Record tax collection in Israel: the NIS 20 billion threshold was crossed

This amazing figure came up as part of the Duns 100 forum that we held on Monday, February 7, 2002, with the participation of senior taxation officials in Israel.

In the forum, which officially opened the "event season" of Duns 100 for 2022, we held a fascinating discussion hosted by Gideon Oko, facilitator of the Keshet 12 savings plan, on the high-tech industry as the economy locomotive and the tax measures that can be taken to make better use of , At the expense of the tax burden that rests on the shoulders of small and medium-sized businesses in Israel.

In addition, the forum discussed the mistrust of small businesses in the tax authority and the gap between the desire to help businesses and what is actually happening. Roland Am Shalem, senior vice president of the tax authority, said that sometimes the steps taken by the tax authority are unpopular but in the long run are there to help those small businesses, noting that "the wisdom is not to take steps based on headlines or social pressure." Kara, one of the founders of the "I am Shulman" movement, who also participated in the forum: "We will do everything possible to restore public confidence in the government."

"Tax collection in Israel has broken a record," Am Shalem added. "We have passed the $ 20 billion threshold excluding contractor tax."

Efrat Segev, VP of Data and Analysis, commented on the data and added, "The high percentage of those verified in Israel has led to a decrease in activity and economic damage. We see that the fifth wave is disrupting economic activity even without the announcement of an official closure or heavy restrictions. The government continues to outline assistance plans for all those companies, but it is not certain that these alone will provide the required response. "

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