of transactions, including the acquisitions of F.K. Generators, Hofrey HaSharon, Tzom Elevators, Mahsanei Hashmal, Ace (including its subsequent sale to Kedma Capital), the Israeli franchisees of Daikin Industries, Huwawei Mobile, Sa`ar (Columbia Sportswear), office 3000 duty (current name - Shekem Electric Duty free) and Solar Sensei. Furthermore, YL represented the shareholders of DSNR in the sale of their shares in the company and Elco Contracting and Services in the acquisition of Compax International and the Afsek Group in various international transactions; the buyers of the controlling stake in Modgal Metal and the shareholders of Ein Tal Center in the sale of their shares to Novolog. YL also represents YSB Group in various transactions.

Complex Administrative and Commercial Litigation & Class Actions
YL’s litigation expertise encompasses corporate litigation, tenders law, class actions and administrative petitions relating to planning and zoning, labor law, consumer law, and telecoms, before all courts and all tribunals. Among many clients in this field, we advise Netivey Israel, Netivey Ayalon, Israel’s Airports Authority and Israel Railways on a number of complex domestic litigation, as well as international conglomerates in cross-border litigation, such as acting for GE in one of Israel’s largest cases, amounting to billions of NIS, and acting for Oracle Corporation in administrative petition as part of one of the largest and most central tenders published in Israel for cloud computing services. YL also represents Israel’s Ports Authority in procedures pertaining to recent reforms in Israel’s seaports; Netivey Israel in arbitration proceedings amounting to billions of NIS; the Israel Airport Authority in various litigation cases with respect to Ben Gurion International Airport, valued at hundreds of millions of NIS; Oracle Corporation; Governmental and statutory authorities, and private entities in administrative procedures and tenders, high profile class actions and commercial disputes.

Planning & Zoning
Our Planning and Zoning team has an outstanding experience in legal matters relating to this field, as well as construction matters, including commercial public and residential real estate. Overtime, YL has achieved significant expertise in land expropriation totaling hundreds of kilometers, accompanying municipal planning, registration of land consolidation, handling depreciation claims amounting to billions of NIS and representing clients before the planning authorities and the administrative courts and tribunals. YL represents numerous clients in this field, including, Netivey Israel, Cross Israel Highway, Kiryat Bialik Municipality, Netivey Ayalon, Israel’s Airports Authority and Israel Railways.

Real Estate
YL has extensive expertise in all aspects relating to real estate, consulting real estate developers and construction companies through all aspects of commercial, public office and residential projects. We are also involved in many groundbreaking real estate transactions, complex sales transactions, combination transactions, sharing agreements, urban renewal and registration of condominiums. In addition, YL provides legal advice in the aspects of real estate taxation procedures and represents clients in financing real estate transactions.

YL provides ongoing legal advice with respect to telecommunications, internet and IT, both locally and internationally, to its clientele, including Partner Communications, the Second Authority for Television & Radio, Israel’s Airports Authority, Bezeq international and other leading hi-tech companies.


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