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Established: The company was founded in 2011 Ofer Mor has been a real-estate appraiser since 1999
Line of Business: Real-estate appraisal
Address: 4 Hahoresh Rd., Africa Israel House, Yahud
Mobile: 972-52-8788993
Phone: 972-3-6544430
Fax: 972-3-6544420
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.mor-shamaut.co.il
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  • Ofer  Mor, Ofer Mor Real-Estate Appraisal Ltd.

    Ofer Mor

    CEO, Founder and Owner

    Ofer Mor Real-Estate Appraisal Ltd.

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    Ofer Mor
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About Ofer Mor Real-Estate Appraisal Ltd.

Ofer Mor Real-Estate Appraisal Ltd. is a boutique firm that specializes in real-estate appraisal and construction financial supervision, and is one of Israel’s leading firms. The firm’s services include economic viability reports and construction financial supervision and support, economic consulting, various aspects of real-estate appraisal and credit collaterals (Standard 19) services.

The accurate professional response for the clients, with an emphasis on personal service, availability, integrity and reliability, serve as the basis for the firm’s excellent reputation as an authority in its field, amongst Israel’s banks, developers and construction companies.

The firm was established by Ofer Mor, an economist and a certified real-estate appraiser since 1999, who is highly expirienced in real-estate appraisal and project accompaniment.

Throughout his years in the field he did many valuations and supported the constructions of thousands of housing units, and office and commerce spaces across Israel.

The firm is approved and recommended by the leading banks, credit companies, financing funds and insurance companies.

It provides services all across Israel.

The firm’s dedicated and professional team includes appraisers, engineers, practical engineers and economists, and provides efficient, fast and accurate solutions for clients’ needs, including feasibility checks for development projects, valuations for bank credit purposes, valuations before real-estate sale and purchase, supervision of construction loans and reviews for any business activity that requires data analysis before making a decision. The firm’s staff undergoes professional trainings and guidance and emphasizes clients’ interests at all times. The firm’s clients include real-estate and construction companies, companies that hold yielding companies, banks, insurance companies, credit funds, businessmen, developers, constructors, purchasing groups, lawyers and courts.

The firm is proud of its excellent professional relationships with the banks and with its clients and takes care to cultivate long-term relationships with them, on the basis of mutual respect and appreciation while maintaining a high professional level.

The firm is committed to provide high-quality, professional and clear service for the banks and its clients, with maximal accuracy of the details and compliance with schedules.

Reliability, Availability and Personal Service

The firm is characterized by professional excellence, creative thinking and a client-oriented approach. It carefully upholds its reliability and trustworthiness, and prioritizes the personal service and the individual and dedicated treatment of its clients. The synergy from its profound knowledge, personal service and out-of-the-box thinking creates the added value from which the clients enjoy.

The firm is committed to be accessible and available for its clients at any time, for any question and issue within its practice area, and acts with uncompromising professionalism, transparency and involvement. The firm provides its clients with personally and flexibly customized professional solutions, from the understanding of the importance of each project for each client, and of the sensitivities, preferences and requirements of the clients. The firm upholds team work with mutual-inspiration, based on cooperation and a positive and professional atmosphere, in order to provide the best service for its clients.

Practice Areas

The firm has three departments, the Economic Viability (“Zero Reports”) Department, the Construction Loans Supervision and Project Accompaniment Department which provides ongoing support and reports and the Appraisal Department, which carries out real-estate assessments and valuations.

Real-estate Appraisal – The Department has extensive experience in the valuation of various properties. Inter alia, valuations of lands, apartments, offices, commerce spaces, appraisal for the purpose of property pledges under standard 19, valuations for court reviews, valuations before asset acquisition and more. The firm also provides reviews concerning betterment charges, building rights checks, balance table between real-estate rights owners and valuations for financial statements under the IFRS.

Economic Viability – “Zero Reports” – the department has extensive experience in preparing “zero reports” and economic viability and feasibility checks for various projects, such as residential, commerce, offices, industry, hospitality, assisted living, gas stations, balancing and dividing apartments between partners and urban renewal. The department includes highly experienced real-estate appraisers from this field.

The department prepares reports of two main types: initial preliminary valuation for developers and constructors, in order to enable the decision-making concerning the project’s execution or real-estate purchase, and full “zero reports” which include, inter alia, a background and location description, building rights status, legal rights checking and description, construction estimates and revenues estimates.

Construction Financial Supervision – the department includes civil engineers, practical construction engineers and economists, and handles the preparation of the supervisory reports for the financiers throughout the project’s construction period, from the time of receiving the financial support from the credit provider and until the approval of an occupancy permits and the project’s occupation.

The reports provide monthly information concerning the project’s construction, which is reviewed by the firm’s engineering team, along with financial control which is executed by the economists team.

The report provides the submitter and the creditors with an up-to-date view of the project’s status, including the compliance with the provisions of the construction loan agreement, a review of the building permits, control of the project’s budget and its utilization, monitoring of signed sale agreements and receipts thereof, the status of equity investments, the project’s profitability and the creditor’s exposures.

This department works in full cooperation with the Economic Viability Department in order to provide the clients a thorough and comprehensive service.

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