L.N.B.R. Engineers Ltd. (LNBR)

Initiation, Management, Planning Coordination, Supervision and QA for the Construction of Engineering Projects

L.N.B.R. Engineers Ltd. (LNBR)
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Line of Business: Initiation, Management, Planning Coordination, Supervision and QA for the Construction of Engineering Projects
Address: 26 HaRokmim St., Holon
Phone: 972-3-6500963
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.lnbr.co.il
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Company Executives

  • Tzuriel  Barzilay, L.N.B.R. Engineers Ltd. (LNBR)

    Eng. Tzuriel Barzilay

    CEO and Owner

    L.N.B.R. Engineers Ltd. (LNBR)

  • Yehiel Hatuka, L.N.B.R. Engineers Ltd. (LNBR)

    Yehiel Hatuka

    VP, Engineering

    L.N.B.R. Engineers Ltd. (LNBR)

  • Vered Hai Nissim, L.N.B.R. Engineers Ltd. (LNBR)

    Vered Hai Nissim

    CFO and COO

    L.N.B.R. Engineers Ltd. (LNBR)

  • Yeruham Barzilay, L.N.B.R. Engineers Ltd. (LNBR)

    CPA Yeruham Barzilay

    VP, Initiation and Business Development

    L.N.B.R. Engineers Ltd. (LNBR)

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About L.N.B.R. Engineers Ltd. (LNBR)

L.N.B.R. Engineers Ltd. is active in the initiation, management, planning coordination, supervision and QA of the construction of engineering projects for business entities, private entrepreneurs and public and government agencies, from the initiation stage up to the project delivery and post-construction check-ups. The company, founded in 1994, specializes mainly in construction. Its services include, inter alia, management of development services for investors, purchasing groups and landowners for the construction of projects. The company has a unique specialization in completing projects where the developers or the contractors went bankrupt – for the lending banks. The company’s founder and CEO is the seasoned engineer (who graduated with honors from the Technion) Zuriel Barzilai, who is a member of the Israel Organization of Consulting Engineers & Architects and who also serves as an expert engineers in courts, on matters of project management and quality control.

One-Stop-Shop for Developers and Contractors

At the disposal of LNBR’s clients is a team of experts that includes senior project managers, supervisors, accountants and initiation managers, all with education and vast experience in a wide variety of services in the construction, development and quality assurance fields. LNBR’s great advantage stems from its broad and comprehensive service offering in the fields of engineering, supervision management, marketing and finance under one roof for developers, investors and contractors for the purpose of initiating and building projects from the stage of locating the lands and up to the delivery of the apartments to the buyers, with synergy and optimal utilization of unique advantages, experience, knowledge and means of each discipline, in order to provide optimal client service.

Areas of Operation

Initiation and Initiation Management of projects for investors, developers and purchasing groups: Locating projects through feasibility checks from the economic and engineering aspects, preparation of business plans for the financial support, securing bank support, managing the project budget, management of the payments and the appraisal reports, collection from the buyers, managing the project’s sales and marketing, managing the legal framework, monitoring the planning, execution and the project’s progress, delivering the apartments and closing the bank support. The department’s team is responsible for finding potential investors for development and partnerships. From the managerial aspect, the department maintains a continuous presence in the facilitation of every project, while managing its various aspects and maintaining ongoing communication with the various execution ranks, and uncompromisingly upholding the time schedules, budgets and execution quality. This is indicated by the initiation and the initiation management of construction projects by the company in partnerships and purchasing groups, with a scope of more than 600 apartments.
Management, Planning Coordination and Supervision: The company specializes in managing and supervising infrastructure, paving, construction, systems and development works in projects of residential, public, commerce and offices buildings and national infrastructures, from the management of the project planning including a feasibility check and a derived planning program, through the representation before relevant entities and authorities, the issuance of construction permits, execution tenders, agreements drafting and contractor selection, and up to the execution stage including the construction management and supervision, a schedule and budget monitoring, issuance of occupation permits and project delivery.
QA: LNBR specializes in preparing project QA plans, according to the orderer’s guidelines, ISO procedures and in coordination with the execution contractor. It implements the QA program on the worksite and works with the QA function and in coordination with the contractor. LNBR’s services include, inter alia, planning control, and during the execution stage – preliminary control, process control and final control. The QA department has been accompanying projects of a national scale including the Neve Zedek Project – the IDF’s courts and detention facilities, Policity – the Israeli Police National College, Terminal 3 of Ben Gurion Airport and the IDF’s training facilities complex. In addition, it worked in projects such as Azrieli Town, The Northern Campus Dormitories in Be’er Sheva, the dormitories of IDC Herzliya, the Water Authority, the Biotechnology Institute of Hadassah Ein Kerem, the Prison Stadium in Be’er Sheva, Route 5, etc.

The Company’s Clientele

LNBR’s clientele includes leading organizations and companies in the Israeli market and the real estate industry, including Minrav, Shikun & Binui, Azorim, Mivneh, Ashdar, AFI, Solel Bone, Aka Nadlan, Ta’aman Nadlan, Mash’hab, Assuta, Road 6, Mizrahi Tefahot etc.

Notable Projects

Nofim BaPark, Modi’in: Partnered in the initiation, initiation management, planning management, engineering supervision and management of a project with seven residential buildings with 112 apartments in the Nofim neighborhood, including development works of open public spaces.
K24, Modi’in: Partnered in the initiation, initiation management, planning management, engineering supervision and management of a project with 3 residential buildings with 24 luxury apartments on the park, in the Nofim neighborhood, including development works of open public spaces.
Ashdar Nahlat Yehuda, Rishon LeZion: Management and supervision, two luxury apartments towers with 212 apartments. Two levels of subterranean parking areas.
Ahuza, Jerusalem: Planning coordination, engineering supervision and management of the construction of 147 apartments and a public building with an area of more than 14,000 sq.m. including the development of public spaces and 4 kindergartens.
Merom HaSharon, Zur Yitzhak: Engineering supervision and management of the construction of 740 apartments and a commerce area. The construction execution included 102 detached houses and 234 apartments in low-rise buildings. The Development and infrastructures works included the planning coordination, execution management and supervision of the development works across the entire project area.
Merosh Zurim, Beit Shemesh: Initiation Management, Engineering supervision and management for the MeRosh Zurim Association, of three residential buildings with 79 units – 4/5-room garden apartments.
Nof Nehalim, Petach Tikva: Planning coordination, management and supervision, 7 residential buildings, 182 apartments with underground parking.
Hazerot Zedek HaTurim, Jerusalem: Engineering supervision and management for the planning and execution stages of the construction of 60 apartments. The project includes public areas for the municipality as a municipal task of the developer.
Policity: QA of the planning and execution in this project for the Israel Police training center. Construction works, systems and infrastructures (Solel Bone), earthworks, water/sewage/draining, electricity infrastructure, communication, lighting and paving, retaining walls, gardening, municipal roads.

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