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International Law Firm. One of Israel’s leading international law firms with branches in Spain and Germany, that specializes in the following practice areas: Real estate, with an emphasis on accompanying real estate developers and transactions in Israel and abroad, commercial litigation, maritime and aviation law, accompanying startups and tech companies and collection and execution. Establishing private and public investments funds and REITs, international trust services

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Line of Business: International Law Firm. One of Israel’s leading international law firms with branches in Spain and Germany, that specializes in the following practice areas: Real estate, with an emphasis on accompanying real estate developers and transactions in Israel and abroad, commercial litigation, maritime and aviation law, accompanying startups and tech companies and collection and execution. Establishing private and public investments funds and REITs, international trust services
Address: Haifa Office:
1 Natanzon St., 3rd Floor, Haifa
Ramat Gan Office:
40 Tuval St., Sapir Tower 9th Floor, Ramat Gan
Phone: 972-4-8640989
Fax: 972-4-8640980
Email: [email protected]
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  • Daniel Behar, GBK & Co. Law office

    Adv. Daniel Behar

    Managing Partner

    GBK & Co. Law office

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    Daniel Behar
  • Guy Kleinboim, GBK & Co. Law office

    Adv. Guy Kleinboim

    Managing Partner

    GBK & Co. Law office

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    Guy Kleinboim

    Daniel Behar
    Guy Kleinboim

    Meital Turgeman Choen
    Bernard Elffasy*
    Ayla Daar-Ravia
    Alex Gold
    Rimah Khwaid
    Keren Admoni**
    Loota Hilgers***

    * Also admitted into the bar associations of New York and Colorado
    ** Also admitted into the Florida Bar Association
    *** Admitted only into the bar associations of Spain and Germany
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About GBK & Co. Law office

Glaser Behar Kleinboim & Co. (GBK) is one of Israel’s leading boutique law firms in the practice areas of litigation and commercial law, with a broad variety of specialization, including: Real estate, Hi-Tech, investment funds and capital markets, with a particular specialization in maritime and aviation law. The firm’s uniqueness is expressed in the entrepreneurial and business view of its leaders, Adv. Daniel Behar and Guy Kleinboim, who left management and command positions in the Hi-Tech industry and the IDF and chose a legal career, in order to create value for their clients with the knowledge and experience that they gained from other disciplines. The entrepreneurial and business thinking which underlies the firm’s services enables it to provide better services and turn it into a different and particularly creative firm in the Israeli legal market.

50 Years of Trailblazing Entrepreneurial Thought

GBK was founded about 50 years ago, and over the years it accumulated vast experience and a track record which positioned it as a first-class Israeli boutique firm. GBK distinct in the professional service and comprehensive solution that it provides, which are customized for the needs and requirements of each client. One of the firm’s prominent characteristics is its trailblazing entrepreneurial way of thinking, which often helped the clients achieve larger and more significant business success, owing to the creative solutions that generate value and extraordinary business achievements. The firm’s team is differentiated by the combination between professional legal counseling and support of a very high level, alongside deep and thorough business understanding. The firm provides legal counsel which considers the clients’ business interests, all to support them in achieving their business goals and aspirations in a better and more professional way. In addition, GBK maintains vast international operations in major target countries such as the U.S., Germany and Spain, for international companies and funds and Israeli entrepreneur.

Practice Areas

Real Estate: The firm is one of the dominants firms in the Israeli real estate market and has business cooperation with lawyers from the U.S. and Europe, who provide a force multiplier and experience in all the legal issues regarding real estate investments abroad. The firm has longstanding knowledge and expertise in providing legal counsel to real estate developers and constructors. Its in-depth understanding of the development and construction worlds from the perspective of the entrepreneur or contractor, alongside with the drafting of business agreements which are based on entrepreneurial and business thinking, enable it to provide added value to its clients. GBK accompanies its clients, among others, in establishing REITs in Israel and abroad, fundraising for real estate projects overseas and more.

Commercial Litigation: The firm represents private corporations and companies and local authorities and large government agencies, such as the ILA. GBK representing its clients in shareholders contracts and disputes, labor law matters, investment transactions, incorporating companies, M&A and more. The combination of high legal professionalism with business-entrepreneurial thinking has succeeded, in many cases, to create convincing arguments and win litigation cases that the firm managed in the various courts.

Maritime and Aviation Law: GBK is one of the leading boutique maritime and aviation firms in Israel and it represents, inter alia, shipping companies, international logistics companies, customs brokers, importers and exporters. The comprehensive and professional legal support covers a wide and comprehensive variety of complex legal issues and aspects which are related to this field, including: in deals for purchasing and selling vessels and aircrafts, representation in lawsuits, ongoing counsel in import and export transactions, drafting commercial agreements, such as: conference and JV agreements, legal support for all of the issues that relate to marine and air shipping and insurance, including in matters of compensation and indemnification, ongoing counsel on matters of leasing and fuel cargo, tort claims due to bodily and mental harm and damage to aircrafts and vessels following sea and air accidents.

Hi-Tech: GBK provides legal counsel to tech companies and startups from the initial stages of drafting founders’ agreements, incorporation documents, share purchase agreements, and up to ongoing counsel across the entire lifecycle, including drafting commercial agreements, such as NDAs, and distribution and licensing agreements. In contrast to the traditional approach which believes in finding a solution that provides the best legal defense while being detrimental to the legitimate business freedom, the firm arrives with a fresh and creative business approach. This approach focuses on providing an optimal legal defense, alongside with maximal degrees of freedom for conducting business. The firm also established a legal incubator for Hi-Tech entrepreneurs, VC funds and startups, where more than 250 startups are members that receive legal counsel on various scales.

Investment Funds and Capital Markets: GBK has been providing legal counsel on all aspects of planning, establishing and day-to-day operations of private investment funds, including counsel on their best governance structure. GBK specializes in representing international investment funds, such as: international REITs, hedge funds, debt and capital funds, P2P funds, foreign funds and more. As part of the legal service, the firm matches a legal structure for the fund, drafts the partnership establishment, investment, M&A and cooperation agreements and more, and assists the funds and their partners to conduct due diligence in their investments in order to protect investors.

The Partners

Adv. Daniel Behar, Managing Partner: An expert on real estate, maritime and aviation law and Hi-Tech. serves as V. Chairperson of the Title and Real Estate Forum of the Israel Bar Association, Chairperson of the Commercial IP Committee of the Bar, Chairperson of the Municipal Taxation Committee of the Bar and Chairperson of the Cooperatives Committee of the Bar. By education he has an LL.B. and a B.A., Business Administration (specialization in finance) from IDC Herzliya.

Adv. Guy Kleinboim, Managing Partner: Specializes in accompanying international real estate developers and investment funds. Furthermore, he serves as a trustee for international real estate investments and commercial transactions with trust accounts across the world. By education he has a joint LL.M. from UC Berkeley and Tel Aviv University, and an LL.B. from the Ono Academic College.

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