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Planning and Building, Municipal Law, Real Estate, Tenders and Class Actions

Harari Toister & Co. Law Office
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Established: 1934
Line of Business: Planning and Building, Municipal Law, Real Estate, Tenders and Class Actions
Address: B.S.R. House 1, 2 Ben Gurion St., Ramat Gan 52573
Phone: 972-3-7553800
Fax: 972-3-7553801
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.htlaw.co.il
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  • Ilana Braaf-Snir, Harari Toister & Co. Law Office

    Ilana Braaf-Snir

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    Harari Toister & Co. Law Office

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    Ilana Braaf-Snir
  • Batia Braf (Meilichson), Harari Toister & Co. Law Office

    Batia Braf (Meilichson)

    Senior Partner

    Harari Toister & Co. Law Office

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    Batia Braf (Meilichson)

Leading Executives

    Adv. Limor Spachek
    Adv. Tamar Igra
    Adv. Ronit Ovadia
    Adv. Asaf Harel
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About Harari Toister & Co. Law Office

Harari Toister & Co. Law Office is a longstanding, professional and experienced law firm which practices administrative law, planning and building, real estate - urban renewal, local authorities law, and municipal taxation. The firm, which was founded 80 years ago by the late MK Yizhar Harari, enjoys a major reputation for its uncompromising professionalism, proficiency, expertise and experience it accumulated over the years through its investment in high-quality human capital, professional integrity, and the personal attention to the clients from a professional team of associates and partners. The firm represents leading clients in the public and business sectors including government companies, local authorities, planning institutions, hy-brid entities, municipal corporations, NGOs and more. The firm also represents business clients, while promoting  urban renewal transactions: TAMA 38, “Pinui Binui”, preservation, planning and building licenses, promotion of city construction plans, and the criminal aspects of planning and building law, business licensing, tenders, contracts, class actions and more. The firm has vast practice in litigation in planning, administrative, civil and criminal matters within its practice areas. It has been involved in leading a long list of precedential rulings and verdicts in its practice areas. The firm’s many years of experience, its availability to its clients, its large-scale activities and the many successes of its legal work position the firm as a well-reputed national expert in all its practice areas, and create unique and leading added value for the firm’s clients. One of the major pillars in the firm’s management is the emphasis on keeping up-to-date and developing professional knowledge that has been accumulating over the years alongside its vast legal activities, it publishes the Psikarata newspaper, with  the latest news on administrative law and planning and building rulings and legislation: betterment levies, severance claims, expropriation, local authority, class actions, city tax, municipal taxation, etc.

Practice Areas

Planning and Building and Expropriations - The firm is ranked as an influencer and leader in representation and consultancy to local planning and building committees, as well as in representing private clients working along-side planning entities in the following fields: Master plans, redevelopment, guiding the release and replanning process for agricultural land, guiding “Pinui Binui” plans, overall master plans, plans for unification and partition, conservation, rights mobilizations plans– throughout all of their stages, from preparation through to approval of plans in various planning institutions and authorities including in objections permits proceedings and specifically for building permits, representation before appeals committees, national councils and courts; supporting the client in all stages of the planning and permits procedures before the various committees from local, district and appeal committees to courts; building offenses; legal consultancy and representing those accused of violating the planning and building law: representation in indictments, demolition orders and legalizing construction; TAMA 38, legal consultancy and support for rights owners in urban renewal projects; betterment levies, legal support and representation in exemptions and appeals procedures; handling suits under Clause 197 of the Planning and Building Law, representing plaintiffs and defendants in compensation suits; expropriation laws, representing all sides involved in expropriation proceedings and the concept of owner-ship and cancelling expropriation and setting compensation; preservation. The firm has experience and extensive knowledge in the field and specializes in representing clients before all planning and legal instances and courts.

Municipal Tax - Municipal Law and Tax, Development Fees and Levies - The firm has rich knowledge and experience in consulting local authorities and/or individuals in this field. The firm also specializes in preparing tax orders and Bylaws and accompanying calculations and opposing thereof and supporting clients on the following topics: municipal tax and development levies, including representation in objections and appeals. In addition, the firm has the knowledge and expertise for preparing a petition to the Interior Ministry for implementing changes in tax orders, adjusting it to the authority’s needs, and consulting to the authority’s instruction committees. The firm specializes in the preparation and approval of the promotion of levy obligations ac-cording to municipal bylaws and litigation related to it.

Class Actions - The firm specializes in representing local authorities in class actions filed against them including legal consultancy and support on insolvency notifications, approving compromises, withdrawal notifications, etc. The firm also represents private clients in filing class actions and representing plaintiffs.

Tenders and Contracts - The firm prepares tenders in various areas including infrastructures; large-scale projects, construction and development of public projects, “smart city” projects, services, procurement, selling land; tenders for national inter-authority agreements, constructing public buildings; B.O.T, developing land and public spaces; initiating, promoting and developing private and public complex multistage areas and built spaces, etc. The firm’s staff supports the work of tender committees, prepares legal reviews on tenders and represent the firm’s clients in all legal proceedings conducted regarding tenders. The firm also guides developers in submitting tender offers and handles drafting contracts in various areas.

Real Estate & Urban Renewal - The firm specializes in a wide range of areas related to land betterment and conducting real estate transactions, among which are: real-estate entrepreneurship, promoting city construction plans, optional sale and sale contracts; development; combination deals, leasing and renting; exchanging land; partnerships and liquidating of partnerships; representation before the Tax Authority; registering apartment buildings; registering plans including reparcellation, lot plans, expropriations, etc. The firm also specializes in representing developers and apartment owners in urban renewal projects on the “Pinui Binui” and TAMA 38/2 authorization tracks.

Administrative Law - The firm provides legal advice and representation in courts on a range of subjects in administrative law including: bylaws, freedom of information, education, municipal tax, development levies, contracts involving the authorities, business licensing,  personal penalty procedures against officials, election law, representing elected officials, election appeals etc., institute endowment procedures, land allocation procedures, promoting and approving land transactions for administrative bodies, forceful evacuation etc.

Licensing Businesses - The firm has a department handling the criminal and civil aspects of registering businesses.

Labor Law, Manpower and Welfare - The firm represents clients on matters related to labor law, including mediation committees, labor courts, tenders for manning statutory positions, employment agreements, collective agreements, etc.

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