The industrial production increased by 1.7% in 2016, compared to 2015, and showed a 3.9% increase in January-April 2017 (1). If we look at each industry sector by technological strength, we will see that the industrial production declined in the High-Tech industries and increased in others. There was a 5.7% decline in High-Tech industrial production in 2016 (2). In January-April 2017, the industrial production of High-Tech industries declined by 0.6%.



The industrial exports (excluding diamonds) amounted to $43.5 billion in 2016, compared with $45 billion in 2015. Exports by High-Tech industries amounted to $2.1 billion in 2016, an annual decline of 6%.
Most of the decline was recorded in the Computers, Electronic and Optical Equipment Production sector (a 9% decline).
Exports of Mixed High-Tech Industries amounted to $12.9 billion in 2016, compared with $14 billion in 2015. Most of these resulted from a decline in the Chemicals and Chemical Products Production industry (a 13.9% decline).
The exports of Traditional Mixed Industries increased by 17.1% in 2016 and amounted to $6.5 billion. Most of the increase was recorded in the Assembled Metal Products (Excluding Machinery and Equipment) industry, with a 26.6% increase.
The exports of Traditional Industries increased by 1.8% in 2016, and amounted to $3.1 billion (3).

Leading Industrial Companies – 2017 Rankings

The average % change in the revenues of the 20 leading companies in the 2017 rankings was 2.9%, compared with 2.4% in the 2016 ranking tables. The Average Exports / Sales Abroad of the top 20 companies in the ranking declined by 1.3%, compared with a 2.1% increase in 2015. The number of employees in these 20 companies increased by 13.7% in 2016.
Prominent High-Tech Industries are: Internet, Electronic Systems, Software Development, Defense Industries, Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing and Semi-Conductors. 31% of the ranked companies in the 2017 Industry ranking belong to High-Tech sectors.


1 Source: Central Bureau of Statistics Industrial production of the industrial, mining and quarrying sectors February – April 2017.
2 By: Classifing the industries by Technological Strength.
3 Source: Central Bureau of Statistics Balance of industrial imports and exports by Technological Strength for the yeard 2016