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Line of Business: Law Firm
Address: Moses House, 74-76 Rothschild Blvd., Tel Aviv 6578517
Phone: 972-3-7914777
Fax: 972-3-7914778
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.scharflaw.com
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  • Ze'ev Scharf, Ze’ev Scharf & Co.

    Ze'ev Scharf

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    Ze’ev Scharf & Co.

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    Ze'ev Scharf
  • Sharon Hale-Gilad, Ze’ev Scharf & Co.

    Sharon Hale-Gilad


    Ze’ev Scharf & Co.

  • Sharon Ben-Haim, Ze’ev Scharf & Co.

    Sharon Ben-Haim


    Ze’ev Scharf & Co.

  • Eran Ozeri, Ze’ev Scharf & Co.

    Eran Ozeri


    Ze’ev Scharf & Co.

  • Ben-Amitai Boaz, Ze’ev Scharf & Co.

    Ben-Amitai Boaz


    Ze’ev Scharf & Co.

  • Ran  Riff, Ze’ev Scharf & Co.

    Ran Riff


    Ze’ev Scharf & Co.

  • Tomer  Waizel, Ze’ev Scharf & Co.

    Tomer Waizel


    Ze’ev Scharf & Co.

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About Ze’ev Scharf & Co.

Ze’ev Scharf & Co. - widely regarded as one of Israel’s leading law firms in its field - is a boutique law firm engaged mainly in complex civil-commercial litigation. The firm is headed by Mr. Ze’ev Scharf - one of the most respected and experienced litigators in Israel, who has been responsible, among other things, for the formulation of several well-known and important precedents in various legal fields. Mr. Scharf has about 30 years of experience in litigation and business-commercial law.

Ze’ev Scharf & Co. is unique in its focus on a relatively small number of eminent and complex cases, litigated mainly in Israel’s higher courts and raising questions of principle:
The firm is involved in complex commercial-economic law lawsuits, where it represents leading companies in Israel and abroad (including, in carefully selected claims only, international companies), as well as prominent businesspeople and senior public figures who operate at the heart of economic activity in Israel and abroad.
Owing to the unique features of the cases handled by Ze’ev Scharf & Co. - their complexity and sensitivity - every case is handled with utmost attention (made possible by the small number of cases handled by the firm at any point in time). Taking into account their complexity and special needs, each case is assigned a small team of lawyers working alongside Mr. Scharf, who is personally involved in all stages of each case.
The proficiency of legal advice and representation provided by the firm to its clients rests on the extensive knowledge, hard work, creativity and broad experience of Mr. Scharf, the partners and the lawyers handling each case.
Among the firm’s clients are prominent financial institutions (e.g., banks; insurance companies; provident funds; and trust funds) and the individuals who lead them, as well as companies and corporations from a wide variety of industries (fuel; energy; chemical and petrochemical; high-tech; real estate - development, construction and infrastructure; airlines and more).

Ze’ev Scharf & Co. specializes in managing complex civil disputes (both local and international) in various levels of the judiciary:

• Complex Commercial Litigation in Israel and abroad – owing to Mr. Scharf’s expertise and extensive experience in litigating complex cases, the firm operates both in Israel and abroad. Whenever provided abroad, the firm’s Legal services include the management of legal representation and the provision of support to foreign lawyers litigating the case.

 Corporate Law and Capital Market Litigation - Ze’ev Scharf & Co. also specializes in corporate disputes and control struggles; in providing support and consultancy in business crises; and in representing various holding companies and company officers. The firm also specializes in handling derivative claims, minority discrimination cases, and various other proceedings concerned with corporate and Securities law.

• Class actions and shareholder derivatives claims - Ze’ev Scharf & Co. focuses on representing defendants, large corporations and company officers in various fields in which class actions and shareholder derivative claims are typically filed in Israel, including corporate and securities laws; consumer law; and so forth.

• Real Estate Suits, Administrative Law and Libel Suits – the firm is also involved in prominent cases concerning real estate rights (ownership, lease, use and possession rights), in administrative appeals and High Court of Justice petitions; in cases concerning the energy industry and tenders law sector; private criminal complaints; libel suits; and more.

 Family and inheritance Laws – the firm has extensive experience in litigating and advising its clients in complex family and inheritance disputes; disputes over inheritance, disputes related to the probate or revocation of wills, disputes involving the enforcement of financial agreements between couples and disputes involving property distribution and equitable distribution of resources. Our firm also assists clients in formulating prenuptial and postnuptial agreements as well as complex divorce settlement agreements.

Ze’ev Scharf & Co.’s Staff

Alongside Mr. Scharf, the firm’s staff includes three Senior Partners, three partners, six associates and four interns. The firm emphasizes integrated teamwork. The Partners at Ze’ev Scharf & Co. are Mrs. Sharon Hale-Gilad, and Messrs. Sharon Ben-Haim, Eran Ozeri, Dr. Boaz Ben-Amitai, Ran Riff, and Tomer Waizel.
To each case handled by Ze’ev Scharf & Co., the firm assigns a team lead by a partner, the composition of which is tailored to the specific needs of the case, based on its content and the stage of proceedings. Mr. Scharf himself is closely involved in all cases.

Mr. Sharon Ben-Haim and Dr. Boaz Ben-Amitai handle, among other things: class actions; shareholder derivative claims; shareholders disputes and control struggles; and cases involving securities law, insolvency proceedings and the defense of executives and controlling shareholders.

Mrs. Sharon Hale-Gilad and Messrs. Eran Ozeri, Ran Riff and Tomer Waizel handle, among other things: the protection of property rights (including Intellectual Property rights); real estate rights; class actions; and shareholder derivative claims (where they mainly represent leading corporations, company officers and controlling shareholders); shareholders disputes and control struggles; High Court of Justice petitions and administrative appeals; as well as matters concerning personal status and family disputes relating to complex assets (such as: suits to enforce prenuptial agreements, cancelling or executing wills, etc.).

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