Be’Emuna Development & Management projects Ltd.

Real Estate Development, Organizing Purchasing Groups, Urban Renewal

Be’Emuna Development & Management projects Ltd.
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Established: 1995
Line of Business: Real Estate Development, Organizing Purchasing Groups, Urban Renewal
Address: 25 HaOman St., Bar Ami Bldg., 2nd floor, Jerusalem
Phone: 972-2-6796610
Fax: 972-2-6482044
Email: [email protected]
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Company Executives

  • Israel  Zeira, Be’Emuna Development & Management projects Ltd.

    Israel Zeira

    Owner and CEO

    Be’Emuna Development & Management projects Ltd.

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    Israel Zeira
  • Yehuda Udi Nir, Be’Emuna Development & Management projects Ltd.

    Yehuda Udi Nir

    CPA, Chairman

    Be’Emuna Development & Management projects Ltd.

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    Yehuda Udi Nir
  • Ronen Weil, Be’Emuna Development & Management projects Ltd.

    Ronen Weil

    VP Marketing

    Be’Emuna Development & Management projects Ltd.

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    Ronen Weil
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About Be’Emuna Development & Management projects Ltd.

Be’Emuna Group is an urban renewal entrepreneurship group and organizer of purchasing groups’ group of companies, which was founded by Mr. Israel Zeira, one of the prominent figures in the Israeli real estate community who has many years of experience in the field. The company has been active in the real estate market since 1995. The company grew significantly over the past decade, when it initiated the construction of over 2,000 residential units in initiation, alongside management of purchasing groups of more than 1,500 apartments.

Over the past few years, the company has been focusing on property development and urban renewal, among others the price for resident of a new housing complex – (Mehir LaMishtaken - government price-capped) program, as well as additional operations in the purchasing groups segment. Furthermore, the group recently established its urban renewal division, where several projects in this segment are being planned. Be’Emuna operates solely as a developer, and the construction is executed through external contractors. We at Be’Emuna believe that development requires its own specialized professionalism and knowledge, while maximizing the company’s capabilities and experience in building excellent projects, with an emphasis on an attractive price, a high technical specifications, high construction quality and construction companies reliability. The group employs close to 20 permanent employees including project managers, accountant and lawyers. In addition to dozens of freelance workers and subcontractors, including execution contractors, supervision companies and architecture firms. Be’Emuna benefits from financial strength, whereas all of the projects it builds are accompanied by Israel’s largest banks. 

Taking Care of Everyone!

The group particularly emphasizes the development of high-quality construction projects for the Religious Zionist public outside of Judea and Samaria. The group’s executives recognized the high importance of building religious Zionist neighborhoods across Israel for families seeking community projects in mixed cities. Most of the company’s employees belong to this sector, and their direct affinity to it, with in-depth understanding of the customers’ needs, enables the company to create high-quality projects with particularly high buyers’ satisfaction levels. The company allocates extensive resources in order to establish the communities that it accompanies as live communities through various activities aimed at building strong communities. The projects’ public spaces emphasize the playgrounds, relaxation areas, neighborhood synagogues etc., while all apartments include dual sinks, two Sabbath timers, electric roller blinds with Sabbath timers, Sukkah balconies, Sabbath elevators, etc.

Residential Solutions at Reasonable Prices

Be’Emuna specializes in creating excellent housing solutions at affordable prices, which are also available for young couples, brought by an understanding of its significant responsibility as a leading company in a market that experiences ever-increasing prices which average Israeli families find more and more difficult to pay. 

The lower-than-average prices never come at the expense of the quality of the construction and the service, and are achieved through the focused, efficient and optimal managerial skills. This is how we have set up projects at great prices, with more than 45,000 apartments that were marketed and “sold out” quickly by our target population. 

Prominent Projects

The group is currently leading three large-scale projects in the city of Beit Shemesh, with a total of 860 apartments, of which 40% would be sold on the free market.

The company has completed the construction of a 1,500-apartments project in the city of Harish, in a development and purchasing group model, including Israel’s largest purchasing group with 744 apartments. Most of the projects were concluded to be very successful and the apartments were delivered to the buyers. 

In Kiryat Gat, the group is leading the construction of 364 apartments in the framework of an acquisition group, master agreements for the new quarter. The project is in final construction stages and 334 residential units in development in Karmei Gat. The company is currently promoting the planning of 4 complexes located in Jerusalem, which include hundreds of apartments. 

Executive Team

The company is headed by its CEO and founder Mr. Israel Zeira. Mr. Zeira has vast experience and in-depth understanding of the various aspects of the real estate markets, and he boasts the successful marketing, management and development of more than 45,000 apartments. By education he has a diploma in construction contracting and a B.A., Business Administration. 

Alongside Mr. Zeira, Mr. Ronen Weil serves as the company’s chief marketing and development officer. Mr. Weil has extensive experience in developing and marketing real estate projects, and the pair steers the company while being as available and accessible for the customers as possible. 

A Jewish Mind

Be’Emuna Group supports the educational initiative “A Jewish Mind” in Tel Aviv. The group views involvement in the community in all sectors of the Israeli public, and especially in Tel Aviv. The company supports The Jewish Mind foundation, which is involved in Jewish education in Tel Aviv.

TovBe’Emuna Group supports Tov initiative, which broadcasts a filtered television channel, and a news-related website. Tov initiative distributes high quality content to the Israeli public.

The Company’s Vision

Be’Emuna aims to expand its real estate activities, while making it in the future to a public company. In addition, Be’Emuna is already expanding its services into the construction of community projects, not only for the religious Zionist public but also for any community that requires a personal, close, professional and devoted project management.

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