Law Firms

Family Law


Divon - Katzover & Co.
Kanir Law Office
Yarkoni, Shenhav & Co. Law Office
Zion Samoocha Law Office


Ahuva Issachar - Law Office
Cila Tamir Law office
Nissim Shalem & Co.
Orit Dror-Harel, Law Office & Notary
Sheinfeld Family Law and Notary


Danny Sherman- Law Office
Dr. Amnon Ben- Dror Advocat
Hoffman & Friedenberg- Law Office And Notary
Knebel & Co. Law Office
Maya Wiseman Law Offices
Roy Kurz & Co.
Shaul Dachbash, Law Office


Belenson - Shafran Law Office
Benny Don -Yechiya, Law Office
Ilanit Haas Arad, Lawyer & Mediator
Limor Meser, Law Office
Miki Shifman, law office and mediation
Odelia Hen, Law Frim & Mediation
Rotem Gliksberg. Adv.
Roye Halfon, Law Office
S. Ephrati & Co. – Law Office, Notary & Mediation
Soroker Agmon Nordman Riba, Advocates & Patent Attorneys
Zohar-Hamo-Zohar Law Firm & Notary
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