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Established: 1958
Line of Business: Law Firm
Address: 132 Menachem Begin St., Tel Aviv 6702101
Tel: 972-3-6087777
Fax: 972-3-6087724

31 Hillel St., Jerusalem 9458131
Tel: 972-2-6239239
Fax: 972-2-6239233
Email: [email protected]
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  • Adam Spruch, Arnon, Tadmor - Levy

    Adam Spruch

    Managing Partner

    Arnon, Tadmor - Levy

  • David Tadmor, Arnon, Tadmor - Levy

    Dr. David Tadmor

    Managing Partner

    Arnon, Tadmor - Levy

  • Gil  Oren, Arnon, Tadmor - Levy

    Adv. Gil Oren

    Managing Partner

    Arnon, Tadmor - Levy

  • Kobi Ben Chitrit, Arnon, Tadmor - Levy

    Kobi Ben Chitrit

    Managing Partner

    Arnon, Tadmor - Levy

  • Opher  Levy, Arnon, Tadmor - Levy

    Opher Levy

    Managing Partner

    Arnon, Tadmor - Levy


    Yigal Arnon
    Prof. Yuval Levy

    Avi Anouchi
    Avi Farchi
    Avital Bruker-Yamin
    Aviad Lachmanovitch
    Adam Spruch
    Adrian Daniels
    Aharon (Roni) Osborne
    Odelia Sidi
    Dr. Ophir Nave
    Ofir Levy
    Ortal Ger
    Orly Tsioni
    Oren Roth
    Orna Sasson
    Edan Regev
    Ayal HaCohen
    Eyal Aichel
    Itamar A. Cohen
    Eitan Brosh
    Elie Sprung
    Eli Greenbaum
    Eliran Furman
    Eliran Strichman
    Amir Scharf
    Amnon Lorch
    Assaf Priel
    Assaf Mesica
    Asaf J. Eylon
    Efrat Shapira-Orren
    Asher Bichoonski
    Barak Tal
    Benjamin M. Sandler
    Benjamin Horef
    Boaz Fiel
    Boaz Feinberg
    Barry P. Levenfeld
    Barak S. Platt
    Goor Koren
    Guy Kortany
    Guy Fuhrer
    Guy Fuchs
    Guy Sagiv
    Gil Oren
    Gitit Ramot Adler
    David H. Schapiro
    David J. Roness
    David Akrish
    Dr. David E. Tadmor
    Doron Kilshtin
    Doron Shacham
    Doron Tamir
    David T. Osborne
    Daniel Damboritz
    Daniel Green
    Daniel Abarbanel
    Danit Rimon
    Dror Varsano
    Ziv Wassercug
    Hagai Shmueli
    Hagit Bavly
    Hanital Belinson Navon
    Tal Keret
    Tali Graifer
    Joshua Lieberman
    Yuval Bargil
    Yuval Shalheveth
    Yoheved Novogroder- Shoshan
    Yulia Lazbin
    Joeri Kreisberg
    Yoran Gill
    Yael Hoefler
    Kobi Ben Chitrit
    Yarom Romem
    Yaron Silver
    Liel Golani Baranes
    Lital Barsheshet - Peri
    Liron Hacohen
    Micki Shapira
    Mordehai (Moti) Baicz
    Miriam Friedmann
    Nava Karavany
    Nadav Lerner
    Nir Kehat
    Nir Rosner
    Nir Rodnizky
    Nimrod Vromen
    Noa Meidan
    Naftali Nir
    Netanella Treistman
    Sigal Shapira
    Sivan Wulkan-Avisar
    Sivan Gilron Dotan
    Simon A. Weintraub
    Adi Wizman
    Adi Krupsky
    Oded Levy
    Ofer Shoval
    Opher Levy
    Ezra S. Gross
    Ido Chitman
    Ido Frishta
    Amos Oseasohn
    Amalia Meshi
    Inbar Tur Shalom
    Aner Hefetz
    Ofer Bar-On
    Eran Zach
    Peter Sugarman
    Keren Tal
    Ravit Baram-Mazor
    Ron Tzin
    Ronit Amir- Yaniv
    Roy Masuri
    Roey Sasson
    Roee Hecht
    Ruth Loven
    Rinat Michael
    Ricky Brenner
    Raffi Brown
    Sagi Schiff
    Shoam Keren
    Shai Margalit
    Shai Bakal
    Shira Cohen-Mazor
    Shira Lahat
    Shiri Ish Shalom
    Shiri Shaham
    Shani Rapoport
    Tomer Bar-Nathan
    Tomer Gur
    Tamar Krongrad
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About Arnon, Tadmor - Levy

Arnon, Tadmor-Levy is a preeminent Israeli law firm. The law firm of Arnon, Tadmor - Levy is a leader in its areas of practice. The firm offers diverse legal services and a proven track record of success to its clients, which include many of Israel’s largest companies, government and public entities, premier investment funds, and leading multinational corporations.

The firm integrates top-tier expertise, creativity, and an unmatched level of service, with fairness, collegial conduct and uncompromising professional conduct. The firm’s practices, as well as many of its partners and lawyers, rank highly on international and Israeli legal directories, including Chambers and Partners, The Legal 500, GCR, IFLR1000, Duns100 and BDI Code.

Arnon, Tadmor-Levy dominates the Israeli legal scene across many fields. Leading practices include mergers and acquisitions; hi-tech; litigation; real estate, planning and construction; banking and payment systems; competition; project finance and energy; environment; capital markets; regulatory and administrative law; direct, indirect, real estate and municipal taxation; labor and employee matters; healthcare; municipal law; insolvency proceedings and reorganization; communications and media; transportation; aviation; tender and public procurement; and commercial law.

Pro bono representation and social involvement projects are an integral part of our practice. Through these projects, into which we have invested many thousands of hours, we are helping those of lesser means, not-for-profit organizations, and social initiatives. We also promote other volunteer and charitable acts. Our pro bono work has truly made a difference.

We foster a unique multidisciplinary culture that includes two activity centers, in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (our law offices are Jerusalem’s largest), as well as dedicated practices, focused on the United States, Europe, and the Far East. Our renowned international practice has decades of experience, representing leading international clients in Israel and a wide array of Israeli clients abroad, as well as Financial and strategic investment in Israeli companies and major cross-border M&A transactions.

Our firm benefits from an unusually large number of partners who uphold leading practices in their respective fields of expertise. We are proud of our uncompromising levels of professionalism, legal expertise, innovative vision, integrity, and legal ethics; those have characterized our firm over the course of decades. We are proud of our outstanding lawyers and note those who have recently been appointed to two of Israel’s top legal positions – the Attorney General and the Supreme court.

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