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Arzey hanegev
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Established: 2002
Line of Business: Residential, employment and commerce initiation and construction
Address: 3 Ba’alei hamelacha St., Paris center,
Netivot 8776515
Phone: 972-8-9933775
Fax: 972-8-9933780
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  • Oded  Shriki, Arzey hanegev

    Oded Shriki

    CEO & Owner

    Arzey hanegev

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About Arzey hanegev

Arzey hanegev is a development and construction company for unique residential and commercial projects, operating on Southern and Central Israel, and the Shfela region. The company, which became a central player in the Israeli real estate market, is known for its extraordinary capabilities, of building high-quality project in short timeframes, while meticulously adhering to the familial, personal and customer-oriented service values. The company was established and developed by Oded Shriki, a popular and renowned real-estate entrepreneur from Southern Israel, who is the key manager of all of the company’s operations, from locating lands for purchasing, through absolute control on the construction stages to the management of the financial aspects. Over the years, the company accumulated vast experience regarding the execution of large-scale residence, office and commerce projects. arzey hanegev is renowned for its high credibility, high construction standard and personal service to its customers.

About the Company

Oded Shriki started his career as a manual and professional worker and later as a subcontractor for construction and development companies. In 2002 he established “arzey hanegev Initiation and Construction Ltd.” for residential construction projects, and about 7 years later, he bravely turned to real estate entrepreneurship.
Over the years, the company constructed thousands of housing units in commerce and residential projects in Be’er-Sheva, Netivot, Arad, Jaffa, Beer Yaakov, Bnei Brak, Bat Hefer and Modi’in.

Standard of Quality and Luxury

The company is in high demand for its projects, thanks to high development and construction standards, at fair prices. These standards are implemented throughout the process, from winning the most attractive tenders, through the building of high-quality infrastructures in conventional methods, to utilizing the best raw materials in the market, while meticulously supervising the project.
The leading architect firms are involved in each of the projects and design large, spacious and functional apartments, with balconies and parking spaces. All of the apartments include a rich and exclusive specification selection from Israel’s leading manufacturers, with designer interior doors, upscale kitchens, luxurious tiling and more.

Investing in Human Capital and Advanced Equipment

Arzey hanegev enjoys a unique infrastructure of high-quality human capital and advanced equipment, which enable it to execute high quality large-scale projects, in shorter schedules. The company’s activity occurs in-house, in addition to most of the equipment, which is privately owned by the company, therefore the company has no need for sub-contractors. This work method contributes to adhering to schedules and to the company’s commitments. The company owns cement factories, cranes, trucks, heavy mechanical equipment, aluminum factories and welding workshop, among others.

Yielding Real-Estate

In spite of its expertise and focus on residential construction, the company built commercial buildings. Among these, one can name a prestigious commercial center in Netivot, covering 20,000 sq.m. of commercial and office spaces. The project was designed as a classic, Parisian project, providing a European shopping experience with luxurious lines. The highlight of the complex is the Eiffel Tower, which measures 30 meters high and designed in a unique architecture style. The company has also built the BIG office, commerce and industry building in Netivot; a residential structure for students in the Old City of Be’er-Sheva; Vehicle repair workshops, storage facilities, and emergency storage.

Leading Projects

Tiltan, Ofakim - An innovative residential and commercial project in the new Afikey Hanahal neighborhood in the city, close to a green lung and to main traffic arteries.. This project will include 300 housing units and is characterized by planning, construction and interior design at the highest standards. In The project are boutique buildings with a mix of 5, 4 and 3 rooms apartments, garden apartments , penthouses and mini penthouses.
Premium 10 and Premium 5 - The company establishes a new residential neighborhood that includes about 1,450 housing units that will be divided between 2 kinds of buildings. Buildings of 10 stories, and boutique building of 5 stories in a mix of 5,4 and 3 rooms apartments, garden apartments, penthouses and spacious mini penthouses of the highest and most meticulous standard. The neighborhood will include commercial centers, green parks and public institutions.
Shaar Ha’ir - In the new Neve Sharon neighborhood in the city of Netivot, a main recreation center, leisure and commerce, that will spread over 24,000 sq.m that will answer the population increase and the internal migration into Netivot. The center is planned in a meticulous modern design That will provide a unique experience of leisure to its visitors. Also, 300 housing units in luxurious towers and an innovative one of a kind hotel will be built in Netivot.
Be’er Yaakov 360 View - located in a well maintained and modern neighborhood, with 640 residential units, in the best location in Beer Yaakov, with access to main traffic routes. It is close to shopping and leisure centers, schools, kindergartens, banks, post offices, sports centers, green areas, and more.
15 Manhattan, Netivot - A prestigious project with 842 residential and commercial units, located in a spacious, well maintained and modern neighborhood. The project is in the best location in western Netivot, and with proximity to main traffic routes as well as the train station. This project includes a variety of apartments: garden apartments, penthouses, 4-5 room apartments with its design perfected to the finest details.
Favourite/Arta, Beer Yaakov - a luxurious residential project which includes 800 units, to be built in Beer Yaakov’s Tlamim neighborhood, and located next to Tzrifin military base, the project includes 24buildings of various heights, as well as impressive cottages, which provide an experience of living in a villa within a residential building.
Rager Ave., The fifth Avenue, Beer Sheva - a prime location project, with close proximity to the mall, Ben Gurion University, the High-Tech Park and Soroka Hospital. This project will include 10 buildings of various heights – boutique 9-floors buildings alongside high-rise 20 and 25 floors residential towers. With the project’s main focus being the “Gold Tower”.
Bnei Brak - a 2000 residential units project in Kiryat Hertzog neighborhood. The project will entail a meticulous architectural design, particularly large apartments and a lavish technical spec.
Ha Moshava, Netivot - The project is located in “Ramot Yoram” and consists of 36 buildings in a complex that includes spacious garden apartments, and penthouses. The project’s strategic location enables convenient accessibility to the city’s western entrance, to the Baba Sali’s grave, and the Lake Park .

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