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Savings in Mandatory Payments to Local Authorities

Moskovitz, Azruel - Law Office
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Established: 2013
Line of Business: Savings in Mandatory Payments to Local Authorities
Address: 2 Menorat HaMaor St., Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-6326000
Fax: 972-77-5558582
Email: [email protected]
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  • Tal  Itzhak Azruel, Moskovitz, Azruel - Law Office

    Adv. Tal Itzhak Azruel

    Founder and Partner

    Moskovitz, Azruel - Law Office

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    Tal Itzhak Azruel
  • Adi  Moskovich, Moskovitz, Azruel - Law Office

    Adv. Adi Moskovich


    Moskovitz, Azruel - Law Office

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    Adi Moskovich
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About Moskovitz, Azruel - Law Office

Moskovitz, Azruel - Law Office: Expertise in Reducing Local Authority Payments. This leading boutique firm specializes in helping clients minimize payments to local authorities. Their core area of expertise is municipal tax, encompassing betterment charges, development charges, and other mandatory fees.

Recognized as a leader by BDi and D&B, the firm boasts a trailblazing record in legislation and regulation and securing exceptional approvals. They hold particular expertise in water and sewage charges, with a proven track record of achieving groundbreaking rulings across various municipal tax areas.

Founders and Partners with Decades of Experience
The firm’s founders, both with 30 years of experience in municipal tax, are Adv. Adi Moskovitz and Adv. Tal Yitzhak Azruel. They have represented major clients like government ministries, leading companies, and industry associations. The firm’s commitment to dedication and client service, coupled with their renowned creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, empowers them to deliver exceptional value to clients.

Specialization in Complex Legal Matters and Class Actions

The firm excels in handling intricate legal proceedings and appeals, particularly those involving principal issues. Their extensive experience extends to arguing cases before the Supreme Court. Additionally, they offer support and counsel to other law firms within their practice area and serve as advisors to key representative associations. Notably, the firm does not represent municipalities or local councils. They possess extensive expertise in class actions against local authorities and water & sewage corporations, boasting over 60 successful class actions filed.

Areas of Practice and Expertise

City Tax: The firm excels in analyzing municipal plans, mastering relevant legislation, and understanding judicial dynamics to achieve success through settlements or court rulings.
Betterment Charges: The firm addresses flawed betterment charges through legal proceedings, challenging misplaced liability or non-taxable events.

Water and Sewage: They offer expertise in water reform issues, enabling significant savings in water and sewage charges for clients.

Development Charges: Their in-depth research and review process, including verification with planning institutes and rulings, leads to successful challenges against development charges.

Class Actions: The firm handles class actions related to local authorities and water & sewage corporations, with court-determined fees for both lawyers and plaintiffs.

Additional Services: Waste Removal Fees: The firm played a pioneering role in establishing the legal responsibility of local authorities for waste removal within city tax services.

Signage: They specialize in resolving signage charges for large entities, leading to policy changes in certain municipalities.

Conclusion: Moskovitz, Azruel - Law Office offers a unique blend of expertise, experience, and dedication to help clients navigate the complexities of municipal taxes and achieve significant cost reductions. They are a trusted advisor for businesses and organizations seeking to minimize their local authority payments.

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