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Colorectal Surgery

-Prof. Avital Shmuel Head of Surgery Department B, Meir Medical Center. Specialist, Assuta Ramat ha-Hayal.
-Dr. Duek Daniel Head of Colorectal Surgery Unit, Rambam Health Care Campus
-Dr. Kariv Yehuda Head of General Surgery and Proctology, Head of Advanced Therapy of Rectal and Anal Tumors, Surgical Unit, Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov). Senior Surgeon in the Colorectal Unit, Assia Medical, Assuta Ramat Ha-Hayal
-Dr. Khaikin Marat Head of the Colorectal Surgery, Sheba Medical Center at Tel HaShomer. Specialist, Assuta Ramat Ha-Hayal.
-Prof. Pikarsky Alon Head of the Surgical Wing in Hadassah University Medical Center, Head of the Surgery Department and Head of the Colorectal Surgery Unit in Hadassah Ein-Carem, Hadassah University Medical Center
-Prof. Rabau Micha Head of Colorectal Field, Partner and Senior Surgeon, Assia Medical. Specialist, Assuta Ramat HaHayal
-Prof. Tulchinsky Hagit General and Proctology Surgery Specialist, Head of the Colorectal and Proctology Surgery Unit, Surgical Wing, Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov). Specialist, Assuta Ramat Ha-Hayal
-Dr. White Ian Head of Surgical Serivce for IBD, Rabin Medical Center - Beilinson Hasharon. Specialist, Herzliya Medical Center, Assuta Ramat Ha-Hayal
-Prof. Zmora Oded Head of Surgical Array, Shamir Medical Center (Assaf Harofeh). Specialist, Assuta Ramat Ha-Hayal
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