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Real estate development, construction, and project management

4 Barama Ltd.
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Line of Business: Real estate development, construction, and project management
Address: 9 Porush St., Jerusalem
Phone: 972-2-5001812
Email: Bramh44[email protected]
Website: http://www.4barama.com
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Company Executives

  • Zeev Wexberger, 4 Barama Ltd.

    Zeev Wexberger

    Founder & Owner

    4 Barama Ltd.

  • Hanoch Weinberg, 4 Barama Ltd.

    Hanoch Weinberg


    4 Barama Ltd.

  • Naftali Silverman, 4 Barama Ltd.

    Naftali Silverman

    Project Manager

    4 Barama Ltd.

  • Eliyahu Wexberger, 4 Barama Ltd.

    Eliyahu Wexberger

    Construction Supervisor

    4 Barama Ltd.

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About 4 Barama Ltd.

4 Barama is a family-owned Jerusalem-based company engaged in development, construction, and project management. The company was formally established in 2019 but its managers have been involved in developing and executing various projects under a different name for many years. Zeev Wexberger, CEO, has more than 20 years of experience. 4 Barama specializes in the development and construction of unique and challenging projects, both in terms of locations and in terms of engineering and planning complexity, and is engaged in the construction of boutique buildings, construction, and expansion of buildings for preservation as well as the construction of residential projects in urban renewal routes - NOP 38/1 (reinforcement and construction), NOP 38 / 2 (demolition and construction) and Pinui Binui.

Development and Execution Under One Roof

As both a developing and executive company, 4 Barama has a distinct advantage. This combination gives the company complete control over every project it initiates and executes while meeting strict schedules and reducing costs, which ultimately roll out in favor of the tenant. The combination also provides peace of mind to the company’s customers, who know that everything they need is under one roof, so that they have a single point of contact, throughout the entire process (planning, execution, even during the testing phase), to assist and answer any questions.

Locally Owned Jerusalem Company

As a born-and-bred Jerusalem company, 4 Barama specializes in construction throughout the capital, with an emphasis on the city center. The company aims to provide its customers with uncompromising construction quality while maintaining the highest standards, professionalism, transparency throughout the process, service, and reliability. In addition, 4 Barama plans to remain a boutique company that focuses every year on a limited number of projects, taking care of every detail, even the smallest, and providing personal and dedicated service to clients and tenants.

Rebuilding Jerusalem

4 Barama’s vision is to provide tenants with value in a variety of ways, not only economically but also in a unique aesthetic and design sense. Thus, the company combines both old and new in many of its projects and even creates projects that emphasize the classic style of Jerusalem stone alongside innovative design elements. A combination of these factors creates aesthetic and aesthetically pleasing buildings that enhance the city’s beauty.

Company Management

Zeev Wexberger, Owner and Founder - Zeev, as well as his management team, founded 4 Barama after years of working for a variety of development and construction companies. He holds a certificate in construction management from the Technion, holds an investment consultant certificate from the Open University, and also holds a foreign real estate certificate from the Hebrew University. As chairman and CEO of the company, he personally accompanies all projects while providing personalized service to customers and tenants. Zeev also contributes to the community as a paramedic at MADA’s intensive care unit twice a week.
Hanoch Weinberg, VP - Hanoch holds a practical building license and, as part of his role at the firm, manages and promotes projects from the beginning to the delivery of the apartment keys. With years of experience in the NOP 38 projects and luxury buildings, he accompanies the projects in full transparency and with accessibility to customers.
Naftali Silverman, Project Manager - Naftali has 15 years of experience in the construction industry as a construction engineer and certified contractor. Construction, skeleton work, land excavation, and landfills are among his specialties, and he always makes sure to work closely with neighbors and tenants in the area while taking care of everything that needs to be done.
Eliyahu Wexberger, Construction Supervisor - Eliyahu is an expert in luxury interior construction and has over 13 years of experience. His duty entails accompanying and managing professionals and subcontractors in various projects, coordinating planning and execution, and closely monitoring the quality of work and execution.

Prominent Projects

NOP 38

4 Torah Mitzion, Romema - An urban renewal project that has been completed and populated and is one of the company’s signature projects. This is a large classic project of reinforcement and construction according to NOP 38/1, for a building over 70 years old near Allenby Square. As part of the project, the company strengthened and upgraded 20 existing apartments and added 16 new apartments. The project included strengthening the building and the foundations for earthquakes, coating the building with new stone and upgrading the building’s systems and infrastructure, as well as installing two elevators for the tenants’ convenience.

5 Rashbam, Makor Baruch - The Rashbam 5 project is a unique 5-story boutique building. Construction included dismantling the old 2-story structure, and marking the stone on 3 of the facades for preservation and restoration. The building consists of 9 apartments, including a special studio, several housing units, and unique luxury apartments. Renowned architect Barbara Berzin led the architecture and design. The exterior and interior works were done at the highest level. In both the interior finishes and construction of the apartment and in the preservation of the building, this is a very unique and prestigious project.

56 Rashi, Makor Baruch - NOP 38/2 project (demolition and construction) as part of which a modern and stylish building with 22 new apartments was built in place of an old 12-apartment building. The company’s capabilities were revealed as the project involved the demolition of an existing structure and excavation of a parking garage while maintaining the building’s facade, which included a unique 2-story diagonal facade.

21 Hagai, Geula - NOP 38/1 project which included an addition of two and a half floors (commerce and offices) to an existing building. In this project, the company provided an innovative engineering solution for construction on the roof of an existing building. By using this solution, the construction of the building was completed without columns in the walls, causing no disruption to the day-to-day operations of the bank within.
9 Porush, Shaarei Chesed - NOP 38/2 project combined with preserving a unique façade with rounded arches that face the mythological Ussishkin Street. There are four large and unique luxury apartments in the building built for a family of entrepreneurs. There is a sense of prestige and an unparalleled level of quality in the project, down to the smallest details.

Development and Pinui-Binui

The company is currently involved in several development projects in NOP 38A (reinforcing the building and building new spaces and floors) and NOP 38B (constructing a new building instead of the old one) as well as Pinui Binui boutique construction, which is currently in the marketing process. Among other things, 4 Barama is currently promoting several buildings in NOP 38, as well as the Pinui Binui development project in Katamonim. The company will demolish three nearby buildings and replace them with a modern, luxurious residential tower as part of this project.

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